Friday, August 21, 2020

A Couple Cards From Sportlots

 I just wanted to cover a couple cards I got off Sportlots before I go back to the Hall series. 

These are all reprints and are marked as such.. 

A nice George Gibson reprint. Seeing that most of his catalgoue is from the early 1900s, actually collecting all of his cards might prove to be expensive. Especially with the tobacco variations. 

Two more Dick Fowler cards. One is a reprint of his 1950 Bowman. The other is a reprint of his 1949 Bowman. 


  1. Tough for me to see a Gibson card here, and not comment.
    The first Gibson card I ever got was a T206. Big fan of those two Fowler cards too.

  2. There's a couple of crazies (lovable crazies) out there who are always buying up all of the original Gibson's, so it doesn't leave many opportunities for anyone else to get their hands on one.