Sunday, January 28, 2018

300th Post is a Trade Recap

Well, today I hit something of a milestone that I didn't even realize.. This is my 300th blog post..

Thanks for reading my babblings.. 

Anyway, this is covering the trades I received over the month. I finally got everything I owed out yesterday. Actually, there's one more I need to get out, but I couldn't afford to send them all. 

The first of the second batch I want to show is from Detfan6897 from the Trading Card Database.

Team 2000 cards from 1992 Pinnacle. I remember when Pinnacle came out in 1992 and pulling these cards, for me, were amazing. As Pinnacle was harder to find for me, I never really had many of these. 
I really like these cards. 
There are some good ones here like Charles Nagy and Robin Ventura and some not so great like Gary Scott. I do like the fact Sammy Sosa and Eric Karros are in here as well. 

The second trade is from Trading Card Database member minibbcards. 

I got a bunch of Allen and Ginter here, and a surprise. The Daniel Norris Stadium Club wasn't included in the original trade but was included in the envelope. 

I really like the look of these cards. 

That catches me up.. I think the next little while I'm going to try to do some posts I haven't done in a while. Maybe bring back a couple Canadians in the Majors profiles and a couple "Jays and..." 

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Couple Trades Came In

It's been tough getting around to writing.. I just haven't felt like it for a while now.. 

I have a couple trades I finally scanned in that I want to cover.. I have two more trades that I need to scan in.. 

The first is from TCDB member Ilkinsan2. They had a few Donruss Optic cards and some Diamond Kings I wanted. 

The second here is from TCDB member Colengo90. Some Snowy cards here. Jays and Freeman. 

I have 8 trade packages to send out. Some of them have been sitting here for a couple weeks, but with the Christmas holiday being two weeks off and encompassing one full paycheck, I just didn't have the funds to send anything out. 

I'm hoping that getting this backlog out will help improve my mood, but I don't know.. 

Anyway... Have a good night.. I'll cover the other two trades soon. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Days Like This Are Good

Well, despite having issues this morning with my bus that ended up making the kids that got on my bus this morning late, today was a good day. 
Even moreso when I received mail before I went back for my afternoon run. 

I received a trade with a member from the TCDB, herkojerko. 

Some Canadians for the binder, a Melky Cabrera, and a Ryan Howard for that insert set. 

This little beauty came into my possession courtesy of P-Town Tom. 
Readers of his blog would remember this one showing up in his Post Here.
I had commented that I needed this one for the 1978 set I'm putting together, and lo and behold, he sent it up.. The funny thing being is that it started out here.. It was in one of the repacks I had sent for his Secret Santa gift. 

Finally, some cards from Matt. We've been talking on Twitter and he mentioned he had some Fleer cards from the early 1980s he was looking to get rid of.. I sent him my want lists and got a few in return.. These are the 1981s I needed. 
Always nice to get a Stieb. 
Reggie Cleveland and Fergie Jenkins slide into the Canadians Binder. 

The others I recevied from him. 
Three Jays, Three Expos, and Reggie Cleveland. 
Finally, two Expos I didn't have for 1983. 

Thanks for the cards! I have cards going out to herkojerko and Matt soon. Hoping to be able to wiggle it in this week. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Score One for the Collections

I mentioned before I received a box from CrazieJoe and it had a lot of 1990 Score. I am now 380 cards into the collection of that set now with what I got.. 
Because of the number, I just scanned a few highlights. 

We have Hall of Famers Cal Ripken and Alan Trammell and the Personal Hero of Matt, Bob Walk..
It's still odd to say Hall of Fame and Alan Trammell..  

Dennis Martinez as an Expo is always welcome. 
Orel Hershiser and Eddie Murray as well. 

Ryne Sandberg!
The early 1990s might have been confusing for some people in the Twin Cities. Playing Short for the Twins is Greg Gagne. Wrestling for the Minneapolis based AWA: Greg Gagne. 
Twins Gagne's name was pronounced "GAG-ne" while AWA's Gagne was more "Gan-yay"

Mark Gubicza rounds out this trio.. I don't know why, but I've always just liked his cards. I don't know if I'd want to collect him though.. 

Bert Blyleven shows up.. Another Hall of Famer.. 
Bill Doran is shown simply because I love those Astros uniforms. 
Darryl Strawberry is a favourite of Peter at Baseball Every Night. 

Charlie Hough would become known as a guy who hit less than his age when he played for the Marlins in 1993. He was 45 and hit .032. 
Nolan Ryan shows here as well.. 
Mitch Williams is here only because I wanted to show him in a uniform other than a Phillies one. 

Randy Johnson and Gary Carter are former Expos here.. Benito Santiago is a future former Jay. 

Steve Wilson ups the Canadian content.
Dave Dravecky's card is interesting. He's in a sling on the front. 

This is the back. It summarizes his journey in 1989. 
1989 was his final season. From pictures I've seen online, it looks like he's lost his left arm.

The last few are rookie cards.. Moises Alou as a Pirate. Dean Palmer.. Bernie Williams.. Frank Thomas.. 
Rickey Henderson is part of the Dream Team subset.. 

It's an interesting set, I think.. Almost prefer it to the 900 card monstrosity that followed it.. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Showing More from the First Row

This is a little bit of a mashup post..

Part will be more cards from the CrazieJoe box.. Part will be a purchase I made from First Row Collectibles. 

In fact, I'll show the First Row stuff first..

There was a year end sale with 50% off the order. I figured if I found a few cards I wanted, I'd take part. I found a few and it ended up costing me right around $12 CDN plus shipping. 

This is a 1982 Perma Graphics Tim Raines. 

This is what the back looks like.. Yes.. It's a credit card style.. well.. card... 
I do like the line on the bottom, under the space where you'd sign your name.. 
"The bearer of this card is a certified loyal fan and is entitled to all ensuing rights and privileges"

I also picked these up. 
I liked the Topps Gallery cards, even though I have only seen a couple of them, and all of them well after the original run ended. I think I would have preferred them to be on the same kind of card stock that Upper Deck Masterpieces was on, but that's a minor quibble. 
I know I didn't have that Carter before hand, as I don't have much in the way of Bowman.. Of course, this is before Bowman went off the deep end with parallels and all that other crap.. 
Freddie Freeman fits into my Canadians collection since both his parents are Canadian and he played for Team Canada in the WBC. 
Finally, a Vladimir Guerrero MLB debut card from Upper Deck. 

Definitely check out
He's got baseball, hockey, football, basketball, and wrestling cards. Also sells autographed cards. Has autographed photos and other things like that as well.. 

Now.. Looking at more cards from the CrazieJoe box..

Some 1989 Donruss.. Since I decided to complete that set as well, these are welcome to see.. I believe they're going to go into the Expos binder, though.. I'll find out soon enough. 
The John Franco 1989 Topps will slide into the set.
Juan Gonzalez error card! For some reason, I was convinced this card would be a tough one to find.. Well, here we are.. 

The 1990 Fleer are Fleer Canadian versions. 
1990 Topps that I needed. I think the Grissom is one for the team binder though.

A couple 1991 Donruss as well, both cards I needed for the set. 

Well, next time will be... Well... Next time. 😜😜

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I BeLeaf..

Recently I proposed a box trade with Joe from CrazieJoe's Card Corner. He sent out a bunch of cards first. 

I'm going to take a bit of a page out of his book and show a few cards from it each post.. I'm not going to commit to it being a daily thing right now, but one difference I'm making is I'm going to show by set.. 

Today, as you can tell by the title, I'm talking about the 1987 Leaf set.. 

A nice batch of photos here.. Mark McGwire, Devon White.. Bo Jackson.. Benito Santiago.. 
That Santiago shows the uniforms after the brown and yellows 

Expos and Kirby Puckett here
One difference between the Donruss and Leaf sets, aside from the card count, is the existence of "Canadian Greats" cards. They highlight a player from the Expos and the Jays and are done in the Diamond Kings style.
Garry Templeton shows the Padres uniform better here.. 

George Brett and Dwight Gooden show up here along Lou Whitaker and Fred Lynn. 

There's a few Hall of Famers here. Cal Ripken, Bert Blyleven, and Mike Schmidt. 

And there's the rest of them. I believe that the Donruss and Leaf cards both use the same photos, so nothing really interesting in that respect..

Next time will likely show some 1990 Score.. I say some because I have quite the stack.. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Trades and Stuff

Nothing more interesting on any given day than getting mail you weren't expecting (while still waiting on mail you were expecting.... ) 

A couple days ago, I received an envelope with four cards in it.. 
Three 1991 Fleer, and one 1992 Donruss The Rookies card. 
The return portion of the envelope had an address, but no name to it.. 
I just checked my transactions on TCDB, and it's from the user SteelPerogie

I forgot that I had a trade there, to be honest. I figured it out when I went to enter them into my collection and one was showing as "In Transit" so that mystery is solved. 

The other trade I made was conducted through Twitter. 

Curtis at First Row Collectibles put out an offer for those wanting to make trades with him to contact him. So I did..

I got these from him. Two Russell Martin cards for the Canadians Binder, a Larry Walker Indianapolis Indians card, I think for the Canadians Binder, if not the Expos binder. 
Two KayBee Jays.. 
These are happy additions to my collection for sure. 

With it being January and the new year, many people have been throwing their goals for 2018 out there. 

My only goals right now are to keep myself sane and continue working on my mental health issues.. 
That may mean I disappear for a while at points.. I don't know what will happen.
In any event, thank you.