Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bases Loaded With the Usual Suspects..

I had a charter today and I was bored while waiting for the people to do what they were doing.. There was a conveniently located Walmart across the parking lot from where I last dropped the people off, so since I needed a few things anyway, why not see if there were cards as well.

Hint: Not much...

In fact, I wish I took a picture of the barren wasteland that was this WalMart's card aisle.. More Yu-Gi-Oh than anything.. Sports had one or two hockey, one or two football.. Star Wars and WWE.. There were small hanging boxes of Series 1 and 2 of Flagship.. And the repacks.. 

So I bought a repack... 

And hoped for the best....

It didn't come.. 

Of course I didn't get a bonus card.. I did get another One-Touch card thing... 

Samples of the card packs that could be in these.. I'm guessing that gold one at the bottom is the Panini Triple Play, since if they showed it prominently nobody would buy these.. 
I imagine these are packaged and shipped from the US, since really, aside from Player Collectors, I don't see many of us wanting the Stars and Stripes cards.. 

One of the usual suspects in these things are the Leaf Babe Ruth set..
I don't know how big the set is, but I could probably make it by just picking these repack boxes up.. 

And of course, the biggest Usual Suspect: Triple Play... I just scanned possibly the two most useful cards from that set... 
That Paul Molitor HOF card is beautiful.. 
And Chipper "Don't call me Larry" Jones looks almost human there. 

These Draft Picks cards are generally more miss than anything, since they always seem to be for non-Jays. And of course since they don't bother to say where the kids are from aside from school, it's not very helpful for my Canadians collection either. 

Two packs of the Draft Picks and I even get a duplicate in the 8 cards... 

USA Stars and Stripes.. At least some of these names I recognize.. Corey Seager and Henry Owens. Again, one of the Usual Suspects for these things.. 

2007 Upper Deck, Come On Down! You're the next contestant in The Usual Suspects! 

There are three cards in here that I want/May need.. Buehrle, Morrow, and that SuperVet card.. I loved the 1983 ones Topps did. I really like this one, even if it's a Yankee.. lol 

Just one final picture, a closeup, of the Unicorn that is Good Triple Play cards. 

So yeah.. I'm guessing 99.9999% of these are available for trade. Let me know if you see something you want.. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Another Repack From Dollarama

So I bought another repack recently and with my finishing my reorganization (and finding I might have been better off just blowing up my list and starting over) why not show more cards that will likely end up in my trade pile? lol 

I hate to say it but I pretty much put any 1991 Score and 1987 Topps into a pile to put in my recycling bin. 

I forget Spike Owen was a Mariner. I know he was an Expo and a Yankee.. I think he was a Red Sox as well. 
Mike Mussina in a Yankee uniform. I remember him getting pissy one start because the Jays were honouring someone (I can't remember what it was... 85 Division Champ team??) and it threw him off his game.. 
That Mariners card is Shin-Soo Choo and Chris Snelling. 
Finally... Terry Harper... I see that card and I see Booker T... Is that bad???

Octavio Dotel played for about half the league.. Including the Jays. 

Bowman tends to be low on the radar partially because of the massive number of parallels and crazy numbering, and partially because I'm not much into prospecting. 
I hadn't seen the 2001 Upper Deck before, but I have to say I do like the design.. I find though that a lot of the designs from the late 90s and early 2000s confuse me.. 

Derek "Operation Shutdown" Bell! 
Dee Gordon as a Dodger!

A couple 1983 Donruss cards. Rather nice cards, I think.. 
I ended up getting three Ryne Sandberg cards from the two repacks I bought. 

I think I've been almost browbeaten into collecting the 1986 Topps, even passively.. 

I like the Franchise History cards like the Cubs one here. 
Marquis Grissom Classic card

Most of the 1990 Fleer I got from this are actually Update. Some of them I even needed..
And more 86.. 
I like the Pro Debut cards here from 1991, though they are confusing since they use the 1992 bordering. 

Ryan Dempster and Erik Bedard make appearances here. 
I thought it was in this one, but maybe it was the other one, but I also had a Bob Walk appearance.. 
I'm sure Bob Walk The Plank would be pleased to know.. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

All Donruss All The Time

Earlier this month, maybe last week, Trading Card Database member Kaline6 offered up some Donruss cards for anyone who wanted.. All you had to do was pay shipping. 

Well, I got a bunch I needed for the sets.. 

One thing I've been collecting is the Diamond Kings cards. If it's a set I'm collecting, I get a second bunch of these. Some of them I end up with three.. I know it's confusing, but we all have our quirks, right?


More Expos and Kirk McCaskill here. 
Andy McGaffigan without his mustache.. Almost feel like it might not be him, but the name on the back states otherwise.. 

1988 I was really just missing a couple cards, I believe.. 
1989 is next.. It's funny.. We were talking about the 89 set on Twitter today. It's a set that's growing on me, but I'm not sure I want to collect it, since the ones I had were 10 copies each of the same 6 or 8 cards.. 

1990 is another set I'm collecting. 

I sometimes forget that Mark Langston was an Expo.. I also forget he was a Mariner. I just really remember him as an Angel. 

Hey! We have a Ron Gant sighting. 

I don't recall if the Walker there will go into the set, into the Expos collection, or into the Canadians collection.. I'll find out soon enough when I catalogue them. 

The Danny Jackson card is the second one in the set (That I recall) that used the actual jersey logo for the team logo in the corner. The other was Bud Black. 

The final card I got.. 

Sorry I'm so short on words today.. The past couple days have not been the best for me mentally.. Been really stressed and depressed.. To the point where I've wanted to go out and do an old habit of an impulse buy.. I didn't have the money to do so, so there was no issue there.. But in a twisted way that's made things worse.. 

Anyway, thank you for the cards, Kaline6!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Some Trades

I have a few trades I want to cover tonight. 

First is from John Hazen 

Some good pitchers here.. And some not so great pitchers here. 
Halladay and Stieb are always welcome for sure. 
Josh Johnson last pitched in the Majors in 2013.. As a Jay.. 
Brandon Morrow is still kicking around the Majors, pitching in the bullpen for the Dodgers. 

Justin Morneau, Joey Votto, Jason Bay, and Erik Bedard all go into the Canadians binder. 
Derek Bell, Tony Tarasco and Alex Rios go in the Jays and Expos binders. 

1991 Fleer for the set. Same with the 2015

More 2015s. The Dalton Pompey will go into the Jays or Canadians binder. 

These three came from a TCDB member, minibbcards 
Joey Votto and the Leaders card will go into the Canadians binder, since Morneau is Canadian. 
Estrada will go into the Jays binder. 

The final trade came from TCDB Member SFCTemple. 
The Expos hat/wordmark sticker is actually stuck together, unlike the first one I had. (I ended up taping the one that separated and will be using it for a binder marker)

Some 1992 Leaf that will go into the set, as well as a Brent Mayne Studio card. 
The Turner Ward Stadium Club will go into the Jays binder. 

Thanks for the trades, people! 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dollarama Repack 2: Son of Repack!

Yeah.... I don't know why I put that as the title, honestly, but oh well.. 

Yesterday was the first repack I opened. Today will be the second one I opened. 

The 1987 Topps and 1991 Score are basically trash material, but I need to check the Score anyway for a couple. 

Some nice cards here.. Felix Hernandez and Bob Lemon. 

Russell Martin was the reason I picked the particular pack. 

The Adrian Brown is the second Pirate I received from that set. 

I think it's fitting a pitcher had the last name Plunk. He had 32 HBP in 14 years. 

I ended up getting another two today... Tomorrow I'll be covering a couple trades I received.