Thursday, January 6, 2022

A little Pre-Christmas COMC Package

Sometime in September or October I made a request for shipment from COMC. I got it in December. It was a bit of a mish mash of things, but I enjoyed getting it..

First is a group of cards of Bob Hooper, a pitcher from Leamington, Ontario. I found out about him through the wonderful Kevin Glew on Twitter. 
Two of the three cards of him as a member of the A's are reprints. 

Next is some John Hiller. The 78 is a Burger Thing card. The 75 is an OPC version.

Jack Billingham as an Expo. Danny Ainge as a Chief. I had the team set of the Syracuse Chiefs aside from this card. 
One of my favourite things: Stadium cards. Seeing some of the places teams called home is always interesting to me. 

More stadium cards, including the Jamestown Expos. Candlestick is an interesting photo. Metropolitan Stadium is a nice one too. Or as it's now known.. The Mall of America..

Finally, a Russ Ford Foldover reprint. Some cards I'm happy to get the reprints as I feel I'll never get the original. This is one of them.. 

I have some other cards to show from a Team Collectors break I took part in. It will likely be broken into multiple parts.. 


Sunday, January 2, 2022

The First of a Group of Posts

 I'm sure my friends and readers have been wondering where I've been. I'm still in the hospital. I'm here until I get some solution for housing. One area I'm looking at has a 10 year waiting list. Another I have no idea.. Third option... Well.. I'll usually be the youngest by decades and dealing with regular outbreaks. So feeling rather stuck. At the same time, glad I'm at least in a place I have support. 

Ok.. I do have some cards to show off. Today is a couple small things I received. One from the Royals Team Collector, the other is an anonymous card with some cards I needed in it. 

First are the cards from the Royals TC Matt. I'm using a scanning app on  my phone, so if they look a litle warped, that's why.

Gallery was always an interesting concept to me. Much better than the Project 70 crap. 

This was the note that came with the cards below. No name on it, no return address.. Complete mystery..

Some Jays and Expos minor league cards, or more to the point, draft pick cards from Classic.

I always liked the history cards that were in the Pro Set sets. Here we have a few more. 
I still have a box break I was part of and an order from COMC. Those will be shown over the next few days. I hope 2022 is a good one for everyone, or at least less of a shitshow than the last couple years..

Friday, November 5, 2021

Canadians in the World Series

Well, we had the Atlanta Braves win the Series over the Houston Astros a few days ago. Around that time, the always informative Kevin Glew mentioned the first Canadian to play in the World Series as we know it now (1903-) was John O'Neill in 1906.

That piqued my interest on how many Canadians played in the World Series. Fortunately, the wonderful people at the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame did a lot of the legwork for me. 

So, this list is from the Canadian Hall. Check out their site on the link above.

So as mentioned, John O'Neill was the first, playing for the White Sox in 1906

Next player to play in the Series is Jimmy Archer in 1907 for Detroit and 1910 for the Cubs.

George Gibson played and was on the winning 1909 Pirates

Larry McLean played in the 1913 Series for the Giants

Jack Graney was part of the winning Cleveland team in 1920

George Selkirk played in 6 World Series with the Yankees. He was part of five winning teams
1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, and 1941. He was on the losing end of 1942.

Johnny Rutherford played for the Dodgers in 1952

Ron Taylor is one of two Canadians to play in the World Series for two teams. He's the only one to win a Series with two teams. He was part of St Louis in 1964, and the Mets in 1969

John Hiller played in the Series for Detroit in 1968, helping them win.

Reggie Cleveland played in the World Series for Boston in 1975

Rob Butler was a part of the Series winning Toronto Blue Jays in 1993

Next we have to go to 2004 to find a Canadian in the Series. 
Larry Walker was part of the losing St Louis Cardinals

Jeff Francis played in the Series for the Colorado Rockies in 2007, part of a losing effort.

Eric Gagne pitched in the 2007 World Series, helping Boston win.

Matt Stairs made two consecutive trips to the Series, winning in 2008 and losing in 2009 for Philadelphia

Next we have 2013. John Axford was part of the losing Cardinals team

While Ryan Dempster was part of the winning 2013 Boston Red Sox

Now, this year we had the Braves win. There are three Canadian connections on the team. 
First Alex Anthopolous is Canadian. 
Mike Soroka was injured the entire season, otherwise he'd be on this list.
Freddie Freeman is Canadian tangentally, as his parents are both from Ontario. Apparently, his mother was from Peterborough. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Finally.. I have Come Back to Blogger

 After spending the last month plus trying to get things coordinated and just generally figured out, I have some progress. Some of my cards are here, but I have to get the rest before I can truly do what I need to do. I did, however, get a Sportlots shipment and a card I purchased in so I want to show them today

First is the card I purchased. An artist who's been doing a lot of work over the past few years is Josee Tellier. She did the artwork for the Expos celebration at the Big O the last time the Jays were able to have ST games there. She also did a Josh Gibson card among other things.

Well, this one caught my eye

Fergie Jenkins 1971 I think she's an incredible artist. Check out her stuff at

Now, the Sportlots order

A Dave Stieb Signature Edition from 2004, Ebbets Field from the Fields of Yore to almost complete that insert set, and a Heritage Series Andy Van Slyke.

Next is a couple Conlon Collection George Gibsons.

Some Russ Ford reprints. I apologize for the weird angles on this one. Using a scanner app on my phone since my computer is not with me. 

Some 1983 OPC. I'm slowly but surely finishing that set. I'm more interested in the OPC sets from the 80s than I am the Topps counterparts. 

Finally, some Doug Frobel cards. It was through Kevin Glew at Cooperstown in Canada that I found out he was Canadian. I picked up as many as I could find and got a nice start I think..

So I don't think I'll be posting every day again quite yet, but it's not going to be a month plus between posts. I appreciate anyone who's stuck around with me throughout this shitshow of a year..

Sunday, September 19, 2021

I'm Still Here

 Well, I figured I should give another update here. I'm still in the hospital. I'll be here until a bed in a long term care facility opens up. I'll be there until a place for affordable housing opens up. 

I am getting my baseball cards delivered to me here in the hospital. As of right now, I'm having any mail delivered to the house and the landlord will bring it to the hospital for me.. By having my cards here, I might be able to get stuff out again..

Well, enough about that. One thing I missed writing about earlier this month is the induction of Larry Walker into the Hall of Fame. It's funny to think his campaign started as a hashtag #FergieNeedsAFriend

I got to watch the speech online through Youtube later. Really enjoyed it.. 

Now let's end this with some cards of the 2nd Canadian in the HOF

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Some Cards Came in

 Well, I'm back in the hospital. Will likely be for another month or so. I will need to go through rehab again. But that's not what I want to talk about today.

No today I want to talk about a three card package that came in from one of the authors of the George Gibson book I covered a while back, Richard Armstrong. 

We connected originally over 1994 Collector's Choice. He was working on getting the base, Silver Sig, and Gold Sig sets. I had some base and silver to send him and we've been in touch since. 

When he found out I was back in the hospital, he sent out a little "get better soon" package

First is a Larry Walker from that 94 set. This is an extra but definitely counts to the million Expos.
I think this would be a great one to get signed as well. 

Next, a 1934 Frank O'Rourke. Isn't it a nice card? He's listed as a member of the Montreal Royals here.

Finally.. This beauty.. It's in rough shape, but if you were over 100 years old I defy you to be in perfect condition. 
Russell Ford, emery ball pitcher for the Yankees. This is a Sovereign back variation. This is a card I honestly never thought I'd own. Really, any cards from that era I never thought I'd own.. 

Thank you Richard!

Sunday, July 11, 2021

An Update

I am home now. I have been since June 21. 

It's been a struggle to get used to being here again. My foot is nothing but pain. I struggle getting up and down the stairs, so I go once or twice in a day and spend the rest of the time in my room. 

I need more supports and help than what I'm being offered but I won't get it because of my age. 

I have trades to pull for the TCDB but I can't get into our computer room to do it. Very frustrating. 

Anyway, I do have some cards to show. 

1994 Score was one of my favourite sets

1992 Pinnacle is another one I really liked. The photography was great for  the time. 
We also have some 1989 Traded

 More Pinnacle and a Stieb Topps Big.. 

I'm not sure how many people have stuck it out with me, but I do hope to post more soon..