Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Trade Comes Through

I've been battling myself physically and mentally lately, so today is a small victory when I only wanted to say "Nope! Hibernation!" once today..

Part of the mental is pressure I put on myself to be a good trader.. Getting cards together and sent out in a timely fashion. Preferably as soon as the trade is agreed upon. Sometimes, though, I don't get them out for a week or so after the trade was agreed upon and sometimes I receive the package before I sent out... 

This was one of those cases.. And in fact I have another case where it's happened.. I do let the people know if there's an issue though, so there is that.. Not like I'm radio silent.. 


TCDB member SaveDaKid and I worked out another trade recently. We've traded a few times, so I imagine I'm doing something right. :) 

A bunch of 1992 Donruss.. As I was going through adding them to my set and verifying them on the TCDB, I realized I missed a couple I needed a second copy of.. However... I'm down to 10 Base cards needed to complete the set.. The Diamond Kings is another matter altogether. 

Denis Boucher, I forgot was with the Rockies. 
Some later 1990s Fleer Ultra as well. One card I forgot to scan was a 1991 Stadium Club Duane Ward.

I'll cover the other trade tomorrow. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Finishing the Repacks

It's been a few days since I've been able to write.. 
I honestly wasn't sure I was going to get anything written here today either..

I have five repacks left to show.. Rather than spreading it out, I'm thinking of doing a giant Repack Dump on everyone.. 

Those Upper Deck cards on the bottom here are interesting.. I hadn't seen them before. 

Jason Bay Attax!
I like the way those 1994 Select look. 

I'm almost positive that Olerud is a new card to me.. 

In the 6 repacks I picked up, I ended up with four of those Sid Akins cards.
The Dave Valle card is interesting in the way the logo is placed right under the logo on his uniform. 
M's Snowman!

I received a few of those Griffey Family cards as well. 
I'm pretty sure I didn't have that Rojas card before these repacks. 

I miss those Astros uniforms shown in the Craig Biggio card.

Interesting Name Alert: Laddie Renfroe. According to Wikipedia, he was hit in the head with a baseball. It ended up causing vision and speech issues and he retired because of it.. 

I think I got something like 3 of those Ike Davis Attax cards...

Another Topps Unique card.. 
Orlando Hudson!

Hey Look! Darryl Strawberry... That beauty has been spoken for already.. 
Some other nice cards here 

Another interesting one here with Grady Sizemore.

Yount makes an appearance on a Jeff Treadway card.. 
Griffey blowing a bubble.. Bronson Arroyo massive leg kick.. 

I honestly didn't know Dion James played for the Brewers. 
Yet another Magglio Ordonez Upper Deck card... 

The Alomar brothers in a nice card.. 
That Cecil Cooper Drake's has been claimed as well. Going to a good home 

It's odd and interesting to find current year cards in the repacks. Here we have a Stadium Club Harvey. And he's surrounded by 80s and 90s mass production. 

An interesting Matsuzaka card here. That card beside the Reuschel is a Russell Martin

Well.. I really have nothing much else to say about the rest of these. 
I'm 90% sure that most of these will be available for those who want them.. 

I also want to apologize for the lack of posts. Been very busy with work and general lack of inspiration. December will be a tough month as normal for me.. The last two weeks of the month are generally tough. 

Anyway.. Enjoy!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Repacks on a Payday

So... I went to Dollarama today and bought 6 repacks.. 
I wonder if I'm buying them to make it so I never get past a certain spot in my sorting.. I'm really not looking forward to the 2000s Especially with the Bowman cards... 

Anyway.. Here's the first repack I scanned in.. 

As always, a nice mix of cards from different times.. 2012 with 1986 and 1991 here. 

Well played, Mauer....
A set I never heard of here with Topps Unique... Really the design is anything but unique.. But meh..

Joey Votto Attax card!
I believe I need that Walker as well.. 
I like the Grissom and the Fielder. 

Love minor league cards.. A 1990s here with Warren Newson as a Las Vegas Star.. 

Trevor Story.. Interesting to find him in here.. 

1981 Drake's Big Hitters card here with Bruce Bochte. 

Griffeys... All of the Griffeys in one Upper Deck card.. 

I'm almost tempted to put that Spirit of the Game card in with my Jays because it features the back of Dave Winfield so prominently. What say you, collector friends?? 

1986 OPC shows up here as well. Rick is definitely a ahem Schu-in... for these repacks.. 
Carlos Delgado Topps Finest... I found something interesting on the back of the card just as I was looking at the card to see what company it was.. .

In the bottom corner here.. It has the card number.. The theme... And Common written there... I wonder if there's other things written on other cards.... 

Anyway... As I continue to plough through the scans, I'll be throwing more posts up about the repacks..