Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trade Deadline 2018

Well.. Another trade deadline has come and gone... 
This year, the Jays were sending players all over the place.. 

First: July 26th..

Seung-Hwan Oh is traded to the Colorado Rockies 

Forrest Wall

He is an outfielder currently playing for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

Also on July 26th

J.A. Happ is traded to the Evil Empire I mean New York Yankees


Brandon Drury and outfielder Billy McKinney

July 30th. 

Roberto Osuna is traded to the Houston Astros for 

Ken Giles, David Paulino, and Hector Perez. 

There are many people upset about this trade.. Not because they were sad to see Giles go, but because of the issues Osuna has had this season off the field. 

July 31:

Aaron Loup 

Is traded to the Philadelphia Phillies for Jacob Waugespack.


John Axford (no Jays cards of him exist)
is traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Corey Copping. 

All in all, I'm sad to see Axford go. Loup is hit and miss for me, but he was also the longest tenured Blue Jays player up till today..

It's never fun when your team is in a sale mode. I hope the guys traded help their new teams (except Happ.. I'm sorry.. I can't wish the Yankees any goodwill at all)

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Repack Review: Sunday

Well, yesterday I showed the first half.. Now the second..

A couple lonely keepers today. I'm surprised I didn't have the Griffey already. 

Hey some Expos.. Well.. Two... 
Always nice to see El Presidente.. 

When I saw the McCaskill I was hoping it was the one I needed.. It wasn't.. There is an error and a corrected version.. The difference is birthdate.. He was born April 9.. The error version has it April 19th. I need a second copy with the correct birthday. 

I keep forgetting Andre Dawson played for the Fish... 
And that Duane Ward was a Brave. 

In any event, the last four photos are all cards for trade.. As usual.. Let me know if you see something you need/want. 

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Weekend... That's Repack Time!

Well, another weekend is upon us..

I had my boss look at me weird when I said going to work yesterday was my first trip out of the house for the week.. 
That said.. It's the weekend.. It's time to look at another repack I bought in June.. 

The keepers out of the group.. 
As I've mentioned, I love old minor league cards.. Especially ones that show the uniforms.. 
Bob MacDonald goes into the Jays binder..
Charlie Hayes makes one fewer 1992 Upper Deck card I need..
And Jason Bay.. It's odd.. He has something like 50 thousand cards out... I have around 10... I think.. If that..

These go directly into the Expos Project.. 
I miss those uniforms... 


 And the Traders. 

I'll have another post tomorrow with the other half of this one.. And one more set next week and it'll be done... For now... 

As always, if you see something you want, let me know. 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Rather Nice Parcel

Not too long ago, I had someone on Twitter ask if I was interested in some 1982 Expos Zellers Panels. I said definitely.. 

This morning when I checked outside the front door, there was a nice thick envelope sitting between the doors.. 

I opened it up and a treasure trove hit me.. 

1982 Fleer Andre Dawson. 
I was surprised I didn't have the 85 Topps Reardon already. 
Minted In Cooperstown parallel of Orlando Cabrera.. 
Much 1994 Fleer.. 

More 94 Fleer!
The 88 Fleer Sticker is the Jays/Expos one. I wasn't sure if I had a Milwaukee County Stadium one yet but I do.. This will fit into the Expos project nicely. 

 So we have a couple 1982 Topps Stickers and a 1991 magazine pullout card.. I'm debating on whether or not I want to trim it to fit into a card sleeve or leave it like that..

 There were also these Fleer stickers.. I'm not sure what year they're from, but they're really cool. 

These are bookmarks from a 1995-1996 reading program done by the Canadian Teachers Federation and the Canadian Literacy Secretariat. 
I'm not sure how many there were, or if there were just Expos, but these are really neat.. I have them still stuck together.

 The final part of the package... 
1982 Zellers Expos panels.. 

These are beautiful.. 

I'm likely going to keep them as panels just because.. These things are nice. Though for the purposes of my project, I'll be counting them as three each.. 

Thank you Otto for reaching out to me on Twitter!!
I'll be getting something together for you soon. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Paring Down

I think with this reorganization I've been thinking about and slowly attempting I'll be looking at some of the things I have and deciding whether or not I want to keep collecting them.. 

For example: 
I still like the original Diamond Kings cards. I want to collect the ones starting from when they first appeared to 1993. Aside from those, the only ones I'll be collecting are Jays, Expos, and Canadians. 

Others that will likely appear in these posts will be inserts and sets I've decided are more of a pain to try to complete than it's worth. That said, my 1978 Topps will never appear in these because it's my birth year set and I want to complete it.

Anyway, on with the first batch being pared out of my collection. 

The newer Diamond Kings, while I think they're nice, don't have the same impact on me as the originals. 

I did like these inserts, but at the same time, I don't see myself chasing them down, so I'm offering them up. 

Same with these.. I'm not sure, but I think seeing four or five cards per player in this insert set soured me on it. 

As before.. If you see something, let me know. 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Some More Expos

Well.. I'm getting closer to being able to actually sort and catalogue my cards again.. It's actually been a little helpful lately since I'm waiting (rather impatiently) for my Employment Insurance money from the government.. It's amazing how when they want money, they hound you... When you want money you paid in, they take forever... Anyway...


Some early 80s Donruss Expos along with 1992 Donruss Rookies.. 
I really want to get the Rookies set. 

That Cliff Floyd is a Cyberstats.
I really like the 1993 Triple Play set.. I wish I could have seen more of it when it came out.

That Vidro Victory is a game card. 
I love that Raines photo. 

Randy Johnson as an Expo. Very nice.
I love that Gypsy Queen Gary Carter card.. 

I'm hoping to get into sorting more seriously in the next little bit so I can figure out what I have..

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Another Sunday.. Another Weekend Repack Part 2

Sometimes, trying to come up with clever titles completely escapes me, so boring one today.. 
Anyway, you know what's going on today.. Yesterday I looked at one side of an 80 card repack.. Today is the other side.. 

Two keepers today.. Another 1992 Pinnacle I thought I had.. I guess I didn't.. 
I love minor league cards.. I don't know why.. But whenever I come across them in these things, I tend to keep the cards. 

Two Expos today! 
Yet another 1988 Donruss.. Seems like they're everywhere.. 
1991 Leaf as well. I like those cards, but I don't think I'd collect the set.

As usual the traders.. 

There are a couple cards I like the look of in here, but at the same time, the only place I ever see them is in these repacks, so I wouldn't go after them..The Unique and Lineage fall into that category.

As usual, if you see something you like, let me know..