Thursday, January 25, 2018

Couple Trades Came In

It's been tough getting around to writing.. I just haven't felt like it for a while now.. 

I have a couple trades I finally scanned in that I want to cover.. I have two more trades that I need to scan in.. 

The first is from TCDB member Ilkinsan2. They had a few Donruss Optic cards and some Diamond Kings I wanted. 

The second here is from TCDB member Colengo90. Some Snowy cards here. Jays and Freeman. 

I have 8 trade packages to send out. Some of them have been sitting here for a couple weeks, but with the Christmas holiday being two weeks off and encompassing one full paycheck, I just didn't have the funds to send anything out. 

I'm hoping that getting this backlog out will help improve my mood, but I don't know.. 

Anyway... Have a good night.. I'll cover the other two trades soon. 

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