Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This May In Fact be Blasphemy

A little over a week ago I bought a blaster box (I guess that's what they're called, the box with what amounts to 101 cards inside?) of Topps Series 2 and I've come to a startling conclusion..

They're growing on me...

I don't know how this happened.. But they are..

I definitely like the MLB Debut inserts. 
The First Pitch I can take or leave. Basically the only two I want are the Don Cherry and the one from Series Two from Toronto. 
That bottom corner Bautista is a Berger's Best. I'm not sure I really like the idea of those. 

Another Berger's Best, this time Adrian Gonzalez. Gold Saunders. 

Another MLB Debut. 
I think these could have been amazing had they not added the smoke effect..

Another MLB Debut, along with a 65 years of Topps card. I would have preferred them to have gone to actual cardboard for the reprints, but I also understand why they didn't. 

A Brett Cecil card in the middle, to go along with a card I will actively shop to get rid of: Alex Rodriguez. 

Randy Johnson Berger's Best.. I'm keeping this one because Expos. Is it bad that I like those old San Diego uniforms? Tony Gwynn MLB Debut card. 
I like the Hallowed Highlights card, though I don't think it'd be an insert I want to actively collect. 

Domonic Brown as a Jay. 
I really like those MLB Debut cards.. I think in the 10 packs that were in the box I bought, I got 5.

The 100 Years of Wrigley is another insert I want to complete. I've been drawn to ballparks since I started paying attention to baseball. I'd love to see one for Fenway, though that would have come a few years ago.

In a way, the horizontal cards aren't too bad.. I think because of the layout they show more of the picture/action around them. 

I'm not sold on the Ichiro inserts. 

We have a couple former Jays in this batch: Gose and Price. 

Another 65th anniversary of Topps card. I'm on the fence about them.. 
Some nice action shots here too. 

The Eduardo Nunez card here is one of the rainbow foil cards. I just happened to notice it was shinier at an angle compared to the others. 

Of course, with these you get one of the MLB Debut medallion coin things. Anthony Rizzo was waiting for me in this one. 

All in all, not a bad pack.. The Jays went into the Jays binder. As I figure out what I want to do with the rest of them, I'll have to adjust me collecting goals accordingly. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Debut of the Wallet Card

A while ago I decided I would start in on this. I had two cards in mind for what I wanted to use.

I decided on the Scott Ruskin card because Expos, and because I really got interested in 1992. Also, the card is an O-Pee-Chee, so...

So my work brings me to different places. Here, I'm at Buckhorn Berry Farm with a group. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Expos and the All Star game II

1987: Oakland-Alameda County Stadium

1-3 with a run scored for Hubie Brooks

Raines was 3-3 with 2 RBI to win the All Star Game MVP

Wallach went 0-3

1988: Riverfront Stadium, Cincinnati

The lone rep for the Expos went 0-2

1989: Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim

Tims take the trip to Anaheim for the Expos
Burke threw 2 innings, gave up two hits and struck out one

Wallach went 0-1

1990: Wrigley Field, Chicago

Dennis pitched an inning and recorded a strikeout

Tim went 0-2. There were only two hits on the National League side. 

1991 SkyDome, Toronto

Ivan Calderon went 1-2 in the game

Dennis pitched two innings. He gave up four hits and three earned runs.

1992: San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium

Until now I didn't notice how Blue this card is.. lol

This time around, Martinez threw one inning. He gave up no hits, but three earned runs. He also walked and struck out one. 

Canadian All Star alert!
Walker went 1-1 in a pinch hit appearance.

1993: Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore

Grissom was the lone representative in Baltimore for the Expos
He started the game and went 0-3

1994: Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh

Alou went 1-1 with an RBI

Cordero went 0-2

Darrin didn't get an at bat in the game but appeared as a defensive replacement

Grissom went 1-1 with a HR, RBI, and run scored.

Hill pitched two innings and only gave up one walk.

1995: The Ballpark in Arlington

Trading Card Database

Carlos was one of a Trio of Perez brothers to pitch in the Majors. His brothers Melido and Pascual may be more known.

Perez threw a third of an inning. He walked one and gave up one hit.

1996: Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia

I for some reason, remember a video on how to pronounce his last name. I just can't remember if it was before a TSN broadcast or if it was on TWIB.

In any event, he went 0-1

Pedro Martinez went an inning in the game and struck out one batter

OH Henry! Rodruiguez. Montreal fans would throw chocolate bars onto the field after his homers. 

He went 1-1 with an RBI

1997: Jacobs Field, Cleveland

Pitched an inning and struck out two

1998: Coors Field, Colorado

Ugly would describe Urbina's outing..
1 IP. 3 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB 2 SO and L

1999: Fenway Park, Boston

Vladdy in his first appearance went 0-1

2000: Turner Field, Atlanta

Vladimir went 1-2 in the game

Trading Card Database

Vidro pinch hit and went 0-1. 

2001: Safeco Field, Seattle

Vladimir pinch hit and went 0-1

2002: Miller Park, Milwaukee

The infamous tie game

Guerrero went 1-2 with a run scored

Trading Card Database

Vidro went 0-2

2003: US Cellular Field, Chicago

Trading Card Database

Vidro went 0-2 in the game

2004: Minute Maid Park

The final Expos player to make the All Star team is Livan Hernandez.

He did not appear in the game. 

After the 2004 season, the Expos were shipped off to be the third team to try out Washington DC in modern baseball. 

The only player still active that wore an Expos uniform is Bartolo Colon. May he never retire. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Expos and the All Star Game

With the second half of the season starting today, I wanted to cover a former team and their All Star representation.. The Montreal Expos were in the National League from 1969-2004.

Now the All Star game was a different beast than the current.

Also, a note going into this post: My Expos collection isn't as fleshed out as my Jays collection. As a result, I had to borrow some images from the Trading Card Database. Those cards will be noted.

The game in 1969 at RFK Stadium, Washington DC had one Expo present. He would end up being the main All Star for the first few years

Trading Card Database

Le Grand Orange! Rusty Staub didn't play in the game, but was the representative.

Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium held the 1970 game.

Again, it was Staub. 

Trading Card Database

This time around, he entered as a pinch hitter and went 0-1

Tiger Stadium in Detroit Michigan held the 1971 game.

Trading Card Database

Rusty made the team again as the Expos representative but did not enter the game.

The 1972 game was held in Atlanta's Fulton County Stadium.

Again, a single Expo made the team, but it was a different one..

Trading Card Database

Bill Stoneman pitched two innings. He gave up two hits, two earned runs, and struck out two.

The game in 1973 was held in Royals Stadium in Kansas City.

Again, the Expos were represented by a single player. 

Trading Card Database
Ron Fairly did not bat in the game, entering as a defensive replacement. 

Interestingly enough, Fairly would be the first player to represent both the Expos and Jays in the All Star game when he was selected in 1977.

Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh hosted the 1974 game.

Trading Card Database

Steve Rogers made the team but did not pitch in the game

The 1975 game took place in Milwaukee County Stadium.

There was one representative again. This time, Gary Carter.

Carter did not have an at bat in the game

The game in 1976 was held in Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium.

Again, one representative made the team.
Woodie Fryman made the team and did not appear in the game. 

New York's Yankee Stadium held the 1977 contest.

Ellis Valentine went 0-1 in the game. 

The 1978 game was in San Diego at San Diego Stadium.

For the first time, more than one Expo made the team. 

Grimsley did not appear in the game 

Rogers threw two innings. He gave up two hits and struck out two.

The 1979 game was at the Kingdome

Carter went 1-2 with an RBI

Parrish did not have an at bat. He appeared defensively though.

Rogers threw two innings and struck out two batters

1980: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

Carter went 0-1 as the lone Expo.

1981 in Cleveland's Municipal Stadium

Raines was a pinch runner and defensive replacement. 

Carter started the game as the catcher and went 2-3 with two runs scored and two RBI

Dawson started the game and was 1-4

The 1982 game happened at Stade Olympique

Five Expos made the team, four starting the game

Carter started the game at catcher and was 1-3 with an RBI

Dawson started the game and went 1-4

Al Oliver went 2-2 with a run scored

Raines started in Left and went 0-1

Rogers was the starting pitcher for the NL. 
He went 3 innings gave up four hits, one earned run, and struck out two.

1983, Comiskey Park

Again, 5 players made the team

Carter started and went 0-2

Dawson started and went 0-3

Oliver started and went 1-2 with a run scored.

Raines started and went 0-3

Rogers did not pitch

1984 at Candlestick Park

Carter started the game and went 1-2 with a run scored and an RBI

Charlie Lea started the game.
Pitched 2 innings, gave up 3 hits. One earned run. 2 Strikeouts. 

Raines went 0-1

Wallach also went 0-1

1985: HHH Metrodome

Raines did not have an at bat, but did score a run

Reardon threw one inning.. Gave up one hit and struck out one.

Wallach went 1-2 with a run scored.

1986: Astrodome

Brooks went 0-2 with a run scored.

Raines went 0-2

Reardon did not pitch.

I will do the years 1987-2004 next post