Friday, February 10, 2017

World Baseball Classic

So recently the World Baseball Classic rosters were announced.. 

I want to look at Canada's roster.
Just for information's sake, I am linking the city's website for each hometown.. I may also link a map on the province.. 

There are some known names, but unless you're really into prospecting, it's a Who's Who of WHO???

Without further Ado..

Spent 2016 with the Minnesota Twins

John Axford (Fellow April Fool's Baby!) of Simcoe, Ontario.
He spent the 2016 season in Oakland. 

Kevin Chapman, who is actually US Born, Coral Springs Florida. 
I have a sneaking suspicion that one of his parents is Canadian Born. 

He played 2016 in Fresno and Houston.

Michael Crouse is from New Westminster British Columbia. 

He split 2016 between Lancaster and New Britain of the Atlantic League. 

Shane Dawson is from Drayton Valley Alberta
He spent 2016 with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. 

Kellin Deglan is from Langley British Columbia.

He spent 2016 with the Frisco RoughRiders.

(Now they just need another team in the Texas League called the Rough Riders to mimic the CFL in the 1980s)

Ryan Dempster is from Sechelt, British Columbia

Dempster retired in 2014 and has been working in the Cubs front office. 

Freddie Freeman was born in Fountain Valley, California.

Freeman is an interesting case.. Both his parents are Canadians and as a result, he has Dual Citizenship.. (I guess this means I'm now collecting Freeman... lol)

He played 2016 with the Braves.

Eric Gagne was born in Montreal Quebec.
He played one game in 2016 for the Ottawa Champions.

Jim Henderson was born in Calgary Alberta.
(If I could find it, I'd post a video of Lance Storm saying the city)

In 2016, Henderson pitched for the Mets

George Kottaras is from Scarborough Ontario 

He split 2016 between Sacramento and Gwinnett.

Chris Leroux was born in Montreal Quebec.

He spent 2016 with Buffalo.

Adam Loewen was born in Surrey British Columbia.
Loewen split 2016 between Reno and Arizona.. 
He's also gone back to pitching..

Jonathan Malo was born in Joilette, Quebec

He has spent the last five seasons with Les Capitales de Quebec in the Canadian-American Association

Scott Mathieson was born in Vancouver British Columbia

He spent 2016 with Yomiuri in the Japan Central League

Dustin Molleken was born in Regina Saskatchewan

He split last season between Toledo and Detroit

Justin Morneau was born in New Westminster British Columbia.

He spent 2016 with the Chicago White Sox

Josh Naylor was born in Mississauga Ontario 

In 2016 he split between Greensboro and Lake Elsinore. 

Tyler O'Neill was born in Maple Ridge British Columbia 

He spent 2016 in Jackson. 

Pete Orr was born in Richmond Hill Ontario 

Orr last played in 2015 with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Daniel Pinero was born in Toronto Ontario

He spent 2016 split between the Gulf Coast League Tigers and the Connecticut Tigers. 

Nick Pivetta was born in Victoria British Columbia
He split 2016 between Reading and Lehigh Valley

Dalton Pompey was born in Mississauga Ontario
He split 2016 between Toronto and Buffalo

Scott Richmond was born in Vancouver British Columbia

He last played in 2015 with Wichita of the American Association

Jamie Romak was born in London Ontario

He spent 2016 with Yokohama in the Japan Central League

Rene Tosoni was born in Toronto Ontario
He played with the Sugar Land Skeeters of the Atlantic League in 2016

Rowan Wick was born in North Vancouver British Columbia
He spent 2016 with Springfield of the Texas League

Eric Wood was born in Oshawa Ontario

He spent 2016 with Altoona in the Eastern League..

So.. That is the Canada World Baseball Classic Roster.. 

How many have you heard of? 


  1. Chris Leroux played several seasons in Pittsburgh. If team Canada could get Jason Bay out of retirement I would probably root for them!

    Eric Wood was in AA for the Pirates last year.

  2. Dalton Pompey was a Lugnut (here in Lansing, MI !), Recognize a couple of the pitchers (why have Dempster and Gagne come out of retirement I'm not sure (Canada pride?))

    1. There were a few people making jokes that Fergie Jenkins was waiting a call..

  3. You guys got Freddie Freeman? Not fair! (Ah, we've got Goldy & Hosmer, I guess we'll be alright)

    I've heard of Loewen, Henderson, Kottaras and Naylor, sort-of familiar with Pompey and Axford, and I'm familiar with Morneau, Dempster, Gagne, and your "ringer" Freddie Freeman :p

    1. Well, both his parents are Canadian and he does have dual citizenship.. So I guess this means I'm now a Freeman collector on a technicality lol

  4. I recognized no one before Ryan Dempster. You weren't kidding! When I'm a bit more in control of my collection, I will put some cards together for you. Do you only need Expos on your list? I know have some from their last few years.

    1. Expos from that time frame would be much appreciated.. Basically anything after the early 90s I'm lacking for both Jays and Expos.

      I know what you mean about trying to get in control of the collection.. I've been sorting mine since Christmas.. I'm into the early 2000s but have lost all motivation to do it lol..

      Well, really with the number of minor leaguers on the list it shows that baseball in Canada is getting better.. At the same time, it would be nice to see a couple more names people recognize on that list lol

    2. I'll set the Expos aside for you. I've hung onto a stack more for nostalgia's sake than anything. Hated to see the Expos go. Other than the Racing Presidents, the Nats don's do much for me.

    3. I hear ya there.. I get angry when MLB selectively uses the Expos history..