Friday, December 2, 2016

Legends in Score

I've been covering a fair bit of 1991-1992 Score here recently. I find there's a fair number of interesting cards in those sets to go over.. 
Today is no exception.. I recall seeing one of these cards when I was collecting them in 1992, but I found some more in the big boxes o' cards I bought. 

I just took a quick look on the Trading Card Database and found out I have all five of the memorial cards made for the 1992 set. 

Babe Ruth is featured for obvious reasons. I like the layout of the front with the uniform and a couple cards laid out on top. 

Honus Wagner. Between the time of the card and now, the price of the T206 Wagner has gone up quite a bit. 

Lou Gehrig is another great choice to be featured. 
I like how they show more than just the Yankee uniform for him. 

Satchel Paige is definitely a character. 
It's nice seeing the St. Louis Browns uniform featured. 

Finally, Ty Cobb. 

It's rather fitting his features many bats and his cleats..

I just wanted to show off something I thought was cool tonight. I really don't have much to say as I'm recovering from pneumonia and really just want to sleep lol

Thursday, December 1, 2016

First Round Picks: 1990 OPC

Ahh 1990 O Pee Chee. So much like Topps that the only real difference is the O Pee Chee copyright line on the back.. 

In the box I found some First Round Pick cards. As before, I want to go through them and see who made it..

Ben was first overall pick by the Orioles in the 1989 draft.
He played for the Orioles and Brewers between 1989 and 1997 before arm problems caused him to retire.
He has done commentary for the Orioles and NCAA baseball tournament since retirement.

Donald Harris was picked 5th overall in the 1989 draft by the Rangers.
He ended up playing in 82 games with the Rangers from 1991-1993. 
He played in the Rangers organization until 1995 before going to Mexico and the Independents. 

Earl Cunningham was picked 8th overall by the Cubs in the 1989 draft.
He never made it above Advanced-A in his career, playing from 1989-1998 for the Cubs, Angels, and Rockies. 

Frank Thomas was the 7th pick by the White Sox in 1989.
He played from 1990-2008 for the White Sox, Athletics, and Blue Jays. He was voted into the Hall of Fame in 2014. 
Since retirement, he has done studio work for the White Sox and has gone into some business ventures.

Of course, the big thing that draws my eye on this card is the Charleston Charlies style uniform the baserunner is wearing.

Jeff Jackson was picked 4th overall by the Phillies in 1989. 
He never made it above AA while playing for the Phillies, Cubs, and Pirates.
He also spent time in the Independent leagues 

Jeff Juden was picked 12th by the Astros in the 1989 Draft.
He played from 1991-1999 in the majors for Houston, Philadelphia, Montreal, San Francisco, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Anaheim, and the Yankees.
According to Wikipedia, Juden does a lot of work for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Finally, Tyler Houston was selected 2nd overall by the Braves in 1989. 
He played in the Majors from 1996-2003 for Atlanta, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. 

It seems he's doing coaching work for a high school.

I hope you enjoyed the look back as much as I did. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Finally: A Completed Set.. And another Closer to it..

I reached out to fellow Canadian blogger Waxaholic  noticing that I had some cards he needed to complete 1991 Score. 

He contacted me back saying he had some of the needs I needed plus the one card I needed from the 1991 Ultra set.

This was the lone card I needed to finish the Ultra set.. I find it funny that the first set I finish is one I didn't set about to collect until I ended up with 99.9% of it.. 
That said, I'm still looking for another copy of the Jays and Expos from the set to go into binders. 

This knocked off a fair portion of my 1991 Score want list. 
The wants for this set are now 4.. 
Kent Anderson Corrected (flashy instead of flachy)
Scott Chiamparino Error (Bats Left)
John Cerutti (For whatever reason I feel like I should have about 20 of this one.. But don't.)
Mike Blowers (again.. I thought I had.. Maybe I'll double check and edit)

I will have the cards you needed out tomorrow, Waxaholic. Sorry for the delay. 

Since I have two weeks off over Christmas, I think I'm in for a massive undertaking.. With the influx of cards and really having no clue where I stand... I may spend the majority of my vacation going through and updating my collection listings on the Database. This way I also know what I have available for the others out there

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Surprises Again

I recently agreed upon a trade with Trading Card Database member Bkim. I received the cards in the mail today..

I had one card he needed, so he let me pick a card or a couple cards from the massive number of cards he has from my want lists. I settled on two that were the only card from that set/subset.
The Then and Now cards show up in different sets. Some of them end up being like this one, with a player from the past and present featured. Others feature the veteran player as a young player and as an older player. 
The League Leader card is from 1994 after John Olerud won the AL Batting title in 1993. He was first, Paul Molitor was second.. Roberto Alomar was Third.. 

I had a bit of a surprise in the envelope when I came across another top loader with this on it

I peeled the Post-it note off and this stared back at me:

Always enjoy getting Expos and Jays, especially early Expos cards.
This was a very pleasant surprise..
Thank you!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Surprise from the Night Owl

I came home after work today and to my surprise, there was a package from Greg at Night Owl Cards.

I had made mention that I liked the 1992 Donruss cards in my last post about them. He also sent a note stating
"I regret I didn't have more gross '92 Donruss to send!" 

I will get the pain out of the way first lol. Unfortunately none of these were needs, but I won't complain about it.. lol 

Also enclosed were a bunch of Jays and Expos as well as Eric Gagne and Russell Martin cards. 
AT one point, Greg made mention about wanting to cut down some of his collection, so I made mention that I'd take any Gagne/Martin since they're Canadians. 

I love that Gary Carter card in the middle. 

More Jays and Expos. 

Russell Martin cards here including an Upper Deck Masterpieces card. The middle Martin is definitely a trip back to 1991-1992 with that design. 

The Rob Butler one is going into my Jays binder but I'm still looking for another one for the Canadians binder. 
Hey a Paul Konerko/Raul Ibanez rookie card. Oh yeah, and the reason I have it: Julio Mosquera. 
Just taking another look at that Homer Bush I think that was taken during a Jays/Expos game. 

Thanks again for the cards Greg! Much Appreciated!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Quick Two-Card Post

I haven't been feeling the best the past couple weeks so I just want to do a quick post tonight.

First we have Ruben Sierra in Stadium Club somewhere other than a Stadium. Could be his house.. Could be his home country.. I don't know.. I just thought it was cool.. 

I think the Star (I know.. Bad Pun) of this post though is the 1981 OPC Willie Stargell I found in the box of cards I bought. 

I think it's a rather interesting card and maybe one a Pirates fan may enjoy? 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dream Team

Another Score-Centric post. 

From 1990-1992 Score had a subset within the base set called Dream Team, where a player from each position was highlighted.

I have the complete set of them from 1991. I have a few from 1992 and none from 1990. 

I want to go over the players chosen based on the cards I have.

The catcher position for the two years I have are Benito Santiago and Craig Biggio. The Biggio is interesting in a way due to the motion effect.

They picked Will Clark for 1st Base both years. I really like the 1992 card with the Polo Grounds backdrop and throwback uniform. 
I just noticed the lightning bolt on the bat in the 1991 photo. 

I don't have the 1992 2nd base one so we see Roberto Alomar in one of the few that have them in a uniform.

Wade Boggs appears at Third. 

Barry Larkin in 1991, Cal Ripken in 1992. The train in the background of the Ripken photo is interesting. 

Rickey Henderson in his shorts, though for years I thought it was just his underwear...

Griffey in Centre. No real surprise here. .

Oddly enough, the 1991 set doesn't have a Right Fielder. The 1992 set did.. That one is Tony Gwynn. 

The 1991 set did however, have a DH. 

Two starters are featured.. Dave Stewart and Frank Viola make the cut from the 1991 set. 

The relief pitcher spot is held down nicely by Randy Myers and Mitch Williams. 
The Doug Jones is rather funny to me since he was never really a fireballer. I remember the running joke being he could barely break a pane of glass with his pitches. 

I have to admit I find a lot of interesting cards in the early 1990s Score sets.. I may have a couple more posts from them yet..