Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Rather Nice Parcel

Not too long ago, I had someone on Twitter ask if I was interested in some 1982 Expos Zellers Panels. I said definitely.. 

This morning when I checked outside the front door, there was a nice thick envelope sitting between the doors.. 

I opened it up and a treasure trove hit me.. 

1982 Fleer Andre Dawson. 
I was surprised I didn't have the 85 Topps Reardon already. 
Minted In Cooperstown parallel of Orlando Cabrera.. 
Much 1994 Fleer.. 

More 94 Fleer!
The 88 Fleer Sticker is the Jays/Expos one. I wasn't sure if I had a Milwaukee County Stadium one yet but I do.. This will fit into the Expos project nicely. 

 So we have a couple 1982 Topps Stickers and a 1991 magazine pullout card.. I'm debating on whether or not I want to trim it to fit into a card sleeve or leave it like that..

 There were also these Fleer stickers.. I'm not sure what year they're from, but they're really cool. 

These are bookmarks from a 1995-1996 reading program done by the Canadian Teachers Federation and the Canadian Literacy Secretariat. 
I'm not sure how many there were, or if there were just Expos, but these are really neat.. I have them still stuck together.

 The final part of the package... 
1982 Zellers Expos panels.. 

These are beautiful.. 

I'm likely going to keep them as panels just because.. These things are nice. Though for the purposes of my project, I'll be counting them as three each.. 

Thank you Otto for reaching out to me on Twitter!!
I'll be getting something together for you soon. 


  1. What's up with the middle photos on Ray Burris and Gary Carter?

    1. Burris' shows footwork for holding runners on..
      Carter shows hitting strides.

  2. The TCDB calls them 1968-72 Fleer Cloth Stickers.