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Jays at the All Star Game Part 2

So in my previous post I covered from 1977-1999. Today will be from 2000-tomorrow's game.

The 2000 game in Turner Field had three representatives from the Jays.

Tony Batista in his only All Star appearance as a Jay went 0-1 with a strikeout. 

Carlos Delgado.. I was surprised it took until 2000 for him to be selected to the All Star game. However, there was a glut of good first basemen in the American League at the time. There were four First Basemen at the All Star game in 2000. 

Delgado went 1-1.

David Wells in his second tenure with the Jays. He started out as a Jay then was traded to the Tigers. He was brought back from the Yankees for Roger Clemens and was traded for Mike Sirotka. 

At the 2000 All Star Game, he started, going two innings, giving up two hits and striking out two. 

The 2001 game, held in Safeco Field in Seattle, was attended by a single Blue Jay. He also happened to be a Canadian. 

Paul Quantrill made the team for the Jays in 2001. (I do not have a card of him as a Jay, however.. This is my only card of him in my collection!)

2001 would be Quantrill's only All Star Appearance. 
He pitched a third of an inning, gave up two hits and an earned run.

Ahhhh 2002. Miller Park.. Milwaukee Wisconsin. The All Tie Game.. 
One Jay would make the trip to their former rival's home park for the festivities. 

Roy Halladay made his first appearance in 2002 and would become a mainstay. much like Stieb in the 80s. 

In this game, though, Halladay threw one inning. Gave up three hits, three earned runs, one home run, and got one strikeout. 

The game in 2003, at Chicago's US Cellular Field, was attended by three Jays.

First we have "The Man With the Gold Glove" Vernon Wells. 
(I think one post will be on advertisements I can find on YouTube. Seriously..)

The marketing department came up with this gem in 2006. 

Anyway, Wells went 1-2 with a run scored and an RBI.

Doc Halladay makes his second appearance, but doesn't actually pitch in the game.

Carlos Delgado was selected as the starting First Baseman.
He went 1-3 with an RBI and a strikeout. 

The 2004 game in Minute Maid "Don't Call Us Enron" Park was attended by one Jay.
Ted Lilly.. I could probably go on about the issues he had over the course of his career, or the issues he's gotten himself into afterwards. but I won't. 

In this game, he threw an inning, gave up two hits and struck out one.

The 2005 game in Comerica Park in Detroit had two Jays show up.

Shea Hillenbrand in his only full season as a Jay, made the All Star Team.

He appeared as a defensive replacement.

Mr. Halladay returns again.
Again, however, he did not pitch.

The 2006 Game in PNC Park in Pittsburgh, had five Jays show up. 

Troy Glaus went 1-2 with a run scored. 

Alex Rios did not make it into the game.

BJ Ryan threw an inning, struck out one and got the win.

Vernon started in Centre and went 1-2. 

Doc threw 2 innings, gave up three hits, one earned run, and struck out one.

AT&T Park held the 2007 game. 
The only Jay to make the trip was Alex Rios. 

He showed up as a defensive replacement late in the game. 

The game in Yankee Stadium in 2008 again was attended by one Jay. 

Surprising nobody, really, Doc made yet another trip to the All Star Game

He threw an inning.. Gave up a hit and struck out one.

Busch Stadium in St Louis held the 2009 game. 

Two Jays flew to the land of the Cardinals to join in. 

Roy Halladay started the game for the AL. 
He went two innings, giving up four hits, three runs with two earned. 

Aaron Hill was the starting second baseman for the AL.
He went 0-3.

The 2010 All Star Game was held at Angel Stadium of Anaheim by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
I could go on a rant about this for ages, but I'll spare you for now... Maybe... :P

Three Jays made the trek to Los Anaheim.

Jose Bautista makes his first All Star appearance. 
He went 0-1

Thank you to Trading Card Database member Miguel for the photo on the website

John Buck made an appearance for the Jays, going 1-2

Wells went 0-1 

The 2011 game in Arizona's Chase Field brought two Jays to play.

Jose started the game and went 1-2. 

 Ricky Romero was selected to the game but did not appear.

The game in 2012 at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City had one Jay attending.

Bautista went 0-1 with a walk and a strikeout. 
He did, however, make it to the finals of the Home Run Derby, getting beat out by Prince Fielder. 

In 2013, Citi Field in New York held the game. 
Four Jays made the trip to Metsland.

Bautista again started in Right Field. He went 0-1 with an RBI and a walk. 

Brett Cecil had one of the best seasons of his career in 2013 and made the team.
He pitched a third of an inning, getting a strikeout. 

The first time a Jays player won the Final Man vote. #RaisetheBar
Arguably had the best season of his career in 2013. 
He also threw a third of an inning, also striking out the batter he faced. 
Now, you can find Delabar in Japan.

Edwin Encarnacion went 0-2 in his appearance in the All Star Game. 

The 2014 game in Minneapolis' Target Field had three Jays make the trip

Bautista again started in Right Field and went 0-2 with a strikeout.

Mark Buehrle was selected to the game, but did not appear.

Encarnacion also was selected but did not participate in the game. I believe he was injured shortly before the break.

The 2015 game in The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati had Three Jays there. (I am not going to count Price here.. He was a Tiger till after the break)

In a bit of a twist, Bautista was not the starting Right Fielder this year. 

He also did not appear in the game itself.

Josh Donaldson was the starting Third Baseman. He had no official at bats as a result of two walks. 

A Canadian Jay All Star!

Martin went 0-1 with a strikeout. 

Tomorrow's game is in Petco Park in San Diego.

There are 5 Jays represented at the game this year. 

Thank you to Trading Card Database. I do not own this card.... Yet....

Estrada will not be playing in the game. He is on the Disabled List. 

Sanchez was brought in to replace Craig Kimbrel.

The Final Man Vote winner in the AL. Another Canadian Jay!

I hope you all enjoy the game tomorrow. Or at least take it in for what it's worth. 

I think before the second half starts, I'm going to take a look at the Expos from 1969-2004

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