Saturday, November 4, 2017

Repacks Because I Can

I'm a bit of an odd duck.. (Actually more like a Penguin.. So yeah.. Odd duck.. lol)
While I enjoy ripping open packs of the latest and sort of greatest... I also enjoy ripping into repacks. In a way I find more enjoyment from these than newer cards. 

I bought 7 repacks yesterday.. Four for me, three to send to someone. I'm going to show one at a time just to give myself more material.. 

The obligatory late 80s and early 90s show up. Haven't finished the 1990 or 1991 set in my reorganization yet, so I don't know if I need the 90 and 91 cards. 

87s make their appearance as well. 

I needed the 86 Walker. 
Nice seeing some 1982 Topps in here

I needed the 78 for my collection. The 81s ended up being duplicates. 
I really like that Jordan Zimmermann Stadium Club card as well. 

Fleer Greats is a set I've never heard of before. There are a couple in the repacks I got. 

Two more here with Jim Thorpe and Willie McCovey. 
Seth Schwindenhammer is the name under the foil on that Bowman card.. 

I've been getting a number of 2008 Topps in these.. It's almost like these repacks are telling me to collect the set.. lol 

I don't want to show them all at once, as mentioned before. I'm sure most of these will end up trade bait.. I've been going through the reorganization/resorting of my collection and am up to 1989. 

As always, if you see something you want/need. Let me know!


  1. The Fleer Greats fits those sets I like where the set isn't vintage, but the subject matter is which works well for my likes and my price range!

  2. The only think I don't like about repacks is the work it takes to sort by set and catalog. Other than that they are always a fun surprise

    1. There is that..
      Part of why I fell so far behind in cataloguing was the repack lol

  3. I consider myself more of an awkward turtle. Nice 82T Howe.