Thursday, November 28, 2019

More From the Crazie Box

Yesterday concentrated on sets.. 

Today it's Expos and other parts to my collections. 

So we have some OPC Expos here with 1979 and 1980. 
That Canadian Greats Raines was awesome to see.. It's a 1985 Leaf. 

More additions to the list, as I get a Triple Play Alou, some Select, and some Sportflics. 

A nice group of Expos I didn't have. 

I rather like the Stairs Royals card. 
The Harden Chrome wasn't given an image on the TCDB, so I added it today. 

Finally some stadium cards. 
I love how most of them have been checklists over the years. Both the 1994 Score and the 2009 OPC serve that purpose. 
It took me a bit to find where that final card was from. It's from a non-sport set, 2011 Topps American Pie. The card in particular mentions Sports Illustrated debuting, but the stadium shot means it belongs in that section of my collection. 

Thank you CrazieJoe!! I'm working on getting something together for you in return.. 

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  1. I figured that last card was different enough it may take a couple minutes for you to find - but a great field pic.