Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Catching Up on Trades

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything before today. I haven't been feeling the best for the past couple weeks, so by time I get home I tend to sit and stare for a while before going to bed to do it all over again.. 

I have a couple trades I need to take care of.. 

First is from Peter at Baseball Every Night

He sent me a nice little package that helped cover a few needs. 

I was all over these like a Hawk... *Ba-dum tshhhhhh*

The pleasant surprise was the 84 OPC.. Now I just need to hunt one more down.. 
Some of the other ones fill the team sets nicely. 

More Dawson!
The bottom three cover set needs and, in the case of the Donruss DK, an addition to my DK Collection.
A Leaf card is nice to get, especially when it comes from South of the Border.. 
Finally, Andres Galarraga in those wonderful red uniforms. 

Another Dawson for the 1989 Topps set and a Fred McGriff for the Jays binder.

87s for the Team binders! (Still annoys me that I'm missing what amounts to one card for the completed base set lol) 

More Jays and Expos. 

Another Terry Puhl for the Canadians Binder. 

Derek Bell and Brian Harper DK. Bell goes to the Jays binder, the DK goes to the DK Pile. 

The other one I've received recently is from Brian at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary.

In the first of what sounds like a few envelopes coming my way, A lot ended up being duplicates, but at the same time, I don't mind getting them. 

1992 Donruss Diamond Kings. All were needed for the Set to go along with the 1992 Donruss Base, but I also have a couple that go towards the Diamond King Collection. 

Some of these ones I swear I had at one time or another. The Morris, Erickson, Martinez, and Phillips all look familiar to me. Maybe they were lost in the brick of 1992s I lost back home when they stuck together. 

That Mayberry is beautiful. 

Finally, another few Diamond Kings. The DeShields and the Gruber are going into the respective sets while the Stieb is going to the Jays Binder. 

Thanks again, gentlemen!


  1. Excellent post! Hope that you are feeling better. The cards look much better as scans in your collection than they did as real three-dimensional objects in mine.

  2. I don't think Mcgriff aged during his playing career.

    Hope you are feeling better.