Saturday, November 16, 2019

Frankenset Pages 19 and 20

Today in the continuing coverage are pages 19 and 20. 

Card 163 is this 2001 Fleer Tradition Peter Bergeron. 
I like the look of these cards. 

Card 164 is this 1983 Topps Dave Palmer. 

Card 165 is this 1987 Topps Jeff Reardon. 
For a while I imitated his delivery when I was a kid. 

Card 166 is this 1981 Fleer Scott Sanderson. 

Card 167 is this 1992 Upper Deck Delino DeShields. 
Look at the concentration on his face. 

Card 168 is this 1981 Fleer Tony Bernazard. 
Looks like an empty Olympic Stadium. 

Card 169 is this 1989 Score Luis Rivera. 
Rivera, of course, is the Jays' 3rd base coach now. 

Card 170 is this 1994 Collector's Choice Mike Lansing. 
I'm trying to figure if that's a Met or a Rockie. 

Card 171 is this 1994 Upper Deck Kirk Reuter. 
It looks like he's fielding in this photo. 

Card 172 is this 1994 Bowman John Wetteland. 
Looks like Wrigley. 

Card 173 is this 1992 Stadium Club Gilberto Reyes. 

Card 174 is this 1992 Topps Steve Frey. 


Jeff Reed checks in with card 176. 
1988 Topps

1990 Upper Deck Tim Raines marks card 177.

Card 178 is this 1993 Topps Jeff Fassero. 

Card 179 is a 1987 Donruss Tim Wallach. 
Looking deep in concentration..

Card 180 is 1984 Topps Manny Trillo. 


  1. I think it's a Rockie on the Lansing card. Doesn't quite look like the Mets' numbers. Also, the Mets didn't have a number 13 in 1993 (although it could be a spring training photo or from a different year). If it's the Rockies it's Charlie Hayes.

    1. Agree - I think Rockie as well. The number looks to be purple and the logo on the sleeve that is cut off looks like a C.

  2. Seeing Manny Trillo in an Expos uniform is as weird as seeing Pete Rose in an Expos uniform.

    1. I'm thinking just for that reason, I want to keep Trillo in the Frankenset lol If I get a couple Rose as an Expo, he may end up in here as well..