Friday, October 19, 2018

Two Days in A Row...

I think right now sitting down and doing these might be better for my sanity (or what's left of it) than sitting doing nothing.. So here's another one..

I made a purchase from Jenny Miller on Twitter recently. I received them yesterday. A nice mix of cards I bought and some Expos for my project.

1978 Topps team cards.. Putting a small dent into the want list for that set. For some reason, I think the Jays one is a duplicate. I think I have two already, but I'm sure I know someone who may want it if that's the case. 
Mike Soroka is a Canadian, so he fits into my collection scope. 
Dalton Pompey may be on his way out in Toronto. There were some issues with him in Buffalo this season. 
Finally, everyone's favourite punching bag this year, Roberto Osuna. 

More purchases. Kevin Pillar and Aaron Sanchez Bowman cards. Another couple Pompey cards. 
I had to jump at the two Expos on the bottom row. Felipe Alou as a player and Mack Jones from 1971. 

Expos! Glorious Expos! Some Larry Walker cards to see if they go in the Expos binder or in the Canadians Binder. 
That Wallach Upper Deck card has a bit of a story to it for me.. 
When I was in High School, I took art through most of it. My Grade 13 art class had us doing six major projects. We had to do different things, so as to not do the same thing over and over. One of the things I did was a scuplture. I did it of Wallach in that pose. 

Thank you Jenny! She's already working on something else for me for my Expos project. Looking forward to it!


  1. Love seeing all those '78 Topps team cards in one place.

  2. That 78 Seattle Mariners team card with the Kingdome in the background is fantastic!