Saturday, June 16, 2018

One Million Expos: A Second Sample

Yeah... I know... 

Anyway.. Another Saturday is here and I wanted to go through a few more of my Expos cards I have.. 

Before I go into them though, I'll give an idea of what I'm going for with this...

Any card that shows an Expo will be gladly accepted. Any brand, any set. Oddballs especially interested in, considering the only ones I ever saw were the Post cereal ones. 
I will also count minor league cards towards this.. So if it's a player on an Expos farm team, I'm interested. 

Now, with that out of the way.... Let's go!

There are some nice names there:
Gary Carter
Andre Dawson
Though not Expos: Dave Parker and Fernando Valenzuela. 
Jose Vidro was a good player for the 'Spos, as were Vazquez and Cabrera. 

I keep forgetting Jason Bay was drafted by the Expos.. Imagine, he was traded with another player to get Lou Collier. 

Some more nice cards here. I find some of the early Fleer cards interesting.. Some of the photography is very blurry. At the same time, with some of these, you can play "Where's this taken?"
I'd say the Ramos card is in the Big Owe. 

Some minor league Expos cards here.. David Wainhouse is a Canadian, so there's that too. 

Some interesting names here.. Spike Owen signed with the Yankees between the 1992 and 1993 seasons. 
Darwin Cubillan played for the Jays and Expos. 
Chad Chop is someone I've honestly never heard of.. 

Hey! Lou Collier.. 

Natal falls into this because, while it shows a Marlins logo (he was taken in the Expansion Draft) he's pictured as an Expo. 
Eric Good was another player I hadn't heard of.. He never made it out of A-ball. 

It's weird how some of the Asian-born pitchers from the 1990s/early 2000s have one of their final stops being the Expos.
Tomo Ohka played for the Expos from 2001-2004, but ended up sticking around until 2009, spending time with the Jays, Indians, Nationals, and Brewers. 
Sun-Woo Kim played for the Expos from 2002-2004. Spent 2005 with the Nationals and Rockies. 2006 with Colorado and Cincinnati and gone.. 
Seung Song never actually made the majors.. He spent time in the systems of Boston, Montreal, San Francisco and Kansas City before going back to the KBO. 

So another week and another look at some Expos. Hope to start sorting again once school's done. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

One Million Expos: A Sample

Today I wanted to go through some of the cards I've already received for the One Million Expos Project that are new to me, or at least ones I don't remember seeing. 

We have some early 80s here, mainly Bill Lee.. I'm not sure if I own those cards already or not.. 
For some reason, I ended up scanning a couple 1990 Topps.. I may actually need them for the Expos Topps binder (which will be added into the Million total anyway)

Randy Johnson Rookie.. Can't not show that one.. 
I really like that Larry Walker card. I need to see how many I have of it to see if it's in the Canadians, Expos, or will go directly into the Million Expos box. 
Now we're getting into the later years where some obscure names show up..

Randy Knorr actually played for both the Jays and the Expos. Knorr I think still has a role with the Nationals. 

This is almost a full *ahem* Day's *ahem* worth here.. 

Some interesting names.. Mainly names that didn't do too much in the Majors. But it's still interesting to see those who have worn the uniform. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Trying to Get Caught Up


I'm sure some people will know I've been having issues with anxiety and depression. 

Lately I've been overwhelmed with things (again... Still... Perpetually....) and haven't felt like writing.. I've barely been on my computer at all this last month or so.. 

Now we're into the last month of school, meaning I'll be busier.. I don't mind that at all, really.. Money is nice.. But I may still be sporadic on here. 

I know it's all been said before and everything but stepping back from updating was necessary.. Now I need to get things organized.. Both for my normal collections and the Million Expos Project.. 

I do plan on having a post about it soon too..


I wanted to show a couple cards I liked that I got in a repack I bought a couple weeks ago.

This is a Metal Universe card.. I have to admit it scans horribly.. I tried both with the lid down and the lid up and they were both very dark and hard to see..

It's from a thing called "Hardball Galaxy" and is Larry Walker. 

Yep... Highlighting minor league cards...

I don't know why but I just love minor league cards. I think seeing guys who made the majors before they made it as well as the guys who never got anywhere is interesting to me. 
Plus, some of the older cards allow me to see what the uniforms looked like so if I need/want to recreate them for Out of the Park Baseball.. 

Incidentally, for the Million Expos project... If you have a team you collect and would like to help me out, let me know.. We might be able to work something out.. Also.. I live in Canada.. Had a couple people agree then pull out after they realized I'm in Canada.. So... There is that.. lol 

Monday, May 28, 2018

1990s from P-Town

I recently received a package from Tom at Waiting Till Next Year

He had some cards from my wants aside and then forgot about them.. He sent hoping they were still needs.. 

The Donruss he sent I didn't need, but the Topps he sent I did.. 

The 1990 Topps I needed, both for team sets and for the set.. 

Thanks Tom!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Some Spring Cleaning

Well, I took part in the Spring Cleaning Sale put on by COMC. I ended up finding quite a bit I wanted..

First is 1978 Topps.. 
I bought three Bill Atkinson for my collections. One for the set, one for the Expos, one for the Canadians binder.
Reggie Cleveland gets two for the collections. Hiller is my second one, as is the Jenkins. 
The Whitaker/Iorg is nice to get

With the 6 here, I have finished the 1991 Team Ultra subset.
Jason Dickson was a Canadian born pitcher for the Angels. 
The other side of that Counterparts card is Randy Johnson. 

More Jason Dickson here. 
Nigel Wilson appears as well.. I'm pretty sure I need another copy of the two Jays minor league cards as well as the Bowman 
I do like that OPC 

Another Bowman, this time as a Marlin. 
Justin Smoak Topps Now is the first one I ever owned. 
Shawn Green Dome set to go into the Jays set.
1988 Leaf cards I needed for the set. 
A couple more Nigel Wilson cards and a 1979 Roy Howell. 

Finally, when James Paxton had his no hitter in Toronto not too long ago, it was mentioned he was the second Canadian to throw one. So I had to look up the first...

It was Dick Fowler for the Philadelphia A's. 

So I decided to look and see what was available on COMC. 

So what I ended up getting are:
1950 Bowman Corrected version. This one has the Copyright line. There's a version without.
1952 Bowman
1987 Card Collectors Company 1952 Bowman Reprint.
1952 Topps. 

I also received a small envelope from the Team Collector Forum member Therion.

All three cards I needed. 
Allen and Ginter are generally safe since I don't have access to them.. 
The Prizm is a Camo parallel.

I have another COMC order coming in sometime soon as well.. 

I'm hoping to have an idea/update on my Million Expos Project soon too.. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

1986 Topps: Part 2

Well, here's the second part of the 1986 Topps pile I ordered from Steel City Collectibles.

Since I'm tired tonight, I'm not going to mention much here I think.. 

Buckner almost looks like he knows something's going to happen in the World Series.. 

Roy Lee Jackson was a Blue Jay at one point. 1981-1984. He spent 1985 with the Padres and 1986 with the Twins. 

Billy Martin, in between firings by George Steinbrenner. 

The Mustache and Mullet on Pete Vuckovich makes him look more like a professional wrestler than a baseball player

In the rack packs were one All Star card.. I think I'll add them into my collection goal for this set..

All told, I've now got 400 of the 792 card set. I'll work on getting a want list up sometime soon. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Steel City Collectibles 2

I mentioned before I picked up a couple things from Steel City Collectibles.. 
One was a second Canadiana set.. 

Incidentally, Billy, email me your address.. I'll send you those ones you wanted.

Jon.. Email me.. We can work something out for other dupes 

I picked up the 1992 Stadium Club Dome set because why wouldn't I want a plastic SkyDome????
I'll likely have a post made out of it soon too..

The other thing I got?


I picked up a lot of 7 rack packs of 1986 Topps.. 
I was looking to maybe get a cheap box, but there were no boxes available. Just the rack packs and another lot.. 

Now.. It's a set I'm kinda-sorta-maybe-almost-passively collecting.. It's not one of my favourite sets, but it's growing on me like a fungus.. 

This will be broken into two posts, because 7 rack packs at 49 cards per... Well.. That's a lot of cards.. 

In the first set of 9 is Ed Whitson.. He was a Padre then signed with the Yankees as a Free Agent.. 
He proceeded to stink up the joint and was traded back to San Diego. 
There are some nice names here. Dan Quisenberry, Andre Thornton, who played a season with the Expos, is another. 
We also have some fathers of Major Leaguers here. 

I forgot Andy McGaffigan played for the Reds.. As per their policy, he had to lose the facial hair.. 
Alan Trammell appears here too.. 
The Garcia and Mulliniks are going to the Jays binder. 

Pete Ladd in some photos looks like he could pass for Weird Al Yankovic. 
Chuck Cottier looks like he's asking someone what he did to be tortured by watching the Mariners play.. 

Dave Henderson as a Mariner.. I remember him as a Red Sox and an Athletic. 
Some record breakers as well.. It's interesting that they're part way through the set and not the first cards like previous and future sets. 

Ron Gardenhire as a player.. 
I remember seeing Dann Bilardello playing in the Northern League in 1994-1995 area. 

There are some nice names in these groupings too.. 
Carlton Fisk, George Brett.. Tommy Lasorda
I saw Dave Sax and wondered if he was related to Steve.. Turns out he is.. Brothers.. 
Darnell Coles would eventually play for the Jays in 1993.. 

So this is the first batch I'll show off tonight.. I'll do the rest likely tomorrow or Friday.. All depends on how dead I am tomorrow.. 

I hope seeing these is interesting to others.. Next post I'll update how far I am into the set..