Friday, July 28, 2017

All Donruss All The Time

Earlier this month, maybe last week, Trading Card Database member Kaline6 offered up some Donruss cards for anyone who wanted.. All you had to do was pay shipping. 

Well, I got a bunch I needed for the sets.. 

One thing I've been collecting is the Diamond Kings cards. If it's a set I'm collecting, I get a second bunch of these. Some of them I end up with three.. I know it's confusing, but we all have our quirks, right?


More Expos and Kirk McCaskill here. 
Andy McGaffigan without his mustache.. Almost feel like it might not be him, but the name on the back states otherwise.. 

1988 I was really just missing a couple cards, I believe.. 
1989 is next.. It's funny.. We were talking about the 89 set on Twitter today. It's a set that's growing on me, but I'm not sure I want to collect it, since the ones I had were 10 copies each of the same 6 or 8 cards.. 

1990 is another set I'm collecting. 

I sometimes forget that Mark Langston was an Expo.. I also forget he was a Mariner. I just really remember him as an Angel. 

Hey! We have a Ron Gant sighting. 

I don't recall if the Walker there will go into the set, into the Expos collection, or into the Canadians collection.. I'll find out soon enough when I catalogue them. 

The Danny Jackson card is the second one in the set (That I recall) that used the actual jersey logo for the team logo in the corner. The other was Bud Black. 

The final card I got.. 

Sorry I'm so short on words today.. The past couple days have not been the best for me mentally.. Been really stressed and depressed.. To the point where I've wanted to go out and do an old habit of an impulse buy.. I didn't have the money to do so, so there was no issue there.. But in a twisted way that's made things worse.. 

Anyway, thank you for the cards, Kaline6!


  1. Nice bunch of cards. -Hope your spirit is on the rise. :)

    1. Thanks.. Doing a little better today..
      Thinking I'll need to completely blow up my collection on the Database and redo it..

  2. If I ever get my stuff together... one project I'd love to build is a 1982 to 1991 DK binder to display all of Perez's amazing artwork.