Monday, July 24, 2017

Dollarama Repack The First

Yesterday I finally dragged my carcass out of the house to get some stuff I needed to get. I had to get bubble mailers and some other stuff from the dollar store here. While I was there, I happened to look at the hanging rack that is their card section and lo and behold... BASEBALL!!

I bought two.. 

Here's the first one 

There actually seemed to be a decent range of years in this one. I think the Gott will go into the Pinnacle set. I know I have the Reimer already. 
Maybe the 86s in here are telling me to just collect the set already lol

A couple more that may fit into sets with the Hanson 91 UD and the Huson Score. 
I don't think I have the Felix Jose 91 either, so that might work out.. 
The Grahe card is one of the Pro Debut cards.. They're rather interesting. 

I tend to forget Marquis Grissom was a Brewer. 
I miss those old Marlins uniforms.. I really can't wait until Jeffrey Loria is no longer owner of the Marlins. 

I'll have to go through and actually see how many of these cards will fit into my collections. 
I'm pretty sure the Fletcher Studio will. Not so sure about the 89 Topps and 90 Fleer here. 
As you can see, more 86s... 

There's a few that might fit in here. 
Roger Kieschnick Pro Debut card here
The Sportflix card is Steve Sax. 

The reason I bought this particular pack was the card in the middle here. I knew for a fact I did not have it, so I thought I'd get it. 
Again, a nice mix of years though this from 1984 to 2013.

John Buck was another nice card to find in here, even with that horrid logo on it. 
The other really interesting one here is the Hornsby Gypsy Queen card. 

I can almost guarantee I'll need that Larry Walker. 
The Moreland Diamond King is actually the Leaf version. 
Another Pro Debut card here with Paul Marak. 

The final cards from this pack. 

So that was the first of two repacks I bought at Dollarama. They're 80 cards for $3. I don't think that's too bad, considering what I got out of it. 

Tomorrow will be the second repack


  1. They do seem to be here to stay (yay!). I already have a few stashed away as I bought them in case they disappeared from Dollarama. Especially good for anyone who doesn't have the typical base sets of the late 80s all done yet.

  2. I'm thinking of going to Brookdale Plaza here in town where there's a hair cut place and a Dollarama to get more after getting my hair cut