Saturday, April 27, 2019

A Million Expos Update

It's been a while since I've done one of these, so I figured I'd do a quick update on the Million Expos Project

I originally wanted to wait until I finished 1990 in my sort.. But I'm slogging through it very slowly. Still need to do Fleer and Upper Deck and any oddball cards to complete 1990. Oh and Leaf... 

So where am I standing at with my Expos count?? 


I, like I said, still need to enter Fleer and Upper Deck for 1990, so that number will be higher when I'm done. 

All in all though, that's pretty good so far.. 

I recently got a bunch of Expos cards from someone on Twitter, starting with 1972 up to 1991. I still have two minor league team sets to add as well. I might actually make a post out of those once I clear my scanner. The Rockford Expos cards are rather beautiful.. 

This was one of the recent acquisitions. I believe the picture was taken with Taylor as a Met. You can see the pinstripes on the uni and the cap logo looks painted on. 
The reason I chose this card is the fact he's Canadian. 

This is currently the card with the highest population in this project.. I have 32 copies of it. I know to get to one million I'm going to need quite a few more copies of a bunch of cards. (Hooray for the overproduction era!!!) 

That all being said.. If you have Expos cards you're looking to find a home for, let me know.. I imagine we'd be able to work something out. Be it bulk team trade or whatever. 

Back in the early days when it seemed there were more than just me and One Million Cubs, I had all my Yankees cards pulled aside. I also had a bunch of Dodgers put aside for whatever reason. 

Friday, April 19, 2019

Another COMC Purchase

I had a little backlog of cards sitting at COMC waiting to ship.. When I started this sort, I also started keeping PDFs of the cards I needed to finish what I'm collecting from each set. 

Well, I added a few cards I needed to what I had sitting at COMC to ship and had it shipped to me.. 

I admit I don't buy a whole lot at a time, so It's not like I get those 200 count boxes sent to me or anything lol 

In my pursuit to collecting cards of Canadian born players, I found cards of Pete Ward. He was born in Montreal in 1937. He played for the White Sox, Yankees, and Orioles over nine seasons. 
Now.. I'm sure you've noticed.. 
Two copies of the same card.. No it's not a case where I also got the OPC... I just was dumb and bought two of the same card.. 
At some point I might look for an upgrade on the Rookie Cup card since it has that marker stroke on it, but I'm not overly worried about it. 

Some 1987 Donruss and 88 OPC. Oh and Pete Ward as a manager. 
Finally, Claude Raymond 1970 Topps.. This is a card I need to find another copy of since he's also Canadian. 

So that was my last purchase through COMC.. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A First Row Purchase

From time to time, I make purchases through First Row Collectibles

My last order was another birthday treat to myself, especially after I was given a promo code through Twitter. 

So I went and bought a few singles. Afterward, I had mentioned in conversation that my birthday was on the 1st, so some extra cards were nicely thrown in as a Happy Birthday! 

I saw he had a bunch of the 1992 Jays Fire Safety listed for sale, so I splurged on them.. They were $1 CDN each. On COMC, they rapidly go from $0.70-$2.75 USD.  

Some more 1992s.. I think I only need a couple left to finish that set. I know I need another Ducey for the Canadians binder. If there's another one at First Row, I'll pick it up through him before paying $2.25 US at COMC. 
The late 80s and early 90s were intresting.. 
There were all these small standalone sets that, if released now, would definitely be inserts with the infinite parallels of each, likely with autographs and relics as well.. 

I also picked up a couple Expos and a Fergie.. I saw that Jenkins, knew I didn't have it, and decided I must have it.. 

Of the cards purchased, the most expensive was the Fergie at $1.75 CDN. The rest were $1 or $0.50. 

But wait.. There's more!!

Here are the cards thrown in as extras.. 

The 1988 OPC are especially nice. As is the Alou.

1992 OPC.. I have the factory set, but it's nice to get the team cards as well.. Fun fact: In the 1992 OPC set there were Gary Carter tribute cards.

1992 Nabisco. I've always loved these cards. I actually have a complete set, but getting these are still really nice. 
We also have 1993 Donruss Blue Jays Great Moments cards. 

Random thought: Has Henry Rodriguez ever been on a card sponsored by Oh Henry!? 

And finally a George Bell Baseball League Leaders and an Ed Sprague from 1992. 

Thank you Curtis, for yet another great transaction!

Now.. For those who are still reading here. I was given permission to share this code with my readers..

It's good for 50% off cards and autographed cards. There's Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Wrestling..

That code is MATSON.

Enter that where it asks for a coupon and you get 50% off your order. Check him out! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A COMC Purchase

I know I said last post that I was going to post cards I received from First Row Collectibles, but I ordered some cards from Check Out My Cards in March. They were supposed to get here for April 3, but because they were sent a week later, they arrived a week later. 

So would you like to see what I ordered??

1969 Expos! 
Fergie Jenkins League Leaders and a couple other Canadians in the Majors in Ron Taylor and Pete Ward. 

Some More Expos!

And even more Expos!

I decided that I was going to treat myself a little for my birthday that was April 1. I ordered these at the start of my Great Sort. Figuring that since I was looking at 1969, I'd see what the prices for some were and get a bunch. I now only need a few cards to complete my 1969 want list. 

#10 Gibson/Marichal/Jenkins League Leader
#640 Fergie Jenkins
#642 John Hiller
#648 Bobby Wine

NEXT post will be my purchase from First Row. 

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Throwback Thursday

So Topps does a thing every Thursday now it seems.. 
They'll release an on demand set every Thursday called Throwback Thursday. 
It'll be in the style of an old set. Sometimes even with older players.

Well, one week they did a TBT set with Jays and Expos in the style of 1960-1961 Topps Hockey 

So at hearing this was a thing, I originally rolled my eyes then thought why not.. It's got Expos. 
So I picked one up. (And it was free shipping to Canada, even!!) 

So what cards were in it?

Three Hall of Famers here with Alomar, Raines, and Pedro. 

Two More Hall of Famers with Vlad and Doc. (Sorry Carlos) 

All in all they're not bad cards, though I am disappointed the backs are the same generic promo line on all 6. 

My next post will be about a purchase I made through First Row Collectibles. 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Sharing a Birthday

I did this a few years ago, but I wanted to update.. 

Today is my birthday. I am now 41. I wanted to take a look at some of the April 1st babies in my collection.. 

Rich Amaral

Fellow Canadian John Axford

Daniel Murphy

Frank Castillo, who once played for the Jays. 

Northern Ontario born Jeff Heath. 

One of the Fabulous Knuckling Niekros!

Le Grand Orange!

Again, I took players I had cards of. 
Have a great day till next time!