Monday, November 25, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 37 and 38

Today is another two pages. 

The first page has a number of holes.. 

Card 325 is a 1987 Fleer Bob McClure


Card 327 is a 1993 Select Matt Stairs. 
Another Canadian for the set, plus I like the photo. 

Card 328 is a 1993 Donruss Greg Colbrunn
Again, I like this photo.


Card 332 is a 2002 Topps Total Tomas de la Rosa. 
I liked the concept of the original Topps Total. Wasn't a fan of the execution of the current set

Card 333 is a 1992 Leaf Bill Landrum
Another in the "He played here?" files. 
I associate Landrum with the Pirates
But he played 18 games for the Expos.. 

Card 334 is a 1989 Donruss Jeff Parrett
By time this card came out, he was a Phillie.

Card 335 is a 1988 Donruss Bryn Smith

Card 336 is a 1993 Leaf Sean Berry
Love the follow through here. 

Card 337 is a 1995 Bowman Wil Cordero
Great action shot here

Card 338 is a 1991 Leaf Ivan Calderon

Card 339 is a 1991 Topps Larry Walker

Card 340 is a 1982 Donruss Warren Cromartie
Post contact, getting ready to run. 

Card 341 is a 1993 Topps Mel Rojas

Card 342 is a 1993 Upper Deck Greg Colbrunn
I just love the photo they used here. 

Unrelated, I recently purchased and received a complete 1988 minor league set of cards. Once I figure out my scanner situation, I will be showing them off for sure.. Especially the Indianapolis Indians cards and Syracuse Chiefs. 


  1. 1979 O-Pee-Chee Del Unser would be a nice one at 330 if you can find copies of it.

  2. Matt Stairs sure looks young on that card, I didn't realize that his career went back that far.