Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trade: The Final Plus A Challenge Day

Day 25: A Favourite Oddball from the 1970s

This was from a Hostess set in 1978 I believe. 

I don't own this card..

Today I cover the final part of the trade between myself and TCDB member Noy.

The 1987 Eichhorn finishes off a team set separate from my 1987 Topps set. 
Some 1990 Leaf set. Jays and Expos from the first standalone Leaf set. 

More Jays and Expos.
1990 Leaf Kirk McCaskill. 
1988 Topps to help towards the end of that set. 

More 1988 Topps. 

1993 Pinnacle. I enjoy this set but I'm not sure I would collect it. 

I loved the Then and Now cards from this set. 

All sorts of 1990 Score. Jays and Expos again.

I know not really saying much today. Not really sure what to say recently lol 

Thanks for the trade Noy! I hope you get the cards soon. I mailed them out Friday. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Challenge and Trade Part Two

Today's challenge is:

A Favourite card from an oddball set from the 1960s. 

I really like this one.. Mainly because of the field in the background. 

Today is part two of the Noy Trade. (There will be a part 3)

This one is a whole lotta red.. This post is all 1990 Donruss.. Fair warning..

I've always loved the Diamond Kings cards... I think I mention that every time I get them.. It is rather funny though.. The Steve Sax one looks like someone just took a bunch of pens and a ruler and made the background that way.

Some nice ones here including a Dave Stieb, Ryne Sandberg, and Tom Glavine. 

Don't really know what to say about these ones.. Really it's all the stars people know and some of the nobodies people don't care about. 

These fill some holes in the collection for the 1990 Donruss set.. Once I have that figured out, I can update my progress on it. 

Until next time!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Five Days of Challenges and Part One of a Trade

Well, I just got back to work after a four day weekend. Because I'm a school bus driver, I had a four day weekend. Good Friday is a day off and Monday was a day off because Easter Sunday isn't a day government services work, so they get the Monday in lieu. 

All I did those four days was sleep.. So today I'm going to show off 5 days of the challenge plus part of a big trade package I got from a member of the TCDB.

Day 19: A card from a country other than the United States

I think 90% of the bloggers will be picking an OPC card, though I expect a few would pick a Japanese card. 
This one in particular I chose because Al Oliver is an Expo here. He is one of the many that played for both Toronto and Montreal. About the only card that I could have picked above this one would be a Fergie Jenkins. 

Day 20: Your Favourite Parallel Based on the Parallel, not the Player

I have to go with this one again.. In general, I'm not a fan of parallel sets. Especially when there's 15 for each product released by Topps. 

Day 21: A Card of a Rookie you thought you were "Investing" in:

I've never really "invested" in a player, so I can't really say anything here..

Day 22: A Card of a Common Player that always seemed to elude you

Not really a common, but... This one STILL eludes me.. This is the only one I need to finish the base set. (and three error cards from completing completely)

Day 23: A Favourite Oddball from the 1950s

1958 Hires Root Beer set. Can't really go wrong with a Hank Aaron.. I don't own this card, of course.. 

I recently made a few trades with members on the Trading Card Database. Today I want to cover a package I got from Noy. It's a big one.. Likely will take a couple posts..

A bunch of the School Bus coloured Fleer 1991! This is one set I've decided to put together, though many times I've questioned why.. 

Cards and Yankees here.. Enjoy the Cards... Not really enjoying the Yankees lol.. 
We do have a former Jay and a former Expo here though, so there's that.

Some more Jays and Expos to go along with a 1991 Upper Deck. The Upper Deck is another one I've been going back and forth on whether or not I want to complete the set.

More 1991 Fleer. 

More of them, including a couple Jays.. 

So that sort of catches me up.. I have more to go through with this one, plus another small one that came in today.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Three days of Challenge and a Trade Package

I may be cheating in these posts by covering three days worth of the challenge that I've done on Twitter, but this is a recap... (you wouldn't believe how long it took me to remember the word)
DAY 16: A card of a player you appreciate but don't like

Derek Jeter had a couple things against him for me.. 
1: The uniform
2: He gave off a very smug vibe to me.. 

I agree he's a great player, just don't like him.. 

DAY 17: A Card from the first set you put together hand collated. 

Well, I'm still working on completing a few sets, but since I have the final card I need for this one sitting in my COMC shipping queue..

1992 Nabisco Tradition Baseball.

DAY 18: Card of a player who became manager of your favourite team

Now, with this one I wanted to pick a card I had of the person as a player. So I wasn't going to simply pick a card of say... Jim Fregosi, AS manager of the Jays for this card.. I needed a card from his playing days to do so.. 

Under that restriction, I'm limited to a few: John Farrell, Cito Gaston, Tim Johnson, and Buck Martinez.

Cito wins due to World Series.

I finally have caught up with the trade packages to go out.. I have a couple I'm sending out tomorrow, so I want to cover a small package I got recently from TCDB member bkim.

He sent me a trade proposal for a few cards, then as a Pay it Forward deal, sent some more of the same set to me..

A 1974 Expo. Chuck Taylor makes my collection now.. We have a couple Harrisburg Senators from when they were an Expos affiliate and not a Pirates affiliate like I did to myself earlier.. 

The rest is 2004 Topps.. I think most of them are First Edition. 

Speaking of managers, we have Carlos Tosca and Frank Robinson. 
Frank Catalanotto grounds out to second in the photo on his card... Most likely anyway.. It seemed that's all he did as a Jay..  

League Leader cards.. I like the backs of these cards.. 

Rather nice with the name, team logo, and stat all listed in a nice chart. 

Thanks again, bkim! 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Favourite Card of a Favourite Player

So Peter at Baseball Every Night is holding a contest  to celebrate one year blogging. 

His idea is to show off and write about your favourite card of your favourite player.. As long as it's not 1995 Fleer. 

He also threw in the wrinkle that the card's value should be less than $15. 

Well, this is fairly easy for me.. Most of my favourite players have been the more obscure guys.. The role players like F.P. Santangelo, Lou Frazier, Reed Johnson (Though he was a starter for the Jays).. Players like that.. I'd also throw Kevin Pillar into that mix. I don't know how well known he is outside Toronto/Canada. 

But I have to say that one of my favourite players is not really obscure, though he played in the oddball place known as Montreal for a fair bit of his career.. That, of course, is Larry Walker. 

And this is the card.. 1994 Collector's Choice. While it doesn't have the uniforms he started with in Montreal, I did like the pinstripes he's showing off here.

I'm pretty well guaranteeing this was a staged photo. I severely doubt a cameraman was perfectly placed for this shot in game action. But it's just an interesting card. 

So there you have it... If you haven't checked out Peter's blog before, check it out.. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Challenge Day 15

Today's challenge was as follows:

A favourite card from the 2010s. 

This ends up being tougher than I originally thought.. It ends up being a Jays card either way, but what one??

Which of these end up being my favourite??
Is it Edwin looking like he's doing the Muppet Dance on a Black Background from 2011? 
It is the Bat Flip Heard Round the World from 2016?

I think the Bat Flip edges out the Muppet Dance Edwin..

So this is one of my favourite cards from the 2010s. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Challenges Days 11-14

I have been keeping up with the 30 day card challenge, but just not always broadcasting it out.

So without further ado, I'll show off the ones I've missed so far here.

Day 11: One of your favourite cards from the 1970s

It may be an odd choice, but of the ones I own, I have to say I love this one because of the uniform. Absolutely love the Tequila Sunrise Astros uniforms. 
1978 is a nice set as well. 

DAY 12: One of your favourite cards from the 1980s. 

There are a few I could have chosen.. If I really took the time I probably would find one that I like more than this one.. But I like the 1983 Topps design. I also like the action shot in the main photo. It's amazing when they're able to catch a pitcher's arm bending in a way that doesn't look like it should bend. 

DAY 13: One of your favourite cards from the 1990s.

This one was tough.. 
There are so many cards from the 1990s I love. I could probably show off a top 10 of just Upper Deck cards from the early 1990s. Factor in Pinnacle and Topps starting to get some good shots and yeah.. Very tough...

Anyway, Casey Candaele jumps over the competition here and grabs the brass ring, though he doesn't come up with the ball here. 

DAY 14: One of your favourite cards from the 2000s

This one was tough as well, but for different reasons. 

I'm not overly inspired by the cards that came out from 2000-2009, but I do like this one. 
I'm not sure what's going on in the photo. 
It looks like a Turn Back the Clock thing or a Negro League Appreciation thing, but I don't know. I don't recall the Jays ever wearing those uniforms. 

So there you have it.. My list for the last four days. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Challenges and a Quick Trade Post

So the past few weeks have been hectic for me. I admit I haven't been keeping up on much. (If you could see my desk, you'd see multiple piles of cards and no real organization to them.. I need to just sit down a weekend.. Maybe Easter Weekend.. And get everything completely sorted) 

I did, however, FINALLY get a couple trade packages out that I had been meaning to for the past two weeks.. It was getting to the point I was having anxiety attacks about them.. 


One other thing I haven't been doing is keeping up writing in here too often. By time I get home from work I'm generally dead.. But today I'm awake.. So here I write.. 

I've been taking part in the challenge done by Tony L at Off Hiatus. My last post had Day 7.. I will fill in the blanks today with 8-10.

DAY 8: A Card that Reminds you of a family member

Any Charlie Simmer card in my collection, really.. My mother was friends with his sister. 

DAY 9: One of your favourite cards from the 1950s

I don't own this card, of course, but I really like the card. The jumping over the runner while preparing to throw to first is just amazing. 

DAY 10: One of your favourite cards from the 1960s

Another card I don't own. 1961 Topps 406. 
Love cards showing stadiums. This one shows a home run Mantle hit in Washington. 

Now the trade.. 

I received a small trade request from Trading Card Database user MMehler. I received the cards a couple days ago but didn't want to show what I received until I sent his out. 

These are all from the 2008 Upper Deck Timelines set. It's a rather odd set with a bunch of different designs thrown together and some players having multiple cards. 

I sent the cards out today.. I apologize for the delay.. Thank you again!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Challenge Day 7 And More Pay it Forward

The challenge today is A card you got in person and the story behind it. 

I bought this in person in Thunder Bay at a card shop that is no longer in business. 
At the time I paid $15 Canadian for it. It came about when Guzman first entered the scene in Toronto and was a fairly hot commodity. 

Of course, if I waited 20 years, I could get the card for next to nothing.. 


Some Leaf Jays and Expos.
I really like the Dave Martinez photo. Kirk McCaskill also shows up here. 

O Pee Chee Premier! Upper Deck!
Denis Boucher fits into two of my collections. 

More OPC Premier. Ron Hassey finished his career in Montreal. 

More Upper Deck as well as OPC Premier. 

The OPC Premier cards always looked a little amateurish compared to the rest of the offerings around the time. Really, it reminds me of the old Canadian movie joke where the boom mic could be seen in the top of the frame. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, 1992 Upper Deck was one of the better sets for photography. 
You can see the focus and intensity on Pat Borders' face... Well.. Eyes... As he catches that pitch. 
Or Roberto Alomar making a great play look routine. 

1993 Upper Deck continues the excellent photography. Rheal Cormier is an uncorrected error card, as they have Moncton, British Columbia as his birthplace. Moncton is in New Brunswick. 

This finishes off the box I received. I'm working on a couple packages for people as well as finally getting some stuff mailed out.. (I'm so sorry to the people waiting... )