Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trade Bait: The non-Baseball Stuff

It's another edition of Take My Crap!

This time, it's non-baseball stuff I'm highlighting. 

Football.. These are called Wild Card.. I have no clue why there's numbers on them, what they mean, or anything else about them.. *goes to research*

Ok.. So apparently it was AAA's foray into parallels.. There were different stripes: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 1000. 
Also, from what I read, you could trade in cards to AAA to get different versions. For example, if you wanted a 1000, trade in 1000 points worth of a certain card to get it. You could also trade backwards to get the base set. 

Two more Wild Card, then onto the Hard Court.
I recognize some of these names..
Horace Grant, Jeff Hornacek, John Stockton.. 
I have to say I like that Denver Nuggets uniform..  

More basketball.. This time I only recognize Dennis Rodman. 
The Greg Anthony Front Row is actually a Promo Card.

A little more basketball, including a Raptor. 

Now racing.. Really not interested in these at all. Never have gotten the interest in it.. But then again, if everyone liked the same thing, the world would be boring. :) 

The last three cards.. 

So if you see anything you like, let me know! Comment, E-mail me, send smoke signals.. Whatever you want.

Just please....




Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Big Batch of Jays

I recently got an e-mail from Richard of George "Moon" Gibson saying he was thinning out his collection a little and wanted to send some stuff my way. 

It arrived Monday (while it was a holiday, it wasn't a Federal Holiday, so Federal employees worked) 

Some early Jays, mostly from the Traded sets. 
It's amazing how far the photography has come since 1982-1985. Now you'd never have a player posing on what amounts to a high school field. 

Some early Fleer and later 80s Jays. Again Traded sets for the Topps cards. 

Collector's Choice Expos. 
Love the Walker photo. 
Stadium Club Dave Stewart showing as well. Definitely a Spring Training photo 

Upper Deck Minors. 
Of the ones shown here, only D.J. Boston didn't make the majors. 

More Minor Leagues here, with Chris Weinke not making the Majors here. 
The Vernon Wells is a clear acetate card. 
A Dempster's World Champions Al Leiter. I have a few of them now. 

Now we get into the 2000s. I liked the uniforms shown in these cards. Probably my second favourite uniform after the original/current.

Jason Dubois is an interesting case.. He was drafted by the Jays in the Rule 5 Draft.. Then he was returned. According to the blurb on the card, he was signed by the Jays.
A couple Josh Phelps cards and current Rays manager Kevin Cash. 

A David Wells reprint. The card in hand is odd.. It's glossy and on the card stock used now, making the picture on front look odd. 
Full sized Goudey cards, including an A.J. Burnett showing as a Jay but the card says Yankees. 
Brett Lawrie makes an appearance here as well. 

Studio cards.. I like the earlier sets with the biographical information on them. By 2001, they were going with normal backs with stats and little to no information on the back that made Studio interesting.

The Roy Halladay Opening Day is interesting as well.. I find the red colour border cool. 

More 2000s goodness to go along with the much maligned Triple Play 2013 cards. 
I have to say I like the Hagerstown Suns uniforms with the Jays lettering in the Silva card. 

Most of a page of Doc.. Most of the cards are Upper Deck, though there is a Stadium Club card in there as well. 
Carlos Delgado makes a couple appearances here

Finally, Jose Canseco. The Pacific card is shiny.. Very shiny.. It's almost better in scan because it cuts down on the shiny. 
I like the Glaus and Wells cards there as well.

Thank you Richard for the cards! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Catching Up Part 3: The Sequel

Yesterday was part one of the trade with SaveDaKid. Today is part two.. 

Let's start with some minor leaguers including a young looking Rob Ducey. 

Here are two I got then found out that the Harrisburg Senators was a Pittsburgh affiliate in 1990. SO no, John Wehner was never in the Expos system.. 

Speaking of Pirates, Randy Kramer makes an appearance for the 1990 Fleer set.
Also shown is a downright skinny Cecil Fielder. 

A full page of Expos, including those red uniforms. Overall though, very nice batch.. 

Mark Eichhorn and another Tim Raines. This time from the Superstars set. I like how they made the Superstars sets different from the base set. It really sets them apart.

Finally, some Score to finish. 
Terry Puhl goes directly into the Canadians binder. A Marquis Grissom rookie card is always a nice sight. 

I can't explain why, but I've never really liked Rance Mulliniks. That said, if he's pictured as a Jay, I'll have cards of him. 

I imagine Mauro Gozzo got the nickname Goose because of the similarity to Gossage, but I may be wrong. In any event, the Goose is Loose. 

Rick Leach and Jeff Reed round it out. 

Thanks again, SaveDaKid! 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Catching Up Part 3: Part 1

I recently made a trade with SaveDaKid on the Trading Card Database.. 

Just for the sheer number of cards, I think I may break it into two posts.. 

The first batch will be Donruss. 
We have some 1988 Jays and Expos here to go along with a 1982 Dave Stieb, a 1989 Hubie Brooks and a Fred Lynn Diamond Kings card. 

I have to say I've always loved the Diamond Kings cards. 

More 1988 Donruss including one of the "All Stars" set. The back of that Brooks card is interesting..

Also, some 1990 Donruss for the set.  

It has the team logo and the All Star game logo from 1987 in Oakland. As usual for Donruss, a little blurb on the player. Thankfully it doesn't simply repeat what's on his base card. This actually goes into more depth. 

More 1990 Donruss here, including a McGriff in the middle. 

In a way, I find it fitting that a pitcher has the last name Plunk.. Almost how you don't want a pitcher with the last name Walker to live up to the name, you hope he doesn't plunk too many people.. 

...I'll see myself out... 

Checklists! I remember when I first started collecting I hated getting these things.. I don't think I was alone in that, though there were many who ended up using their checklists. 

We have some Expos and Jays show up here as well, though I'm not sure if they're going in the set or the binders. 

Some more 1990s.. I miss those Astros uniforms, though not as much as the ones from the early 80s. 

Jays, Expos, and a Grand Slammer.

I also got some 1988 Topps for the set, though I think some of the Jays and Expos will be finding the binders.. 
An appearance by Rick Leach and 1985 here as well. I think the 1985 design is underrated. 

The final card today is an annoyed looking Andy McGaffigan. Looking at this card he really looks like Jake Roberts without the long hair. 

I have to say though, I'm not really a fan of the red Expos uniforms. 

Well, that was that. Tomorrow will have the rest of this trade. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Catching Up Part 2

Today is going to cover a trade I made with cabz from the Trading Card Database.

Some of the cards I didn't scan because between the time I agreed to the trade and the time I received the cards, I ended up getting the same cards without really realizing it.. lol 

Some of these are new to me, some of these are seconds I needed to fill other collections. 
The Denis Boucher is a duplicate for me, but it still was a need for the Canadians Binder. Same with the Topps Ducey. 
I hadn't seen the Upper Deck Larry Walker cards before. I really like the photo on the Collector's Choice card 

A Fergie Jenkins Topps Archives card from 2014. Seeing him on a card going to 1989 is a little odd, but Topps is Topps for good and bad..
Terry Puhl was one of the only 1987s I ended up needing, going directly into the Canadians binder. 

A batch of Horizontal cards to finish.
1992 Topps Walker is going to the Expos binder. 
I really like the photo on the Alomar card.. Quite the amount of hang time there. 
On the Borders card, I'm not sure what's going on, maybe brushed back at the plate?
And of course, a smiling Carlos. Only person that could rival the smile was Joe.. 

Tomorrow will cover another trade I made with another member of the Database. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Catching Up Part 1

It's amazing what a few hours of extra sleep will do.. Felling good right now so I decided to put up this post.

In my last post, I mentioned I had a few trades to cover. They will be broken up in a couple posts, plus my going over a 2017 Topps blaster. 

Today I want to show off my COMC order that came in, plus that field picture I teased last time as well..

First card was a 1974 TCMA 1936-1939 Yankees Dynasty George Selkirk. 
Interesting factoid here: He took over Right Field and #3 from Babe Ruth. 

A Double Memorabilia patch card of Fergie Jenkins and Terry Puhl from the 2011 In the Game Canadiana set. I've decided I must collect this set and all inserts now.. lol 

The set itself is interesting with people from all sports and entertainment. For example: There is a double memorabilia card of Pamela Anderson and Trish Stratus. 

I picked up two Jeff Bagwell Gallery of Stars cards. One for the Triple Play set, one for the Diamond Kings collection. The Jack Morris is likely going to the Jays collection (I'll still have to get one more for the DK) and Bobby Bonilla is going to the Diamond Kings collection as well.. 

Terry Puhl Nestle card! 
1973 Reggie Cleveland OPC card. Through this, I found out Reggie likes skin diving.. 
I picked up the 1977 Rookies card with Andre Dawson rather cheaply. It is a little miscut, but for my purposes it's fine. It goes into the Jays binder due to John Scott. 

Aaron MacKenzie. 
He's a couple years younger than me, but I know him from school. 
Really, I knew pretty well everyone from back home at some point or another.
The reason I picked these up is that he's also from Terrace Bay, Ontario. 

Finally, another Jeff Heath. This one is a HRT/RES 1976 reprint of 1942 Play Ball 

Slowly getting some of the older players, even if it's through reprints. 

Now.. The field... 

This week I had a charter for work where I was bringing kids from the school I drive to from their school to the Lakefield Skating Oval. 

This is a shot I took from the roadway. There is a small parking lot there that is full of soft snow, so I didn't bring my bus in there. Over the berm is a speed skating oval. This is all outdoors. And all available to the public to use. 

Just to give more context, here's the truck that does the flooding and plowing of the oval. 

In a way, I feel bad because I should have gone down and gotten a picture of the oval proper, but hindsight is 20/20. 

Just in case you're curious about the oval, here's a link to it.. 

Tomorrow I'll cover one of the trades I made, and Monday will be the other. I have Monday off due to the Family Day holiday so.. :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tired Tired Human..

This is going to be a quick post without cards unfortunately.. 

I have a couple stacks of cards to go through from trades that I need to scan and credit accordingly. This week is just draining me, so I'm not sure when it'll come up.. 

I am still around. Just very tired.. And very busy.. (I even have a picture of a field on my phone to prove it... I'll explain that one later as well.. )

Friday, February 10, 2017

World Baseball Classic

So recently the World Baseball Classic rosters were announced.. 

I want to look at Canada's roster.
Just for information's sake, I am linking the city's website for each hometown.. I may also link a map on the province.. 

There are some known names, but unless you're really into prospecting, it's a Who's Who of WHO???

Without further Ado..

Spent 2016 with the Minnesota Twins

John Axford (Fellow April Fool's Baby!) of Simcoe, Ontario.
He spent the 2016 season in Oakland. 

Kevin Chapman, who is actually US Born, Coral Springs Florida. 
I have a sneaking suspicion that one of his parents is Canadian Born. 

He played 2016 in Fresno and Houston.

Michael Crouse is from New Westminster British Columbia. 

He split 2016 between Lancaster and New Britain of the Atlantic League. 

Shane Dawson is from Drayton Valley Alberta
He spent 2016 with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. 

Kellin Deglan is from Langley British Columbia.

He spent 2016 with the Frisco RoughRiders.

(Now they just need another team in the Texas League called the Rough Riders to mimic the CFL in the 1980s)

Ryan Dempster is from Sechelt, British Columbia

Dempster retired in 2014 and has been working in the Cubs front office. 

Freddie Freeman was born in Fountain Valley, California.

Freeman is an interesting case.. Both his parents are Canadians and as a result, he has Dual Citizenship.. (I guess this means I'm now collecting Freeman... lol)

He played 2016 with the Braves.

Eric Gagne was born in Montreal Quebec.
He played one game in 2016 for the Ottawa Champions.

Jim Henderson was born in Calgary Alberta.
(If I could find it, I'd post a video of Lance Storm saying the city)

In 2016, Henderson pitched for the Mets

George Kottaras is from Scarborough Ontario 

He split 2016 between Sacramento and Gwinnett.

Chris Leroux was born in Montreal Quebec.

He spent 2016 with Buffalo.

Adam Loewen was born in Surrey British Columbia.
Loewen split 2016 between Reno and Arizona.. 
He's also gone back to pitching..

Jonathan Malo was born in Joilette, Quebec

He has spent the last five seasons with Les Capitales de Quebec in the Canadian-American Association

Scott Mathieson was born in Vancouver British Columbia

He spent 2016 with Yomiuri in the Japan Central League

Dustin Molleken was born in Regina Saskatchewan

He split last season between Toledo and Detroit

Justin Morneau was born in New Westminster British Columbia.

He spent 2016 with the Chicago White Sox

Josh Naylor was born in Mississauga Ontario 

In 2016 he split between Greensboro and Lake Elsinore. 

Tyler O'Neill was born in Maple Ridge British Columbia 

He spent 2016 in Jackson. 

Pete Orr was born in Richmond Hill Ontario 

Orr last played in 2015 with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Daniel Pinero was born in Toronto Ontario

He spent 2016 split between the Gulf Coast League Tigers and the Connecticut Tigers. 

Nick Pivetta was born in Victoria British Columbia
He split 2016 between Reading and Lehigh Valley

Dalton Pompey was born in Mississauga Ontario
He split 2016 between Toronto and Buffalo

Scott Richmond was born in Vancouver British Columbia

He last played in 2015 with Wichita of the American Association

Jamie Romak was born in London Ontario

He spent 2016 with Yokohama in the Japan Central League

Rene Tosoni was born in Toronto Ontario
He played with the Sugar Land Skeeters of the Atlantic League in 2016

Rowan Wick was born in North Vancouver British Columbia
He spent 2016 with Springfield of the Texas League

Eric Wood was born in Oshawa Ontario

He spent 2016 with Altoona in the Eastern League..

So.. That is the Canada World Baseball Classic Roster.. 

How many have you heard of?