Sunday, September 19, 2021

I'm Still Here

 Well, I figured I should give another update here. I'm still in the hospital. I'll be here until a bed in a long term care facility opens up. I'll be there until a place for affordable housing opens up. 

I am getting my baseball cards delivered to me here in the hospital. As of right now, I'm having any mail delivered to the house and the landlord will bring it to the hospital for me.. By having my cards here, I might be able to get stuff out again..

Well, enough about that. One thing I missed writing about earlier this month is the induction of Larry Walker into the Hall of Fame. It's funny to think his campaign started as a hashtag #FergieNeedsAFriend

I got to watch the speech online through Youtube later. Really enjoyed it.. 

Now let's end this with some cards of the 2nd Canadian in the HOF