Friday, January 20, 2017

Much Cardboard!

So it's been a little hectic around here lately. After the holidays I've been back to work on my semi-normal routine. I say semi-normal because getting up before 6 am is for the birds.. lol 

Also the last two weeks we've had four days of bus cancellations due to weather or road conditions. Last week was snow.. This week was ice. The kids I drive want to be in school for a full week.. But I digress.. 

Because of the weather, mail and other services have been a little spottier as well. 

Yesterday I got four packages in the mail from trades, and I'll get into them likely this weekend.. 

What I want to cover today is what came in the mail today......

My first COMC order.. 

Yes.. I got two of these.. I was missing two cards from the 1990 Topps 89 Debut set: This one and Ken Griffey Jr. 
If I wanted to put that set together, I would have had to buy the Griffey (around $6) and get a third copy of this card to satisfy all my collections.. I decided on just the two.. One for my Expos, one for my Canadian-Born..

John Hiller/Fritz Fisher Rookie card.
The cut on it isn't the best, but I got this card for Hiller. He was born in Toronto, and in an odd twist, my best friend's father knew him in High School. 

I covered his career in my blog previously in my Canadians in the Majors series (Note to self: You're overdue for another one..) but Jeff Heath was born in Fort William, Ontario. Fort William is now part of Thunder Bay, the city I was born in. 

John Hiller 1980 Topps.. I picked up two copies of this card. One for myself and one for my friend's dad. The other copy is better centred.

Another Jeff Heath card. This is the reprint version from 1988. I do find it interesting what's on the back of the card.. 

I'd be interested to see what this game and bank looked like.. Oh to go back in time lol 

Finally, a 1987 Mini Leaders Jesse Barfield. 

I admit to not being overly focused on what I got this time around.. It was definitely an "Oooo Shiny!" kind of shop.. 

I definitely will be spending more money through COMC.. I'm also thinking about sending some of the stuff I have in to sell on the site.. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Pinnacle: Part Two.

Let's get right into it, shall we?

John Patterson played from 1992-1995 for the Giants.
In 228 games, he hit .215/.289/.287 5 HR 52 RBI 35 BB 113 SO
His career ended in 1998 with the Durham Bulls in the Tampa system.

John Vander Wal played from 1991-2004 for the Expos, Rockies, Padres, Pirates, Giants, Yankees, Brewers and Reds.
In 1372 games, he hit .261/.351/.441 97 HR 430 RBI 
He was inducted into the Western Michigan University Hall of Fame in 2003.

John Wehner played from 1991-2001 for Pittsburgh and Florida. 
In 461 games he hit .249/.311/.315 4 HR 54 RBI 
He does broadcasting for the Pirates now.

Jon Farrell played from 1991-1996, never making it to the Majors.
He is not to be confused with John Farrell, former pitcher and current manager. 

Kirk Dressendorfer played 1991 for the Oakland A's
He went 3-3 5.45 ERA 33 H 34.2 IP 5 HR 21 BB 17 K
He ended his career in 1997 with Albuquerque.

Kyle Abbott played from 1991-1996 with the Angels and Phillies
He went 4-17 5.20 ERA 207 H 185.1 IP 26 HR 79 BB 124 K
1996 was actually the final season of his career

Mark Wohlers played from 1991-2002 for the Braves, Reds, Indians and Yankees
He went 39-29 3.97 ERA 119 Saves 490 H 553.1 IP 37 HR 272 BB 557 K 
His career ended in 2003 with Akron in the Cleveland system.

Mike Humphreys played from 1991-1993 for the Yankees.
In 54 games, he hit .176/.283/.259 1 HR 9 RBI 
His career ended in 1996 with the Rhode Island Tigersharks in the Northeast League.

Pat Listach played from 1992-1997 for the Brewers and the Astros.
In 503 games he hit .251/.316/.309 5 HR 143 RBI 116 SB 38 CS 
His career ended in 1998 split between Buffalo and Scranton in the International League.

Peter Hoy played 1992 for the Red Sox
He was 0-0 7.36 ERA 8 H 3.2 IP 2 BB 2 K
I just looked up and he's another Canadian for the List!
His career ended in 1995 with the Adirondack Lumberjacks 

Rey Sanchez played from 1991-2005 for the Cubs, Yankees, Giants, Royals, Braves, Red Sox, Mets, Mariners, and Devil Rays.
In 1490 games, he hit .272/.308/..334 15 HR 389 RBI 

Roberto Hernandez played from 1991-2007 for the White Sox, Giants, Devil Rays, Royals, Braves, Phillies, Mets, Indians, and Dodgers.
He went 67-71 3.45 ERA 326 Saves 1002 H 1007.1 IP 96 HR 462 BB 945 K

Royce Clayton played from 1991-2007 for the Giants, Cardinals, Rangers, White Sox, Brewers, Rockies, Diamondbacks, Nationals, Reds, Red Sox, and Blue Jays 
In 2108 games, he hit .258/.312/.367 110 HR 723 RBI 231 SB 100 CS 
Clayton portrayed Miguel Tejada in Moneyball.

Russ Springer played 1992-2010 for the Yankees, Angels, Phillies, Astros, Diamondbacks, Braves, Cardinals, A's, Rays, and Reds. 
He went 36-45 4.52 ERA 824 H 856.1 IP 121 HR 349 BB 775 K

Scott Brosius played from 1991-2001 for the Athletics and Yankees
In 1146 games, he hit .257/.323/.422 141 HR 531 RBI 
He currently coaches on the Mariners 

Scott Ruffcorn played from 1993-1997 for the White Sox and Phillies
He went 0-8 8.57 ERA 86 H 70.1 IP 8 HR 70 BB 46 K
His career ended in 1999, split between Omaha and St. Paul 

Scott Servais played from 1991-2001 for the Astros, Cubs, Giants, and Rockies. 
In 820 games, he hit .245/.306/.375 63 HR 319 RBI 
His career ended in 2002 split between Fresno and Colorado Springs.

Shawn Hare played from 1991-1995 for the Tigers, Mets, and Rangers.
In 64 games, he hit .174/.254/.229 9 RBI 
His career ended with the Haitai Tigers in the Korean League

Stan Royer played from 1991-1994 for the Cardinals and Red Sox
In 89 games, he hit .250/.266/.384 4 HR 21 RBI 4 BB 41 SO
He is now president of a wealth management firm in St Louis. 

Trever Miller played from 1996-2011 for the Tigers, Astros, Phillies, Dodgers, Blue Jays, Devil Rays, Cardinals, and Red Sox. (He also had a stint with Tampa after their name change) 
He went 18-17 4.18 ERA 11 SV 521 H 523.1 IP 54 HR 237 BB 434 K

Tyler Green played from 1993-1998 for the Phillies.
He went 18-25 5.16 ERA 387 H 384.0 IP 47 HR 201 BB 263 K
His career ended in 2000 with Kinston and Buffalo in the Cleveland system.

So there's the look back at the rookies in the 1992 Pinnacle set..
Some did well while others.... Well... 

I really like the look of the 1992 Pinnacle cards. I'd love to see another set look like this again.. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Pinnacle.

I have to say I really liked the Pinnacle cards from 1992-1993. 

I've done this a few times already with other sets, so let's trot out the "How'd the Rookies Do?"

I will look at 20 today and the other 21 I have tomorrow.. 

I believe I've gone through Mr. Shirley's career before, but:
He was a first round pick by the Mets. 
He never made the Majors, playing from 1991-1998 

Andy Stankiewicz played from 1992-1998 for the Yankees, Astros, Expos, and Diamondbacks. 
He finished his career in 2001 with the Las Vegas 51s. 
In 429 games, he hit .241/.313/.315 4 HR 59 RBI 

Bob Zupcic played from 1991-1994 for the Sox. Both of them..
He ended his career in 1997 split between the Bangor Blue Ox and Reynosa Broncos 
In 319 games, he hit .250/.303/.346 7 HR 80 RBI

Cal Eldred played from 1991-2005 for Milwaukee, The White Sox, and St Louis.
He went 86-74 4.42 ERA 1340 H 1368.0 IP 173 HR 576 BB 939 K

Carlos Garcia played from 1990-1999 for Pittsburgh, Toronto, San Diego, and Anaheim
In 610 games he hit .266/.307/.374 33 HR 197 RBI 73 SB 33 CS 
His career ended in 2001 with the Columbus Clippers in the Yankees system. 

Chad Curtis played from 1992-2001 for the Angels, Rangers, Tigers, Dodgers, Indians, and Yankees. 
In 1204 games he hit .264/.349/.396 101 HR 461 RBI 212 SB 98 CS 
Chad Curtis is currently in prison, convicted of criminal sexual conduct. 

Dave Burba played from 1990-2004 for Seattle, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Texas, and Milwaukee.
He went 115-87 4.49 ERA 1777 H in 1777.2 IP 201 HR 762 BB 1398 K
He finished his career with Round Rock in 2005. 
He is currently coaching Yard Goats how to pitch

Dave Fleming played from 1991-1995 for Seattle and Kansas City.
He went 38-32 4.67 ERA 669 H 610.1 IP 67 HR 248 BB 303 K
He finished his career in 1998 for Rochester. 

Dave Nilsson played from 1992-1999 for the Brewers.
In 837 games, he hit .284/.356/.461 105 HR 470 RBI 
He currently does work with the Australian Baseball League

Dave Silvestri played from 1992-1999 for the Yankees, Expos, Rangers, Devil Rays, and Angels
In 181 games he hit .202/.315/.310 6 HR 36 RBI 

Derek Bell played from 1991-2001 for Toronto, San Diego, Houston, The Mets, and Pittsburgh.
In 1210 games, he hit .276/.336/.421 134 HR 668 RBI 170 SB 51 CS 
His career ended when he went into Operation Shutdown. 

Derrick May played from 1990-1999 for the Cubs, Brewers, Astros, Phillies, Expos, and Orioles.
In 797 games, he hit .271/.319/.398 52 HR 310 RBI 
His career ended in 2003 with the Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan.

Esteban Beltre played from 1991-1996 for the White Sox, Rangers, and Red Sox.
In 186 games he hit .237/.285/.287 1 HR 35 RBI 
His career ended in 2000 with the Tucson Sidewinders. 

Freddie Benavides played from 1991-1994 for the Reds, Rockies and Expos.
In 219 games, he hit .253/.282/.343 4 HR 52 RBI 
His career ended in 1996 with the Columbus Clippers. 

Gary DiSarcina played from 1989-2000, all with the Angels.
In 1086 games, he hit .258/.292/.341 28 HR 355 RBI 
After finishing his career in 2002 in Pawtucket, he coached in both the Red Sox and Angels systems.
He is currently Bench coach for the Red Sox.

Gary Scott played from 1991-1992 with the Cubs
In 67 games, he hit .160/.250/.240 3 HR 16 RBI 
His career ended in 1997 with the Quintana Roo Langosteros of the Mexican League

Harvey Pulliam played from 1991-1997 for the Royals and Rockies.
In 123 games, he hit .262/.313/.449 8 HR 22 RBI 
His career ended in 2001 with the Tobasco Olmecas in the Mexican League. 

Jeff Ware played from 1995-1996 for Toronto.
He went 3-6 7.47 ERA 63 H 59.0 IP 8 HR 52 BB 29 K
His career ended in 2002 with the Jackson Senators of the Central League.
Last I found he was Pitching Coach for the Lansing Lugnuts.

Jim Thome played from 1991-2012 for Cleveland, Philadelphia, White Sox, Los Angeles, Minnesota, and Baltimore.
In 2543 games, he hit .276/.402/.554 612 HR 1699 RBI 

Joel Johnston played from 1991-1995 for Kansas City, Boston, and Pittsburgh
He went 3-5 4.31 ERA 2 Saves 66 H 85.2 IP 10 HR 37 BB 61 K
His career ended in 1996 with the Tennessee Tomahawks of the Big South League.

This was part one.. I will look at more tomorrow 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Adventures in Bus Driving: Cambridge

Today I had a charter for work bringing a hockey team from Peterborough to Cambridge. 

This is where we ended up going.. Cambridge Sports Park. There's two ice pads inside and outside there's two softball diamonds and some volleyball courts. 

I figured I'd actually show the beast I drove today.. 

And lookie what we have inside.. There was a nice mix of baseball and hockey cards, mind you the baseball were things like 1990 Score (For $2) and 1995 Topps D3 ($2). Hockey was the usual mix of 1990s Topps, Parkhurst and O Pee Chee.. 
There were also decals and some single cards in there.. 

Unfortunately, the machine wasn't working properly, simply being a change machine instead of exchanging money for cards. 

Now, this wasn't the best of pictures, I admit, but this is the opposing team closest to me.. The group in the upper corner is the group I drove. 

They are a special needs hockey team that runs in Peterborough. 

If the machine was working properly, I likely would have bought a couple packs just for fun.. Maybe a Pack of D3 to see what they were.. Though, I think $2 on those was a little overpriced. Some of the packs (1989 Topps, for example) were $1.