Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A Small Trade

 Today I received a bunch of mail. I'm going to show one trade I received today from TCDB member 49ants. 

I still have to send my half out, but that will come after I have money (I have communicated this with the trade partner) 

That said, any ideas on how to securely send a 5X7 card so it doesn't get banged up or warped?


An Ultra All Star Larry Walker.. Got to love any Walker, especially as Expos..
Also, three Hostess Canada cards of Jays. Carter, Alomar, and Molitor. 

The other cards I got in the mail today were all 1978 O Pee Chee, working on my Other birth year set. I'll show those next time. 

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Signature Saturdays

 I'll admit, this week has been a rough one for me. It's kind of a push to get this up today. But here we are. 

Signature Saturdays... 

Who's in the box today?

It's a Topps Pro Debut Trent Palmer. 
So Trent was drafted by the Jays in 2020. In 2021, he spent time in the minors with Dunedin. 
This past season, he split between Vancouver and New Hampshire. 

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Signture Saturdays

 Well what do you know?? It's Saturday... 

Today's is a Danny Jansen Prizm auto. 
I think these types of cards are perfect for Panini.. Catcher cards... All in action on defense so they don't need to cut the logos and make the poor MLB players look like generic teams from a Sporting Goods Catalogue.. 

I know people have strong opinions on Panini both good and bad. What do you think? 

Thursday, November 17, 2022

1994 OPC

 I decided to get myself an early Christmas gift.. I bought a box of 1994 O Pee Chee baseball. 

So some general information on the set first. 

It's a set of 270 cards that was released in one series. In each pack there was an insert card of some sort. 

Most commonly was an OPC All Star card which also doubled as a redemption form. 

Other cards that were inserted were World Champion cards celebrating the 1993 Blue Jays win, Hot Rookies, and Diamond Dynamos. These would take the place of the OPC All Star card.

Here's the wrapper these sweet bastards were in.. 
The Blue Jays listed in the baseball are the World Champions set

So this is the OPC All Stars insert/redemption I mentioned. If you sent in 5 cards and $20 CDN to the address they provided on the back, you'd get a set of Jumbo All Stars Foil Stamped. They were 5*7 as opposed to the regular card but had the same image on the front. 
Just to throw a little more confusion in.. There's also a jumbo box topper that comes with each box. They're like the redemption cards in that there's no foil, but they're 5*7 as well. 
The Box Topper I got was Barry Bonds. Someone already claimed it on TCDB.. lol

This was one of the alternate inserts. This was a set of 9 cards. Conveniently enough I have Carlos Delgado and Alex Gonzalez. 
Other names in the set are Cliff Floyd, James Mouton, Solomon Torres, Raul Mondesi, Manny Ramirez, Ryan Klesko, and Javy Lopez. 

This is the back of the card, just in case anyone's curious. 

Another insert was the World Champions insert set. This set is a set of 9 cards. 
The people in the set are the members of WAMCO, Henderson, Borders, Sprague, and Fernandez

Here's the back of the card. 

The last insert set is the Diamond Dynamos. I got two cards, both the same guy. Neither I'm keeping..

That card, of course, is Aaron Sele. 
There are 18 cards in this insert set. There's also a Diamond Dynamos set that was distributed without foil stamping. 

So now that all the insert nonsense is out of the way, I hear you shaking your head and asking "What do the regular cards look like already?" Or I guess more Bender-like, "Let's Go already!!"

The fronts have a nice borderless photo with the team name along the side. Depending on the photo, though, the team name can be tough to read. We also have the player name and position. The position being in French and English because OPC. We also have the logo in the corner. 
Overall, I really like the way these cards look. I like the way they feel. It's a shame the company finished working on cards. This was their final baseball issue.  

The backs are a little different. We have the player name on the top of the card alone with a picture of the player. We have the player's record on the bottom of the card and the pertinent contract information, etc on the side. 
My one quibble is the card number. Having the OPC logo over the card number makes it very difficult to read and understand the card number. 

They had two orientations for the card backs.. I almost prefer the Landscape style and wished they did it for all of them to be consistent. 
As you can see, on these ones, the name is just over the player photo, the information on the top beside it and the player record beside the photo. 
I have a theory that they did it this way for players who had longer player records. Again, the logo is over the card number. 

I do like the fact they used team colours for the names on the front and back. Some of them look very sharp. The Pirates look especially nice. 

Out of one box, I got 240/270 for the set, and 17/25 of the All Stars. The others I'd just be looking to get the Jays and Expos for.. (And obviously the World Champions insert set) 

Definitely a set I'm looking to complete. 

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Signature Saturdays

 Today is Saturday. We all know what that means..

Today is Mark Eichhorn. He had two separate times with the Jays. 
82, 86-88 and 92-93. 
He burst on the scene in 86  and 87, in those two seasons combined a 24-12 in 158 games. He pitched 284.2IP between the two seasons. 
He was purchased by the Braves in 1989, and was signed by the Angels after the 89 season. in 1992 he was traded back to the Jays for Rob Ducey and Greg Myers

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

One of the Few times...

 While I was going through boxes searching for a few cards I needed to pull for trades, I came across something I never noticed before.. 

Now.. The reason for the title is this is one of the few times I'll feature the Washington Nationals on my blog.. 

Here we have a couple Ryan Zimmerman rookie cards.. 
Obviously because I was only doing a quick flip through previously, I never noticed the fact they actually used two different photos for the cards.. One is from the National Baseball Card Day set and one is from the Flagship set. 

Here are the backs of the cards.. I kind of like the NBCD card better than the flagship card. But because they're Nationals cards, I'm not planning on keeping either of them.. 

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Signture Saturday

 Another Saturday has arrived.. 

Let's see who the signature pile unearths today

Balor Moore. A man who, aside from one single season in California, played every season of his MLB career on a Canadian team. Started out with the Expos. Was on the Angels in 77.. Spent the last three years of his career with Toronto. 

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Cards from Twitter

 I've been talking with a person on Twitter for a while now who goes by the handle Garth Iorgy. Obviously, a play on the Jays' infielder from the 80s. 

From time to time he puts together "packs" of cards and sells them.. I expressed interest and the last time he did it he decided to give a few out free.. He sent me one. 

I received it today..

So a Reds Heritage card, a Line Drive Clippers Manager card.. (I kind of like the old logo from that period) 
A Steve Carlton Phillies card, logoless obviously.. And a Dave Lopes 1980 OPC. 

To show how far he's fallen since he was the face of the Rays... I forgot Evan Longoria was still playing.. Steve Carter and Chris Gomez round out the hitters and Terry Leach is the last one here.. I didn't know Leach pitched for the Sox.. I only really remember him as a Met or a Twin..

And finally... We have three cards I need.. John Wetteland and Larry Walker add to my Expos Project and Mike Soroka adds  to my Canadians collection. The Dave Winfield is a 1985 OPC sticker. 

So if you happen to see anything you want, let me know..