Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Not Going to Big League Anyone Here

I bought a box of Topps Big League.. With it being $60 CDN I figured I could treat myself a little.

I wasn't sure what to expect with the product, but I actually really like it. To me, it feels like a set from the early 1990s.. 

But why talk about it when I can show it??

Solarte as a Jay.. I believe it's the first card showing him as a Jay.

Russell Martin. Of course, I would need multiple copies of this one. 

Richard Urena.. He had some action with the team last season.. Not really much this year though. 

Hey... I guess I can say I have an Otani rookie now??

More Jays.. Obviously I'll highlight these.. 

There are some legends in the set as well. I wanted to show Wagner.
I also got Koufax, Ryan, Bo Jackson, Ted Williams, Jeff Bagwell

Edwin Encarnacion still looks odd in that uniform. 

James Paxton is a Canadian, therefore I must collect him. 

Some other rookies. 

One of the things I like about this set is the back of the card..

The "Did You Know" facts are rather interesting in some cases. 

How much of a fluke is it to have ALL your shutouts occur at home??

I like the fact they show Thames' stats from Korea here. 

Caricature cards. They're not bad. I think I'd only want the Stroman one. These ones are up for grabs.

Ministers of Mash is another interesting insert. Again, not one I'm planning on pursuing. If you see something of these ones, let me know..

Incidentally, the Cruz scans better than it reads in hand. 

I ended up getting a Black and White parallel card. I'm not planning on going after that set. 
The other eight cards shown... Well... I'm not sure what they're called.. They don't have them on the Trading Card Database. 
Again.. I'm not keeping these ones. 

Ones I AM keeping though, are the Gold parallel.. I actually like the way they look. 
I also happened to get Hank Aaron and George Brett here. 

All in all, I'd like to complete this set. It'll be interesting to see how insane the variations end up going for.. But I'd like to complete both the base and Gold.. 

I'm impressed with this set.. I'd say this is my favourite set of the year. I'm not overly interested in flagship this year. 

And... In the box I received.. I had exactly ONE duplicate.. And it's Stanton.. So if anyone wants it... Let me know. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Another Big Box O' Goodies Post

I wanted to show a little more from the box I got from Jenny... 
As I'm getting this stuff figured out, I'm getting closer to being able to sort things.. 

I really like the look of those Best Gold cards. 
The Maniacally grinning Kawasaki kind of makes this page, I think. 
Tom Henke Rediscover Topps card. These seem to fall into a grey area for cataloguing purposes. Some people decide to put them with the year they originally came out, while some put them with the year they were "rediscovered" in packs. 

One reason I love minor league cards is seeing the uniforms that were used from year to year.. It helps when I decide to get creative and make uniform sets on Out of the Park Baseball. 

Of course, for the most part, this time frame the Jays minor league teams just used the "Blue Jays" name. By 1992-1993, only Knoxville was using a different name in the system. 

Finally, a few Stadium Club cards. I do really like those cards, but at the same time, the only way I can get any of them is through shopping online. 

I have some more to show tomorrow. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Another Weekend Repack Part 2

Today was a very warm day.. I spent it parked in front of my fan, so this is a little later than I wanted it to be.. 

A Lone keeper today. This one will go into the Jays Donruss Binder, since I already have it for the passive set..

A lone Expo as well.. This one actually is a new to me card, so I do need it for my Expos Donruss binder.

As always the traders make up the bulk.. 
I think I've seen that Jay Howell 83 Donruss 6 times from these things already.. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Another Weekend Repack Part 1

We've reached another weekend.. Time for another repack I have sitting around here. 

Here are the keepers.. I'm surprised I didn't have the 1984 Topps Puhl already. I think I have the Nestle and OPC versions before this, so that might be the confusion. 

Another lone Expo.. 

And of course, the traders. 
I must say I love the Marlins uniform shown in the Donruss Barberie card. 

As per usual, there will be another one tomorrow.. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Giant Box o' Stuff

I took part in Jenny Miller's dime sales on Twitter recently.. She then messaged me and made an offer.. She had a bunch of Jays and Expos and was wondering if I wanted them. We worked it out and I got the box yesterday.

I'm going to cover a small part of it today.. Mainly the cards that fit my player collections or my set collections. 

1991 Studio.. I loved the older Studio cards where they gave information not normally found on cards. They also didn't have photos normally on cards. 

Now we get into the player collections. Brett Lawrie is Canadian, so he obviously gets picked up.. 
Trystan Magnuson is also Canadian.
I love stadium cards, and 1994 Score brought them with the team checklists.. 

Jason Bay, Rich Harden, John Axford, Joey Votto, and Russell Martin. 

I love seeing cards I don't necessarily get to see.. 

I'm hoping to buckle down on sorting soon.. I need to crack the whip on myself in that regard. 

Thanks Jenny!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Weekend Repack Part 2

Yesterday I showed the first half of the Dollarama Repack I bought a few weeks ago.. Today is the other half of it. 

These are the cards filing into sets. I find it funny these are all sets I'm passively collecting. 

A lonely Expo today.. 

The Steve Wilson I already have, otherwise it'd go into the Canadians binder. About the only other reason I'd keep it is if I knew he was a good signer through the mail.. And I got American stamps.. (When I have a little money again, I'll get a hold of one of the people who offered to help me out in that respect)

The last four pictures are all traders, as usual.. If there's something you need/want, let me know.. 

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Repack Weekend Part 1

Before the school year ended I bought a few repacks from Dollarama. They've been sitting in the bag since, partially because I haven't felt like writing.. Partially because it's been one of the circles of Hades out temperature wise recently. 

I'm going to borrow an idea from another Canadian blogger, CrazieJoe, and look at half the repack today and the other half tomorrow..

These are ones that fit into my sets. The 1987 Donruss and 2007 UD are ones I'm passively collecting. UD especially, with it being a 1000+ card monstrosity. 
The Matt Albers is one simply because I like minor league cards. Any minor league cards..

Expos for the project.. I have both of them already for the binder, so they go into the Project box right away.. Though right now the project box is just all Expos I've received lately. 

These are all the traders. If you see anything you want, let me know... 

Tomorrow we'll take a look at the other half..