Monday, November 11, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 9 and 10

Card 73 is this 2001 Fleer EX Jose Vidro. One of the few shiny flashy cards I'll have I think.. 

74 is this 1991 Topps Shane Andrews.. I imagine this will be a placeholder until I find a better 74. 

75 is Mark Gardner 1993 Fleer style. 
By time this card came out, he was a Royal. 
Also... Does this not look like Wrigley to you? 

76 is this 2001 Donruss Studio Fernando Tatis. 

77 is this 1973 (edited) Mike Torrez. I have to say I really like the 73s

78 is this 1993 Fleer Chris Nabholz. 

Card 79 is this 1993 Fleer Mel Rojas. 

80 is this 1984 Steve Rogers. 

81 is this 1995 Upper Deck Marquis Grissom. 
It's interesting, since it looks like he's taking infield practice here.. 

82 is this 1991 Donruss Mike Fitzgerald. 

83 is this 1993 Fleer John Wetteland. 

84 is 1992 Donruss The Rookies Rob Natal. 
He played all of 5 games for Montreal. The other 115 games of his career were with the Florida Marlins. 

85 is this 1988 Score Vance Law. 

86 is this Classic Gabe White from 1994. 
Again, this one is likely a placeholder until I get a better card.. 

87 is this 2000 Aurora Peter Bergeron. 

88 is this 1993 Fleer Flair. 
I kind of like the double image on the front of the card. 

Card 89 is this 2000 Topps Opening Day Orlando Cabrera.
I see pinstripes and a blue background.. I'm guessing vs the Mets at Shea. 

Card 90 is this 1992 OPC Premier of ultra journeyman Rick Cerone. 
Played for both Canadian teams
Both New York Teams
As well as Cleveland, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Boston. 

So again, no real problems figuring out a card this time around. 
I'm hoping I'm not boring my readers with this. I'm actually finding this rather fun to do.. 


  1. How can you want to replace a card where the player's uni says "Cavemen" in baseball script?

    The Mike Torrez is, of course, a 1973, not 1974.

    1. Thank you. I'll fix that error..

      So I wonder if the team leader is Captain Caveman? Or the mascot...

  2. As much as I love me some action shots, I do enjoy the 2001 Studio design with the team's logo in the background.

    1. I loved the Studio sets until they basically became just another set. I also wasn't a fan of the credit card design they did one year..