Sunday, February 19, 2017

Catching Up Part 2

Today is going to cover a trade I made with cabz from the Trading Card Database.

Some of the cards I didn't scan because between the time I agreed to the trade and the time I received the cards, I ended up getting the same cards without really realizing it.. lol 

Some of these are new to me, some of these are seconds I needed to fill other collections. 
The Denis Boucher is a duplicate for me, but it still was a need for the Canadians Binder. Same with the Topps Ducey. 
I hadn't seen the Upper Deck Larry Walker cards before. I really like the photo on the Collector's Choice card 

A Fergie Jenkins Topps Archives card from 2014. Seeing him on a card going to 1989 is a little odd, but Topps is Topps for good and bad..
Terry Puhl was one of the only 1987s I ended up needing, going directly into the Canadians binder. 

A batch of Horizontal cards to finish.
1992 Topps Walker is going to the Expos binder. 
I really like the photo on the Alomar card.. Quite the amount of hang time there. 
On the Borders card, I'm not sure what's going on, maybe brushed back at the plate?
And of course, a smiling Carlos. Only person that could rival the smile was Joe.. 

Tomorrow will cover another trade I made with another member of the Database. 


  1. 94 Collector's Choice is fairly underrated as far as photo selection. Lots of nice cards in that set, Walker is one of my faves. I never liked 89 Topps but the Fergie archives is a nice one.

  2. The diving Alomar card is a sweet shot. I've had that happen to me too where I'm expecting something and end up getting it in the meantime. D'oh!

  3. Nice set of cards, and definitely love the Alomar dive!