Monday, January 24, 2022

TCDB Trade

I recently received a TCDB trade in the mail. I want to show it off today. It was from Nathan Mercer. A nice little pile of goodies

Some Expos and some Canadians. There were a couple here I wasn't aware of.

1991 Studio. I loved the concept of this set for the first few years. The close up image, the biographical information on the back rather than just stats. It was different. Then it became just another set. 

I think this puts a fair dent in my 1991 Studio set build. We also have a couple mini league leaders, one Jay and one Expo. 

Thank you for the trade!!


Thursday, January 6, 2022

A little Pre-Christmas COMC Package

Sometime in September or October I made a request for shipment from COMC. I got it in December. It was a bit of a mish mash of things, but I enjoyed getting it..

First is a group of cards of Bob Hooper, a pitcher from Leamington, Ontario. I found out about him through the wonderful Kevin Glew on Twitter. 
Two of the three cards of him as a member of the A's are reprints. 

Next is some John Hiller. The 78 is a Burger Thing card. The 75 is an OPC version.

Jack Billingham as an Expo. Danny Ainge as a Chief. I had the team set of the Syracuse Chiefs aside from this card. 
One of my favourite things: Stadium cards. Seeing some of the places teams called home is always interesting to me. 

More stadium cards, including the Jamestown Expos. Candlestick is an interesting photo. Metropolitan Stadium is a nice one too. Or as it's now known.. The Mall of America..

Finally, a Russ Ford Foldover reprint. Some cards I'm happy to get the reprints as I feel I'll never get the original. This is one of them.. 

I have some other cards to show from a Team Collectors break I took part in. It will likely be broken into multiple parts.. 


Sunday, January 2, 2022

The First of a Group of Posts

 I'm sure my friends and readers have been wondering where I've been. I'm still in the hospital. I'm here until I get some solution for housing. One area I'm looking at has a 10 year waiting list. Another I have no idea.. Third option... Well.. I'll usually be the youngest by decades and dealing with regular outbreaks. So feeling rather stuck. At the same time, glad I'm at least in a place I have support. 

Ok.. I do have some cards to show off. Today is a couple small things I received. One from the Royals Team Collector, the other is an anonymous card with some cards I needed in it. 

First are the cards from the Royals TC Matt. I'm using a scanning app on  my phone, so if they look a litle warped, that's why.

Gallery was always an interesting concept to me. Much better than the Project 70 crap. 

This was the note that came with the cards below. No name on it, no return address.. Complete mystery..

Some Jays and Expos minor league cards, or more to the point, draft pick cards from Classic.

I always liked the history cards that were in the Pro Set sets. Here we have a few more. 
I still have a box break I was part of and an order from COMC. Those will be shown over the next few days. I hope 2022 is a good one for everyone, or at least less of a shitshow than the last couple years..