Thursday, April 25, 2024

Donruss Jays 1983-1986

Hello Friends!

Last post was about the cards I need for the 1981 Jays team set for Donruss... 

Today will show the ones needed from the Donruss sets from 1983-1986. My 1982 team set is done. 

The 1983s.. 

Can I just say... This DK design is gorgeous.. 

The 1984 set is a nice one to look at. 

1985 was the first year the Canadian market got the Leaf set where it paralleled but not fully, the Donruss set. 

The only one I need from 1986 is this Cerutti The Rookies card. The base is complete. 


Tuesday, April 23, 2024

1981 Donruss Jays

 Hello Friends!

I know I've been a little sporadic with posting on this account lately. I apologize. I've been dealing with some issues still, but I'm getting a little better. I have been posting on my personal blog, In My Own Words. But anyway.

I've started my organization again finally.. I'm working on my Donruss Jays Binder. I'm done 1981 right now. 

I have most of the team set, but am missing a few..

These are the cards I'm missing: 

I'm probably going to take a look on Sportlots at the end of the month when I get some money again, but if I'm able to work out a trade with someone, I'd prefer that.. If anyone can help me out, let me know, either here or at 

matson67 at hotmail dot com

Have a wonderful day friends, and GO JAYS!

Thursday, April 11, 2024

A Run of Stiebs

 Hello Friends!

Today I want to do something I've seen on the Twitmachine. 

A career run of a player... Obviously from the title, it's Dave Stieb. 

Stieb's rookie card in 1980. 

I included the team leaders cards he was on as well. 

I don't know why but I really like the look of the 85 set. If I were to collect though, it'd be the OPC. 

I'm debating. I have the Topps set.. I have most of the OPC set.. Do I keep both?

1993 was his last card as a Jay. He does have an Upper Deck 93 card as a White Sox player, but nothing in Topps.. 

I included this one but not the other retired Archives cards I have because this one actually has his time with the Sox and his return in 1998 

I'm thinking of doing some other career runs as I finish them.. I mean I could cheat and do a Peter Hoy one which is one card, and not even Topps.. But I digress..

Have a great day and Go Jays!

Friday, April 5, 2024

Peterborough Whitecaps

 Hello Friends!

I can't recall if I mentioned this on here, but while going through Baseball Reference and Canadian cities that hosted a minor league team, two cities stuck out to me.. Peterborough, and Port Arthur Ontario.

Peterborough, dear reader, is my current home. Port Arthur, post 1970, has been one half of the city of Thunder Bay. 

Both cities hosted minor league baseball in the 1910s. 

I looked into the Peterborough team. It was known as the Whitecaps for two seasons and the Petes for one. 

I've hit a dead end on information regarding the team itself aside from a single photograph that was used in an article in the Peterborough Examiner..

In 1912, they were part of the Class C Canadian League. There were eight teams in the league. Peterborough finished 8th. 

Other teams that season included the Ottawa Senators, Brantford Red Sox, Hamilton Kolts, London Tecumsehs, St Thomas Saints, Berlin Busy Bees, and Guelph Maple Leafs. 

In 1913, the team changed their name to the Petes, but their record seems to have not been recorded in any place on the internet. The same teams were in the league though Hamilton became the Hams. 

In 1914, the Petes and the Canadian League were bumped up to Class B. 
The Petes ended this season 49-62, good for 6th in the 8 team league. 
The teams were The Ottawa Senators, London Tecumsehs, Erie Yankees, Toronto Beavers, St Thomas Saints, the Petes, Hamilton Hams, and Brantford Red Sox. 

Between the 1914 and 1915 seasons, the Petes and the Erie Yankees disappeared from the league. The Canadian League continued until the end of the 1915 season, where the league folded. 

Unfortunately, that's about all I have on the Peterborough Whitecaps/Petes. I know they played at a place called Riverside Park, but I don't know where that would have been in the city. It might be East City Bowl, the current home of baseball in Peterborough. It could be where Water Street and Millenium Park are now. I don't know. I have reached out for clarification. 

I hope this was somewhat informative.