Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A COMC Purchase

Getting a large purchase through COMC seemed to be the perfect time to rummage through my collection and verify what I have is what I have.. 

Just to keep what little of my sanity I have remaining, I'm doing this reorganization company by company. 
Topps (Without Bowman)
Leaf (Canadian Donruss version)
OPC (including the single card I have from Upper Deck)
Leaf (The Premium Brand released in the 90s)
Upper Deck

This will likely take me a while. I don't really mind though.

Anyway, I want to show off the first portion I've just completed: Topps

Some 1970s cards here. Expos and Canadians mainly. 
I realized afterwards that I need to get a second copy of the 1973 Leading Firemen card, since one is an Expo, and the other is a Canadian. 
Dave McKay is a second one for the Canadians binder. I already had it for the team set.. 

More 1970s and then into the 90s. 
I found out about Dave Pagan being Canadian through one of the blogs (I can't remember who... Help!) 
The Woods/Mejias/Gross/Asselstine is a second copy I needed for the Expos binder
Check out that Fleer sticker in the middle! 1977 in full show off mode there.
Topps Black Gold to finish off this scan. I got two of the Walkers, one for the Expos, one for the Canadians. 

Here are some Bowman cards scanned as well. 
The Michael Barrett card has a bit of a story.. I ended up getting two copies because they were stuck together in the sleeve. I contacted COMC about it and they ended up letting me keep both, offering compensation to the seller. I imagine if it was a more expensive card than 33 cents, the outcome would be different, but even still I couldn't keep it without letting them know. 

Some 2000s Topps. 

I'll be covering some of the other cards I got in this purchase as I get through them.. The Leaf (Canadian) will be easy since it's only 1988 I'm worried about.

And to my American Friends, Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Great buys. I would have done the same thing with a dupe like you got. I really liked seeing the 1970s cards bang-smashed with some 1990s. quite a difference. I live in a place where fireworks are illegal and people are showing their patriotism by breaking the law a letting them off.

    1. I can't imagine a place where fireworks are illegal. Then again, where I grew up, you just never saw them for sale.. But that's what happens when your town is in the middle of a forest lol

      My next post will be all about 1988 Leaf