Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Big Box Trade

I had received a trade request from Dsorek on the Trading Card Database. 

I had a short print card he wanted, and was willing to give me everything he had that I had on my trade list for it.. (Maybe it was an SSP, I don't know.. I don't follow those things) 

I received the package a while ago, but well.. We know what's been going on, so I finally decided to start looking at it today..

A 1978 for the birth year set.
Kirk McCaskill as a member of the Redwood Pioneers. 
Some Expos, another McCaskill and some 1989 Topps so far. 

Bowman.. Back before they went Ultra Gimmicky. Probably the only Bowman set I'll try to complete.. 

Some 1990 Fleer and Score as well. 
There's something I like about the 1990 Fleer. Some people may say it's bland, but it's really nice to me. 

1990 Score was a set I went back and forth on for a while before deciding I'd do it

Some 1990 Topps as well. I still have more in the stack I received (about 400 cards) Including the original Bowman gimmick when they relaunched.. 

I'm rather impressed with myself that this is three in a row after close to a month away.. 


  1. Okay - just out of curiosity, because it looks well worth the trade, and I know Dsorek is a great trade partner - what was the short print, or super short print card? No worries if you don't want to say, just it was so alluded too, I wanted to ask.

    Nice pick ups - every month or so, I need to just get into a habit of checking if I have anything you need - seems there is a good PWE or two a month I should be sending your way (like some 1990 Score).

  2. Hey Mike, haven't seen you around the blogs in a while. Hope everything is ok. I was looking forward to your Sports Card Tour Canada posts, lol.

    1. I'm working on getting my head in a better space.
      I am working on something though. Lol