Friday, September 13, 2019

Check Out These Cards

Well, I bought some cards through COMC a while back and got them in this week.. 

I've been awol the last couple weeks for the most part because for the most part, I've been working and sleeping.. Work had me incredibly stressed out, but that should lessen Monday. I'm not going to go into too much detail about it here.. If you follow me on Twitter and are genuinely curious, you can contact me there.. 


Cards.. I bought 'em.. 
Cards... I'll show 'em.. 

I got a couple new Pete Ward cards I didn't have before. I also got some 1979 cards I needed. For the most part what I needed were Canadian players and the Jays checklist. 

John Hiller, as I mentioned before, went to school with my friend's dad in Toronto. Reggie Cleveland is from Saskatchewan. Dave McKay is an original Blue Jay. 

Some 1992 Topps Traded here as well.. Matt Stairs for the Canadians binder, Jack Morris for the Jays, and Vince Horsman for the Canadians binder. 

Kirk McCaskill also makes it for the Canadians binder. 
I now have completed the Diamond Kings for 1992 Donruss.. Really the only things I need are the insanely hard to find/expensive Update cards, and the Rookies set. 
I really liked the Diamond Kings cards from this timeframe. 

Well, I know I complain a lot about inserts and parallels and all that.. But... There are some inserts I love. Fields of Yore fall into that category. I love stadium cards. 
So here are Griffith Stadium, Wrigley Field, Astrodome, Cleveland Municipal Stadium, Sportsman's Park, Yankee Stadium, and Metropolitan Stadium. 

I still need Ebbetts Field, Tiger Stadium, and Shea Stadium. 

I have some other cards to show over the weekend. 

Have a good one!

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Another TCDB Trade

Well, I finished the Week From Hell at work. 
Very stressful.. Today I slept since I couldn't sleep last night. 
Anyway, I want to share a trade that came in..

These were courtesy of Hilochef on TCDB. 

Joey Votto goes into the Canadians Binder. We have some 1990 Score to get me closer to being done that set. 

Some more here. 
The Mookie Wilson goes into the Jays binder.. The Steve Wilson goes into the Canadians binder. 

1991 Studio. I almost want to say "High School Yearbook" edition. 

Some newer Jays and Canadians here with Paxton and Votto. 
I do miss seeing Pillar in Centre Field making those plays in Blue Jays colours, but I do see highlights from San Fran.. 

we have some stadium cards. I know I should have scanned them horizontally.. But I couldn't be bothered..

Finally some Archives. 

Thank you for the Trade, Hilochef!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

TCDB Trades

I have a couple trades to cover. 

Today's been a very stressful day, it being my first day back to work for the school year and driving a new route. I got home around 5 and I still feel like throwing up due to stress... 

So this may be a little short, or just not a whole lot written.. 

First trade I want to cover is from bizauer

We have a couple Expos here, with a 1984 Active Leaders card featuring Al Oliver in Expos gear, and two Former Expos in Rusty Staub and Tony Perez. 
Paul Quantrill is from a town not too far from my current home. He's from Port Hope, Ontario. 

Next, some Topps Big. They were rather interesting cards. 
This was during the time where Tim wanted to be called Rock. 

Next trade I want to show is from itsjustoldcardboard

Some Upper Deck Masterpieces and the Stroman Gary Vee card. Still really have no clue who the guy is.. Not really inclined to find out. *shrug*

The third trade is from althib

Some Expos here with McClure and Nettles. 
Those are 89 Traded.
90 Score to help with that set. 

Some 1991 cards here to help with sets. I love the old Studio sets. I wasn't a fan when they became just another set. I liked the oddball information they provided. Like 1993, the Astros infielders listed current Vancouver Canadians manager Casey Candaele as their pet peeve. 

Vince Horsman is Canadian. We have some Ricky Romero. After he retired he ended up doing some broadcasting. He did the Vancouver Canadians games shown on Sportsnet up here. 
The Pinnacles help towards those sets. As do the 2015s. 

The final trade I want to show is from MasterOfPuppets. 

Larry Walker I believe will go into my Canadians binder. As will Nigel Wilson and Rheal Cormier. Leiter and Grissom will go into the respective binders. 

More Big League to work on the set. I'm really hoping to be able to complete this set. 

Thank you for the trades, everyone!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Talkin' Trades

I received a trade in the mail with TCDB member nozzelmaster

But it does cover a lot of my wants.. 

Some Canadians here with Jason Bay, Joey Votto, and Larry Walker. Some Expos with Vlad.. And some Jays. 

More Canadians with Cormier and Paxton. (The only way a Yankee will enter my collection) 
On one hand, I miss Kevin Pillar's catches in Centre.. On the other, I know why the Jays traded him. 
It's kind of odd seeing Pat Hentgen with a fu manchu. 

Jason Dickson. I don't get many of his cards. Nice to get one. 

The 1994 Score team checklists were nice because they showed the stadiums. So because of that, I must collect them.. 

Not shown: The 1996 Score Expos checklist. 

Thank you for the trade!!

Monday, August 19, 2019

A Check Out My Cards Order

I did a thing.. I bought some cards.. 

I was going through some of my want lists and found there were a couple I was close to finishing, so I thought why not see if I can get them on COMC when they had their last sale?

A lot of Expos here. The 1981 needs are done now, with these Expos and Dave McKay safely in my collection. 

The nicest one though is that 1949 Bowman Phil Marchildon. He was born in Penetanguishene, Ontario. He played the majority of his career for the Philadelphia A's. 

1995 Stadium Club Members Only.. I have the set, but I wanted seconds for the binder. I actually got two of the Walker. 
I really like the All Time Fan Favorites sets.. I wish this was more of what Archives/Heritage is. Guys who don't normally get cards after their retirement. Though Fergie does show up fairly often in sets now.. 

The final is a Goodwin Champions Tip O'Neill. 
He was born in 1860 in Springfield, ON. 
He had a number of records that are honestly overlooked now because of the era he played. He had a .492 average in 1887 (adjusted to .435, since that year walks counted as hits) 

He was one of the first inductees into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. They also present an award with O'Neill's name to the best Canadian baseball player. 

Interestingly.. One time US Speaker of the House Thomas O'Neill was given the nickname Tip as a kid for the baseball player. 

Anyway, that's enough of me rambling. That was my purchase. 

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Another Team Collectors Box

Friday I also received a box from Team Collectors member Dodgers Dennis. 

There was a nice amount of Jays in there

There are some nice ones here.. I didn't have the Alex Sanchez card. Or the Fernandez. The McGriff and Gruber were the no copyright versions. 

I loved the early Studio sets. I have the 1993 set and am working on the first two. 

Some Bowman Jays. 

Score and Leaf cards I didn't have. 

The Stroman is the Sepia Refractor version, I believe. A nice addition to my Jays cards for sure.. 

Thank you!!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

TCDB Trade

I received a trade offer from MasterofPuppets recently, and decided to accept. 

I got the cards in the mail yesterday. I want to show what I received. 

Another Donruss 1993 Expos Anniversary card. I needed a second copy for my Canadians binder. 
Vladimir Guerrero is another addition to my Expos. 
We have a bunch of Big League Needs here too.. 

I kind of like the cards like Bernie's Dugout and the Kauffman fountains. 

Thank you MasterofPuppets! I hope we can trade again!