Friday, November 29, 2019

A COMC Order

So, I'm taking part in the Cardboard Secret Santa again this year. As soon as I got my name, I went onto COMC to pick out some stuff for them... 

And ended up getting stuff for myself as well.. 

So the 1988 Topps Record Breaker is the error version. I think I can do a "master" set of this one fairly easy.. 

As for the other three here.. I picked up two copies of each because I didn't have them.. And they all fit into holes on the Frankenset.. 

The Glossy send in Raines takes over the empty 37 spot. 
The 1969 OPC Jack Billingham takes the 92 Spot
The 1971 Topps Don Hahn takes the 94 spot. 

Since today is Black Friday on the site, I may go see if I can find anything else I want..

Thursday, November 28, 2019

More From the Crazie Box

Yesterday concentrated on sets.. 

Today it's Expos and other parts to my collections. 

So we have some OPC Expos here with 1979 and 1980. 
That Canadian Greats Raines was awesome to see.. It's a 1985 Leaf. 

More additions to the list, as I get a Triple Play Alou, some Select, and some Sportflics. 

A nice group of Expos I didn't have. 

I rather like the Stairs Royals card. 
The Harden Chrome wasn't given an image on the TCDB, so I added it today. 

Finally some stadium cards. 
I love how most of them have been checklists over the years. Both the 1994 Score and the 2009 OPC serve that purpose. 
It took me a bit to find where that final card was from. It's from a non-sport set, 2011 Topps American Pie. The card in particular mentions Sports Illustrated debuting, but the stadium shot means it belongs in that section of my collection. 

Thank you CrazieJoe!! I'm working on getting something together for you in return.. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Box Trade From CrazieJoe

I'm going to take a break from the Frankenset for a couple more days and instead show some cards I got in trades recently, as I got my scanner to cooperate with me again

First is a box trade I'm in the process of completing with CrazieJoe. Coming my way was a 400 Count box of some set needs and other collection needs.

First we have some Topps Big.. 
Not shown is a 1988 Hubie Brooks. 
The Raines was the only one I didn't have already, but they add to the Million. 

Next is 1991 Topps Debut 90. Now the name is rather confusing for these. It's a set of players who debuted in the Majors over the 1990 season, printed in 1991 card format. In a way, redundant from the Traded set. 
Anyway, this is one I'm trying to collect since I feel it would complete my "1991 Master" Base, Traded, This. (there are a couple error cards from the base I never expect to get, so I'm calling it well enough when I have the base covered)

Some more set needs. 
The Anderson is the "Corrected" version, where the "t" in Bats: Left is full.. 
The Vaughn is from the Update set. 
Tony Fernandez is from the Score Traded set. 
A nice Bill Campbell 78 need
And a card I'm sure Peter Steinberg doesn't mind, though isn't fond of: Strawberry in a Dodger uni. At least it's not 95 Fleer!

1992 Pinnacle needs here.. 
Rheal Cormier goes into the Canadians file. 
I'm not collecting the 1992 Topps Debut 91 because I'm not collecting the 1992 set. I have the OPC and that's enough. 

More Pinnacle.. I need another McCaskill for the Canadians binder. 

1989 Topps Traded.. Steve Wilson is a Canadian player. I need to get another copy of this one as well. 
Albert Almora Jr plugs a hole in 2018 Big League. 

Tomorrow I'll cover some more from this box, including a pile of Expos sent my way

Monday, November 25, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 37 and 38

Today is another two pages. 

The first page has a number of holes.. 

Card 325 is a 1987 Fleer Bob McClure


Card 327 is a 1993 Select Matt Stairs. 
Another Canadian for the set, plus I like the photo. 

Card 328 is a 1993 Donruss Greg Colbrunn
Again, I like this photo.


Card 332 is a 2002 Topps Total Tomas de la Rosa. 
I liked the concept of the original Topps Total. Wasn't a fan of the execution of the current set

Card 333 is a 1992 Leaf Bill Landrum
Another in the "He played here?" files. 
I associate Landrum with the Pirates
But he played 18 games for the Expos.. 

Card 334 is a 1989 Donruss Jeff Parrett
By time this card came out, he was a Phillie.

Card 335 is a 1988 Donruss Bryn Smith

Card 336 is a 1993 Leaf Sean Berry
Love the follow through here. 

Card 337 is a 1995 Bowman Wil Cordero
Great action shot here

Card 338 is a 1991 Leaf Ivan Calderon

Card 339 is a 1991 Topps Larry Walker

Card 340 is a 1982 Donruss Warren Cromartie
Post contact, getting ready to run. 

Card 341 is a 1993 Topps Mel Rojas

Card 342 is a 1993 Upper Deck Greg Colbrunn
I just love the photo they used here. 

Unrelated, I recently purchased and received a complete 1988 minor league set of cards. Once I figure out my scanner situation, I will be showing them off for sure.. Especially the Indianapolis Indians cards and Syracuse Chiefs. 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 35 and 36

Another day, another two pages

There are a number of holes in these two pages, so be warned. 

Card 307 is a 1991 Donruss Marquis Grissom
Judging by the stripes on the catcher, I want to say it's against the Giants in San Francisco. 
I may be wrong though..


Card 309 is a 1992 Topps Dave Martinez
We know that Mr Martinez is now the manager of the Washington NotTheSpos. 


Card 312 is a 1993 Score Kent Bottenfield. 

Card 313 is a 1988 Topps Bob McClure

Card 314 is a 1993 Topps Mark Gardner.
I'm thinking that once I have this completed, I'll do a tally on who gets featured the most.. I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the people listed will be Gardner. 


Card 317 is a 1991 Topps Mike Fitzgerald. 

Card 318 is a 1992 Stadium Club Chris Nabholz
For some reason, I think this is a Spring Training shot. 

Card 319 is a 1981 Topps Rowland Office
While it's a nothing special card, it is a nice representative for 1981. 


Card 321 is a 1992 Pinnacle Gary Carter
Think he's sniffing a base hit here?

Card 322 is a 1999 Bowman Peter Bergeron
Some Bowman cards are rather boring, posed shots like this.. 

Card 323 is a 1982 Topps Bill Lee
I can't have a set without the Spaceman, can I?

Card 324 is a 1986 Topps Dan Schatzeder. 

That does it for today.. Tomorrow will have another two pages. 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 33 and 34

Onto today's pages

Card 289 is a 1983 Fleer Dan Norman. 
I think the red uniforms were used as warmups. Was never really a fan of them.

Card 290 is 1983 Fleer Al Oliver. 
One thing I like about this card is actually the back. It shows his minor league seasons as well. 
I didn't know Raleigh has a team in 1966 and 1967, for example. 

Card 291 is a 1990 Upper Deck Spike Owen. 
I'll be honest, if this was me, this would be the pic just before I face planted from getting my feet tangled. 

Card 292 is a 1982 Topps Dave Palmer. 

Card 293 is a 1997 Circa Henry Rodriguez. 
The follow through looks more golf-like. 

Card 294 is a 1979 Topps Pepe Frias
It would be cool to find an old school Expos jacket like that

Card 295 is a 1994 Upper Deck Tavo Alvarez.
He did end up pitching in 16 games for Montreal. 

Card 296 is a 2004 Bazooka Josh Labandeira
He ended up getting into 7 games in the majors. 

Card 297 is a 1974 Topps Hal Breeden
I love the photo used here. 

Card 298 is a 1983 Fleer Chris Speier.
Not sure if this is after the inning and Speier getting ready to field, or if this was post steal. 

Card 299 is a 1986 Topps Bryn Smith. 
Not sure if this is in a Spring Training stadium, or a low-minors. Maybe a FSL League? 

Card 300 is a 1993 Donruss Marquis Grissom
Again, love these pics


Card 303 is a 1988 Donruss Tom Foley. 
Foley looking for a base hit here. 


Card 306 is a 2004 Fleer Ultra Josh Labandeira. 

That's it for today.