Saturday, December 31, 2022

Signature Saturdays

 It's the final day of 2022. It's also a Saturday. So it's the final Signature Saturday of 2022.. I'll continue it in 2023 as long as I have autographed cards to show off. 

Now, with it being the year end, I know people either look back or make goals for their blogging future. Looking back, I've been hit and miss on here for a few years now.. A lot of it has been health. Physical and mental. I can't promise a major uptick in posts.. I admit there will be days where getting my sorry carcas out of bed is a major victory.. But I can say I want to add more posts than what I've been doing.. 

I want to thank the people who read and comment for all their support.. I'll even thank the ghost readers 

Anyway.... You're here for an autographed card, not my ramblings.. 

Here it is.. 

Tim Raines.. Isn't that Expos uniform beautiful? I can't recall where I got this from. I know it was a trade or a random package from someone, as the Triple Threads or whatever this high end brand of Topps is would never surface in the 'Borough..

I'm curious.. Do you readers enjoy these Signature Saturday posts? 

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Signature Saturdays

 It's Christmas Eve... Or as it feels for me... December 24th... 


Today's Saturday.. Time for another autographed card in my collection. 

The recently traded Lourdes Gurriel Jr. It was fun to watch him in Toronto, but I get why the trade was made and wish him the best in the desert..

I also don't get the thought process some people have of getting rid of cards of a player after they've been traded. If you collect that team, you can still keep the cards of that player that are on the team you collect.. It doesn't suddenly turn them into lava.. 

Anyway.. Merry Christmas and all that jazz...

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Signature Saturdays

 It's a Saturday. It's time to look at an autographed card in my collection.. 

Today is a 2011 ITG Canadiana Fergie Jenkins. 
I have a few Jenkins autos. I think he's one of those I'd never tire getting. 

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Signature Saturdays

 It's another Saturday. It's another day to show an autographed card in my collection. 

It's a rookie Prizm auto of Alejandro Kirk. 
Kirk was an all star this year and also won a Silver Slugger award. He also was the fourth Blue Jays catcher to be selected to an All Star team.. The others are Ernie Whitt, John Buck, and Russell Martin. 
This now has me thinking about an All Time Blue Jays All Star Team.. 
I can't recall if I've ever done that. Maybe "Best at each position" deal, but I'd do up a full roster of just players who made the All Star team as a Jay..


Saturday, December 3, 2022

Signature Saturdays

 It's Saturday..

It's December.

It's the time of year people write...

People write names on baseball cards...

Long winded way of saying it's Signature Saturday!

Today is a Kelly Gruber from the 1992 Studio set. I have to say the auto is better in scan than in hand. In hand the Sharpie is hard to read on the blue of the uni. 

Now of course... Have to mention the Kelly Gruber auto I just got from my Twitter #HobbyTwitter friend Matt in the month we have the yearly "Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?" debate.. (psst.. Bruce says no...) 

It's weird how Kelly's career fell off a cliff like the antagonist Hans fell out of the building in the movie..

Speaking of which....

This is one of a few different advent calendars that exist showing Hans' attempt to fly and failing...