Sunday, March 18, 2018

Weird And Wonderful Things

Well, starting tomorrow I'll be working a lot more. Doing evening runs as well, so by time I get home will likely be 9:30. I don't know how often I'll be writing once this starts.. 


I received a random email from Angus of Dawg Day Cards recently asking if my address was the same as what he had. I confirmed it was. He replied to keep an eye on my mailbox. 

Well.. What came was a bounty of surprises. 

3D cards from Kelloggs and Sportflics. 
Those Kelloggs cards are wonderful. I didn't see these as a kid. Mainly because when these particular ones were released, I was 2 or 3.. But these are amazing. 
The small Sportflics ones are annoying to find on the Trading Card Database. 

Stickers from OPC!
More weird and wonderful here.. Seeing these actually make me want to find the sticker album. 
They also remind me of the NHL sticker albums Esso used to put out as an incentive to buy their gas. 

A couple final stickers and another oddball here. 
A 5 minute time card from Bell Canada. 
I'm sure many readers would have seen something similar in the 1990s. On the back is a 1800 number you call and then enter the PIN then the number you want to call.. 
But on the front is Joe Carter..

 Hostess cards. 
I need to get another Dave McKay for my Canadians binder, but these are cool as well. 
I was really happy to see these. 

More cereal cards.. Those Team Cards are from 1983 Sugar Crisp. 
Again, I hadn't seen these before. But they're interesting. Wider than a standard card, so they're going into my oddballs box. 

Some more recent cards here, with some Hi Tek, Finest, and other gimmick cards. 
A Fergie Jenkins card is always nice to get, as is the Bat Flip. This time, in Chrome. 

Some more gimmick cards here. 

These... Are... Awesome!!!!
These are from the 1995 Comic Images Phil Rizzuto series. 
The first few cards in the set are ballparks. I love that Shibe Park one. It really pops.. 

Finally, there was this. It was between envelopes with a note saying that this was forgotten. 

I believe it's a "beer cozy" that will fit around a bottle of beer. I may be wrong through. It feels like of like a felt-rubber mix. 

Thank you Angus! 

Not too long ago, I also made a comment on Gavin's blog about some of his customs. 
Being in Canada, I've come across a number of people reluctant to send up here because of shipping costs.. 
I believe at one time I may have had that conversation with Gavin, but I may be mistaken. 
Anyway, I had mentioned that I liked the Jays customs he made. 
He asked my address and sent me up a few he made.

Very nice to see these. I really like them. But there was more..

These were sent up as well.. 

Thank you!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Blog Bat Around: What Do You Collect?

Probably one of the few of these I'm actually awake/aware enough to take part in.

One thing that's always asked of collectors is "What do you collect?"

Well.. Let's take a look, shall we?


I will admit, I'm mainly working on sets from the mid-80s and early 90s. 
I'm done 1987 Topps aside from three error cards. Done 88 Donruss. Done 1984 OPC.

Still working on 1988, 1989, 1990 Topps
1990, 1991, 1992 Donruss
1990, 1991, 1992 Score
1990, 1991 Fleer

I can't be a real Canadian without a Skatey-Punchy collection, can I? 
Well, for Hockey, I collect two players: Charlie Simmer and Aaron MacKenzie. Both are from my hometown of Terrace Bay Ontario. 

As mentioned before, I received a number of Simmers from a person I knew back home. Of course, I'm on the lookout for more. 

Jays and Expos

I'm trying to get a base set for every year the Jays and Expos existed.
The Walker serves an added purpose here, as he is also Canadian. 
I also collect Canadian born players. 
There are a couple that I collect that aren't "Born" Canadians, but for my purposes, are close enough.
Kevin Reimer was born in Georgia to Canadian parents, and actually moved to BC after his playing days. 
Freddie Freeman is also the son of Canadian parents and he played for Canada in the last WBC. 

Finally.. One that is difficult to actually quantify...


I love stadium cards. You can say I'm a Stadium Geek.. I love the differences in parks. The look, the way the game plays, everything.. 

This photo is actually from a mailday I haven't covered yet, but was easier to scan it than dig through and find the SkyDome card from 1992 Triple Play. 

So.. That's what I collect. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The End of the Box

Today is the final post in the Katz box series. Quite a lot to like in there so far. Let's see what the final day brings..

The Pedro is one of those "Cards Your Mom Threw Out" inserts. Still nice to get a Pedro Expos card. 
Heritage is a set I never found up here, so getting them through trades or purchasing online is about the only way I can go about it.. 

I wonder if Brett has completely been forgotten by MLB.. And I wonder if that's a good or bad thing...
Ricky Romero, once batters realized he never threw anything over the plate, quickly found himself in the minors.
That said, I do like that black bordered Heritage card. 

Randy Johnson as an Expo is always welcome here. 
I believe it's intentional, but some of the Heritage photos look off.. Either washed out or just.. I don't know... Not real??

Hey! A Bautista patch card.. 
The J & J Blue Jays card I'm just glad they didn't go "J & J Security"

I mentioned above that Heritage is a rare animal in these parts.. Heritage Minors are like the Loch Ness Monster, or Sasquatch.. Mythical. 
The one thing that I find tough for sorting these cards is how Topps spans some inserts over the full set.. Series 1, 2, and Update. 
That All Star Game card is the reason for the rant. 

We have some Donruss cards here. 
I'll admit, the unlicensed cards do bother me somewhat... But at the same time.. I find some of these cards to be better than the mountain of crap Topps is putting out. 
With the poses in the three above here, you don't really notice they're not licensed. 

One insert I didn't understand from last year's set what the Opening Day Incredible Eats cards.. 
And moreso for this one... Buffalo Cauliflower Poutine?????
*deep breath* Ok... Let's continue...

Ok.. I like the fact that with the two base and parallels shown here, you can tell the parallel right away.
The Sepia Stadium Club is obvious. And really, it's a nice look..
The Blue Bunt again is obvious.. Though I have to say it looks like Stroman's arm is dislocated in the photo they used. 
And what a way to end it off.. Another Randy Johnson Expos card from a set just as mythical as Heritage minors. 

Thank you for the cards, Shane! I'm working on putting together something for you. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

No More "Clever" Puns

Well, I'm out of puns, so let's just get to it.. 

This post will cover the 2000s, up to 2010 from the Katz box.. 

We go from one of the uniforms I liked at the beginning of the decade to probably the worst uniform in Toronto sports history.. The Angry Birds Jay.. 

Ahh 2000.. The Expos have been wearing pinstripes for a few years now, Hideki Irabu went from being called a "Fat Toad" by George Steinbrenner, to throwing like a toad for Montreal, and the Jays are wearing some nice uniforms. Not quite the originals, but still nice...

Oh! And we have Michael Barrett and Jose Vidro with autographs on cards!

I miss the teal Marlins uniforms.. 
Felipe Alou manager card.. I miss those manager cards. Especially when they would also show the coaches. 

Jason Bay as an Expo?? Turns out, according to Baseball Reference, Bay was drafted by the 'Spos in 2000. Traded to the Mets in 2002 for Lou Collier. Well. I just know I need to get a second one now for the Canadians binder. 
Topps Fan Favourites. Probably the only way Jays fans will get cards of George Bell and Dave Stieb nowadays. 

Jeff Reardon as an Expo. I still love those uniforms shown in the Reardon and Raines cards. 
Carlos Tosca is one of those managers from the era of Jays history we try to gloss over.. Or just forget.. 
I've been thinking about this for a while.. Seeing Tom Wilson here reminds me of it.. The Jays have been horrible at drafting and developing impact catchers. I should add.. And keeping them...
Really, after Pat Borders and Greg Myers, who is there?

Team cards! Michael Barrett Gold parallel.. 
Greg Myers in his return to the Jays. 
Andre Dawson Fan Favourites
There's a lot to like here. 
Then there's Cory Lidle.. 

The Then and Now threw me off when I was entering it into my collection. I was wondering why I didn't have it marked as a want.. Then I saw it.. While Hernandez is wearing the Expos uni, it's listed as a Washington Nationals card. 
Here we are into the Angry Birds Jays era uniforms. 

It's odd.. On the TCDB for the Heritage listing for these, that BJ Ryan is listed as an Orioles card. 
Jamie Vermilyea went on to become pitching coach for the Winnipeg Goldeyes years later..

Finally some cards from 2009. 
I don't mind the design for the 2009 flagship set.. They're interesting. 

And what's this? A second Adam Lind autograph to add to my collection. Very nice!

My next post will be the final one in the series, with 2010-current. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Katz Out of the Bag

I really should find out if Shane minds if I make these puns before I continue with them. 

Anyway, more from the Katz Box.. This time, from the Dark Ages for most collectors: the 1990s. 

For whatever reason, from 1994-1999 seems to be a weird time for cards. Flooded market with companies making multiple sets and the start of the parallel sickness that seems to have infected Topps.. That coupled with either life getting in the way for most people, or just losing interest in the product the cards represented... It just seems the 1990s are a weird and under-represented time in the hobby.. 

But... That's just My Opinion... I could be wrong.. 

Anyway, enough rambling.. Onto the cards!!

First: I forgot to put this one into the pile I worked on adding to the Database.. I found this while separating cards for the next post. 

David Segui in probably one of the first all autographed sets. Or at least, a parallel, since the base was signatureless. 
I have a couple from this set already and I really like them. 

1990. Probably one of the years people love to forget when it comes to card design. You either have the yawn inducing Fleer, the classic but plain Bowman, the solid coloured Score, and the.. Idon't even know what to call it.. Rainbow Barf?? of Topps from 1990.. 

Anyway, those Fleer are all from the Update set, and are sliding into the team binders. That Raines in the middle is the Starline Long John Silver card. Apparently, there is a second Raines in the set. 

The Gary Mielke is, I believe, an Uncorrected Error, as he never was part of the Jays organization.
Major League Debut Larry Walker again. This one is, I believe, the third one I needed. 

Some 1990s that are and aren't for the set. LaRussa looks particularly intent on something. 

1992 OPC.. I have the set as a set. These are going into the team binders. 

Some of the early Stadium Club is tough to figure out. 
Those ones with the 1992 design are from the 1993 Stadium Club Murphy set. 

Topps Gold. 
Collector's Choice. I really like the photography in the Collector's Choice sets. 

I really liked the Studio cards from the early sets. The 1998 set is starting to go towards a more conventional design, though it still doesn't have stats. 
I forgot that Lee Smith pitched for the Expos. 

The next post I do will show the cards from 2000-2010 I received. I'm really enjoying getting these cards catalogued and scanned in.. Now I just need to have the same energy and enjoyment for sorting my collection again to add dupes to the piles and ensure things go where they're supposed to.. 

Anyway.. Till next time.. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Katz Came Back

By the end of this, I think we'll all be sick of the cat puns.. I apologize in advance.. lol 

Anyway.. Yesterday I showed the minis and some oddballs I received from Shane. Today is a batch of cards from the 80s.. 

First is this card from 1973 I forgot to show yesterday. 
Ernie McAnally as an Expo. This has to be in Spring Training, with the Palm Trees in the background and all.. I was going to say this could be Jarry Park as well, but no.. Palm Trees do not grow in Montreal. 

Some early 80s goodness here. 
The Fleer cards are all from the Update set. Nice to see them. 
The bottom middle card is Charlie Lea. 

Quaker granola Tim Raines.. 
Interesting fact about Quaker... There's a production plant here in Peterborough. Has been here for years. I believe it's over 100 years old now. 
I don't associate Casey Candaele with the Expos. I associate him with the Astros.. It's cool seeing him in the Expos colours, though it still throws me off.. 
Fun fact: Jesse Barfield is active on Twitter.. 

In scanning cards for this post, I found a UK mini I missed for the first post. So it's been added here. 
Another Candaele Expos card. In a way those Toys R Us cards both look good with Jays and Expos on them and look "too much Blue" if that makes sense.. 
Really same with the Baseball Exciting Stars Key beside it. 
The Action Superstars Bell is interesting too. Borderless in the 80s.. 

More Fleer Update cards. Update sets tend to be under represented in my collections.. 
Ahhh Stadium cards.. The Big Owe and The Mistake By the Lake. 
I don't know why but I love stadium photos.. I have some books on MLB stadiums and if there was a simple way of figuring out how to collect stadium cards, I would be all over it. 

We end with 1989.. 
Nelson Santovenia makes a couple appearances here. Otherwise, it's the usual suspects again in the oddballs. 

I may or may not spare the cat pun next post... Maybe.. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Look What the Katz Dragged In

There will likely be a few cat puns in the titles for the next little while. 

The reason for that is an amazing box I received from Shane Katz, writer at and member of the Twitter Cardboard Mafia. 

First I'm going to cover the oddballs I got.. Mainly the odd-sized oddballs. 

Topps Big Tim Raines!

A Drake's Big Hitters panel that I'm debating whether or not I want to separate (cut) or keep intact. 
The large Donruss cards are interesting as well. 

Scratchoffs are always interesting.. Another thing I'm likely going to keep together since I received them that way. Though I imagine if someone wants the Howe and Simmons, I can be talked into separating them.. 

A Hubie Brooks tattoo. Some nice stickers as well. 
Can't get upset seeing the Kelloggs card. Absolutely love it.

Minis and stickers.
The minis are really cool. There are many of these I had never seen before. 

I have to say I really like what I've come across so far.. I'll be putting up another post soon about more goodies from the box.