Thursday, November 14, 2019

Frankenset Pages 15 and 16

Up today are pages 15 and 16

Card 127 is this 1990 Score Tim Burke. 

Card 128 is this 1995 Leaf Wil Cordero. 
I like the inset with the headshot on the front. 

Card 129 is this 1992 Pinnacle Marquis Grissom. 
I like the 1992 Pinnacle with the black background, but the Score from the same year was boring to me..

Card 130 is this Fleer Tradition Milton Bradley from 2001. 

Card 131 is this 1982 Topps Stan Bahnsen. 
By time this card came out, he was no longer an Expo. He split 1982 between the Angels and the Phillies. 

Card 132 is this 1977 Topps Chip Lang. 
In 1977, he was splitting time between Denver and Quebec City in the minor leagues. 
His final season was 1979, where he played for the Shelby Pirates. 

Card 133 is this 1995 Leaf Darrin Fletcher. 
And it's in Wrigley.. 

Card 134 is a 1995 Topps Tim Spehr. 

MISSING: Card 135

Card 136 is this 1991 Topps Dave Schmidt. 
Again, a rather simple photo, but it's effective. 

Card 137 is this 1992 Donruss Marquis Grissom. 
I honestly don't remember when they did the racing stripes on the uniforms. 

Card 138 is 1992 Leaf Delino DeShields looking like he's doing hurdles. 

Card 139 is a 2001 Donruss Fernando Tatis. 
I actually have the Gold parallel but my scanner isn't working. 

Card 140 is a 2018 Topps Archives Pedro Martinez. 
Have to have Pedro in here somewhere.. 

Card 141 is this 1987 Topps Herm Winningham. 

Card 142 is this 1971 Topps Mack Jones. 
I really like the 1971 design, but it's not one I see myself collecting aside from what fits in my normal collections. 

Card 143 is a 1981 Fleer Steve Rogers. It seems looking through the cards the racing stripes were on the uniforms for a while. 

And Card 144 is this 1993 Upper Deck Larry Walker. 
I'm wondering if this photo was taken after ball four and he's ready to walk.. Or if it was after a strikeout. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 13 and 14

Another day, another two pages of the Frankenset. 

Card 109 is this 1999 UD Choice Rondell White. 
What a surprise.. It's in Wrigley. 

Card 110 is this 1999 UD Choice Vladimir Guerrero. 

111 is this 1991 Stadium Club Dome Dennis Martinez.
I think I just like the simplicity of this card. Just Martinez throwing a ball..  
Card 112 is this 1993 Topps Brian Barnes. 

Card 113 is this 1986 Topps UL Washington. 
The version I'm using is actually the Tiffany version. 

Card 114 is this 1991 Stadium Club Brian Barnes. 
Two Barnes cards in two slots.. 

Card 115 is this 1989 Upper Deck Andres Galarraga. I'm tempted to replace it with a 2004 Topps All Time Fan Favourites Tim Raines, but I also know Raines, and especially the 1982 design, is well represented in this list so far.

116 is this 1994 Bowman Moises Alou. 
I want to say the wall looks like it's ivy covered.. 

Card 117 is this 2003 Donruss Diamond Kings Jose Vidro. 
I love the Diamond Kings cards.. Always have.. But I'm not a fan of what they've been doing recently with them. 

Card 118 is this 1982 Topps Expos Future Stars. 
I'm not sure if I'll keep this one in here or not. If I get a better card, I'll likely switch it out. Would rather not have multi player cards if I can help it. 

Card 119 is this 1992 Topps Mark Gardner. 
Again, I like the simplicity of it. Just rearing back to fire a strike. 

Card 120 is this 2003 Donruss Diamond Kings Bartolo Colon. 
Now.. This is a bit of a cheat.. It lists him as a member of the White Sox, but he's shown in Expos colours. Plus, it's Bartolo Colon.. 

Card 121 is Scott Ruskin, 1992 Score style. 
I don't know why, but 1992 Score has to be one of the more ho-hum sets for me.. 

Card 122 is this 1995 Pinnacle Zenith Edition Mark Grudzielanek 
It looks a lot better in hand than in the scan. 

Card 123 is this 1992 Topps Moises Alou. 
The version in the set is actually the gold parallel. 

Card 124 is this 1991 Leaf Tim Burke. 
Is it odd that I remember Burke more for his two half seasons with the Mets more than his time with the Expos? 

Card 125 is this 1973 Topps Ron Fairly. 
I have to have him showcased in here. 


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 11 and 12

Next on the docket is pages 11 and 12. 

Card number 91 is this beautiful 1996 Pinnacle Cliff Floyd. 
I love how the name plate is almost pointing the ball into the glove. 

MISSING: Card 92

Card 93 is this 1994 Donruss Greg Colbrunn. 
His catching days were short in the majors. 

MISSING: Card 94

Card 95 is this 1993 Topps Larry Walker in front of the bat rack. 

Card 96 is this 1989 Upper Deck Tracy Jones. I'm not a fan of the red Expos uniforms. Much like the red Jays uniforms from a couple years ago, they look weird. 

Card 97 is this 1980 Topps Bill Lee.. 

98 is this 1994 Collector's Choice Jeff Fassero. 

Card 99 is this 1998 SPx Finite Carlos Perez that apparently isn't listed on the Trading Card Database. The ones there are numbered to 9000, 2500, or 1250. The one I have is 1202/4500

Card 100 is this 1997 Donruss Elite Henry Rodriguez. 

101 is this 1991 OPC Premier Mel Rojas. 

102 is this 1982 Topps Dan Briggs. 

Card 103 is this 2000 Topps Stars Gary Carter

MISSING: Card 104

Card 105 is this 1987 Topps Floyd Youmans. 

Card 106 is this 1973 Topps Terry Humphrey. 
Looks to be a Spring Training shot, or possibly in the park beside Jarry Park. 

MISSING: Card 107

Card 108 is this 1995 Select Certified Shane Andrews. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 9 and 10

Card 73 is this 2001 Fleer EX Jose Vidro. One of the few shiny flashy cards I'll have I think.. 

74 is this 1991 Topps Shane Andrews.. I imagine this will be a placeholder until I find a better 74. 

75 is Mark Gardner 1993 Fleer style. 
By time this card came out, he was a Royal. 
Also... Does this not look like Wrigley to you? 

76 is this 2001 Donruss Studio Fernando Tatis. 

77 is this 1973 (edited) Mike Torrez. I have to say I really like the 73s

78 is this 1993 Fleer Chris Nabholz. 

Card 79 is this 1993 Fleer Mel Rojas. 

80 is this 1984 Steve Rogers. 

81 is this 1995 Upper Deck Marquis Grissom. 
It's interesting, since it looks like he's taking infield practice here.. 

82 is this 1991 Donruss Mike Fitzgerald. 

83 is this 1993 Fleer John Wetteland. 

84 is 1992 Donruss The Rookies Rob Natal. 
He played all of 5 games for Montreal. The other 115 games of his career were with the Florida Marlins. 

85 is this 1988 Score Vance Law. 

86 is this Classic Gabe White from 1994. 
Again, this one is likely a placeholder until I get a better card.. 

87 is this 2000 Aurora Peter Bergeron. 

88 is this 1993 Fleer Flair. 
I kind of like the double image on the front of the card. 

Card 89 is this 2000 Topps Opening Day Orlando Cabrera.
I see pinstripes and a blue background.. I'm guessing vs the Mets at Shea. 

Card 90 is this 1992 OPC Premier of ultra journeyman Rick Cerone. 
Played for both Canadian teams
Both New York Teams
As well as Cleveland, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Boston. 

So again, no real problems figuring out a card this time around. 
I'm hoping I'm not boring my readers with this. I'm actually finding this rather fun to do..