Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Box Trade From CrazieJoe

I'm going to take a break from the Frankenset for a couple more days and instead show some cards I got in trades recently, as I got my scanner to cooperate with me again

First is a box trade I'm in the process of completing with CrazieJoe. Coming my way was a 400 Count box of some set needs and other collection needs.

First we have some Topps Big.. 
Not shown is a 1988 Hubie Brooks. 
The Raines was the only one I didn't have already, but they add to the Million. 

Next is 1991 Topps Debut 90. Now the name is rather confusing for these. It's a set of players who debuted in the Majors over the 1990 season, printed in 1991 card format. In a way, redundant from the Traded set. 
Anyway, this is one I'm trying to collect since I feel it would complete my "1991 Master" Base, Traded, This. (there are a couple error cards from the base I never expect to get, so I'm calling it well enough when I have the base covered)

Some more set needs. 
The Anderson is the "Corrected" version, where the "t" in Bats: Left is full.. 
The Vaughn is from the Update set. 
Tony Fernandez is from the Score Traded set. 
A nice Bill Campbell 78 need
And a card I'm sure Peter Steinberg doesn't mind, though isn't fond of: Strawberry in a Dodger uni. At least it's not 95 Fleer!

1992 Pinnacle needs here.. 
Rheal Cormier goes into the Canadians file. 
I'm not collecting the 1992 Topps Debut 91 because I'm not collecting the 1992 set. I have the OPC and that's enough. 

More Pinnacle.. I need another McCaskill for the Canadians binder. 

1989 Topps Traded.. Steve Wilson is a Canadian player. I need to get another copy of this one as well. 
Albert Almora Jr plugs a hole in 2018 Big League. 

Tomorrow I'll cover some more from this box, including a pile of Expos sent my way


  1. Always happy to send cards where they are more appreciated, glad you like.

  2. I'm so surprised how divided our hobby is when it comes to the Topps Big line. I think they look absolutely fantastic!

    1. There seem to be a few divisive topics.. Off sized cards seems to be a big one.. Now of course, it's the on-demand stuff.. The Topps Big were unique for what they were..