Friday, November 15, 2019

Frankenset Pages 17 and 18

Now onto pages 17 and 18

Card 145 is this 2000 Metal Michael Barrett. 
I really like the look of this card. 

Card 146 is 1981 Fleer Larry Parrish posing in an empty stadium. Judging by the white uniform, I'm guessing it's The Big O. 

Card 147 is this 2004 Topps All Time Fan Favorites Gary Carter. 


Card 149 is this 1973 Topps Ron Hunt. 

Card 150 is this 1981 Fleer Bill Gullickson. 
Looking at... Something.... 

Card 151 is this 1993 Topps Archi Cianfrocco putting the brakes on the basepaths. 

Card 152 is this 1994 Donruss Darrin Fletcher. 
Hey look.. It's in Wrigley..

Card 153 is this 1994 Bowman Wil Cordero. 
I like the photo selection here. 

Card 154 is a 1986 Topps Bert Roberge. 

Card 155 is this 1981 Fleer Rodney Scott. 

Card 156 is this 1981 Fleer Stan Bahnsen. 
It's almost like the go to pose for him.. 

Card 157 is this 1997 Pinnacle FP Santangelo. 
I did like the later Pinnacle cards, though the stuff like New Pinnacle, and Inside, and all the other stuff was a little much. 

Card 158 is this 1981 Fleer Fred Norman. 

Card 159 is this 1993 Stadium Club Mark Gardner. 

Card 160 is this 1981 Fleer Dave Palmer. 
It's like he's trying to look menacing. 

Card 161 is this 1981 Fleer Jerry White. 
Closeup of concentration. 

Finally, 162 is this 1981 Fleer Bobby Ramos. 
Posing in the Big O. 


  1. Those Fleer sets with their consecutive numbering are a bit weird for frankensets.

    Archi Cianfrocco is a name that doesn't ring even the vaguest of bells for me.

    1. Agreed, but for the start its helpful.
      Cianfrocco had a number of years with the Padres. Mainly as a backup it seems.