Saturday, July 29, 2017

Another Repack From Dollarama

So I bought another repack recently and with my finishing my reorganization (and finding I might have been better off just blowing up my list and starting over) why not show more cards that will likely end up in my trade pile? lol 

I hate to say it but I pretty much put any 1991 Score and 1987 Topps into a pile to put in my recycling bin. 

I forget Spike Owen was a Mariner. I know he was an Expo and a Yankee.. I think he was a Red Sox as well. 
Mike Mussina in a Yankee uniform. I remember him getting pissy one start because the Jays were honouring someone (I can't remember what it was... 85 Division Champ team??) and it threw him off his game.. 
That Mariners card is Shin-Soo Choo and Chris Snelling. 
Finally... Terry Harper... I see that card and I see Booker T... Is that bad???

Octavio Dotel played for about half the league.. Including the Jays. 

Bowman tends to be low on the radar partially because of the massive number of parallels and crazy numbering, and partially because I'm not much into prospecting. 
I hadn't seen the 2001 Upper Deck before, but I have to say I do like the design.. I find though that a lot of the designs from the late 90s and early 2000s confuse me.. 

Derek "Operation Shutdown" Bell! 
Dee Gordon as a Dodger!

A couple 1983 Donruss cards. Rather nice cards, I think.. 
I ended up getting three Ryne Sandberg cards from the two repacks I bought. 

I think I've been almost browbeaten into collecting the 1986 Topps, even passively.. 

I like the Franchise History cards like the Cubs one here. 
Marquis Grissom Classic card

Most of the 1990 Fleer I got from this are actually Update. Some of them I even needed..
And more 86.. 
I like the Pro Debut cards here from 1991, though they are confusing since they use the 1992 bordering. 

Ryan Dempster and Erik Bedard make appearances here. 
I thought it was in this one, but maybe it was the other one, but I also had a Bob Walk appearance.. 
I'm sure Bob Walk The Plank would be pleased to know.. 


  1. If you are putting 1987 Topps into a recycling pile, I don't mind taking your recycling. I am not actively working on the set, but wouldn't mind getting further along with it. 1991 score on the other hand is good kindling.

    1. I could probably help you well on the way to finishing that set lol.
      I'll keep them aside for next box I send you.

  2. Not bad. When i buy repacks like this i look at the ones i could send ttm. Ryne Sandberg will sign a card for 5 bucks. That 88 Donruss would look amazing signed. Spike Owen is coaching in the Rangers system i believe. So many others you could send off to make it memorable.

    1. That's certainly an option but one that I'd need help from an American friend to do since I would need US international stamps for the return.