Monday, February 27, 2023

So Many Clever Puns

Today I want to show some cards I received in a trade from a member on TCDB from Israel. 

Originally, I was just going to show some Shawn Green cards and title this "It's not Easy Being (Shawn) Green"

Then I decided to show a few Jason Bay cards that were in the pile as well.. So then I was going to go with a Green Bay pun... But then I didn't want to be accused of clickbait when there were no Packers to be found.. 

Instead, I just leave the Puns for in here.. Anyway..

These uniforms are my second favourite ones of the Jays.. The current/Original are first.. The Angry Birds uniforms are my least facourite.. 

I guess I could make a Pirates Bay pun too, but I don't really want to do that either.. 
Anyway, Bay started as an Expo, as a minor leaguer was traded to the Mets for Lou Collier.. Then traded to the Padres.. Then the Pirates.. Then the Red Sox.. 
Honestly, I would have liked to have seen Bay in the outfield in Montreal.. He likely would have been better than Collier. 

I have more cards that I want to show from the trade, which will show up on this blog sometime over the course of the week.


Saturday, February 25, 2023

Signature Saturdays

 Today's Signature Saturday card is a "He was in the Jays system? Really???"

Joe Musgrove.. According to his transactions sheet on Baseball Reference, he was drafted by the Jays out of HS, then traded to Houston as part of the deal that got the Jays JA Happ.. 
I also have to say I was never a fan of the Playoff cards.I don't know what it was about them, but I can't get myself to enjoy them.. Same with Pacific... 
Anyway... I figured I'd get this out in the interwebs before I fall asleep again,.. 

Thursday, February 23, 2023

A New Stadium Card

 I received a card in the mail today that I'm rather happy to receive. 

I took part in a stack sale by custom card creator Roselle Avenue. There were a couple stadium cards but when I got to them, only one was remaining. So I grabbed it.

It's of Forbes Field. I know a lot of custom creators like to make cards of players to fill voids by Topps. I'd love to make a series of stadium cards. 
I've already talked about getting an Exhibition Stadium Opening Day 1977 done.. My next thought is a Jarry Park card. Eventually, I'd love to be able to get/create as many stadium cards as possible. 

I think the only thing I'd do differently is this..

I'd want to put some info on the back like teams, World Series, All Star Games, and any little quirks. 
Still, I'm very happy with this card. 

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Signature Saturdays

It's a Saturday. Time for another autograph from my collection. 

It's funny.. At one point I never thought I'd have autographed cards to show off.. Now here I am. 



Ken Singleton!
He played for the Expos from 1972-1974, then joined the Orioles. 
We all know him now more for broadcasting on Yankees games, but he was also a presence on TSN in Canada, calling games for the Jays in 1985-1986 and Expos from 1987-1996.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Signature Saturdays

 Saturday... In my place... I think it was Febraury 11...

Time for another Signature Saturday Post! 

This one is a little more well-known. He actually played in the Majors.. 

Claudio Vargas.. Isn't that a nice signature? 
He played for Montreal, Washington, Arizona, Milwaukee, New York Mets, And the Dodgers. 

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Signature Saturdays

 It's Saturday. 

Feeling a little off today but I'm going to get this out and probably go back to bed. 

Francisco Rios. I don't recall how I got this card, likely though a member of the Team Collectors group I'm in. I don't actively hunt for newer Bowman. 

So Rios hasn't sniffed the Majors. Highest he got was Buffalo. He left the Jays organization in 2019 and has been playing in the Mexican Winter Leagues and Independent Mexican Leagues since. 

Friday, February 3, 2023

Provigo Expos

 This is honestly kind of a lazy post. 

I wanted to show something I got in the mail recently, but I also didn't want to scan or download each image from it, so it's kind of a fanned mess. 

I received a full set of the 1986 Provigo Expos Panels from Angus at Dawg Day Cards. He also sent some more Expos Panini stickers from the 90s. 

I'm keeping the panels together, but I also kind of want to get the set separated so I can binder them. Though I guess I could get binder sheets for these as well. 

Each panel has two cards and a promotional plug. Between ads for products like Frozen Fruit Bars, Peanut Butter, Hygrade meat sticks, Hostess chips, Rougemont Apple juice, Catelli pasta, Maple Leaf weiners, Ultramar/Gulf, Heinz, and Javex.. There's also a coupon for $1 off the price of a 1986 regular season ticket and a contest for $100000 sponsored by Scott Towels.. 

I wanted to show these for another reason as well.. I've been looking at trying my hand at creating a custom card or two.. The design I think would be easy to replicate and would fit my purposes. If I get past the yapping and get to the creating, I'll keep this place updated on the progress. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Hall of Fame Inductee Day

 Today we found out the newest inductees to the Hall of Fame... 

What? We had that last week or a couple weeks ago? 

Aye, laddie... But this is the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.. 

Hall of Fame Inductee News

There are four inductees this year. Jesse Barfield, Rich Harden, Denis Boucher, and Joe Wiwchar. 

Induction into the Canadian Hall is slightly different than the one in Cooperstown. Inductees must be from Canada, or have made a significant contribution to baseball in Canada. There are many people, such as Joe Wiwchar, who are in that work on the amateur level to grow the game in their area. 

To go along with these inductees, John Olerud and Jaques Doucet are also being inducted from 2020. 

Jesse was drafted by the Jays in 1977. He made the jump to the majors in 1981. 
In 1985, he joined Willie Mays as the only players to have 20 HR, 20 SB, and 20 Outfield Assists. His 2 assists remains a Jays' record. 
He also spent some time with the Yankees..

Signed by the Jays in 1987 as an amateur free agent. (At the time, Canada was not part of the amateur draft like it is now) 
He made his MLB debut for the Jays in 1991, pitching for them until he was traded with Mark Whiten and Glenallen Hill to Cleveland for Tom Candiotti. 
In 1993 he was dealt to Montreal and made history as part of an all-Canadian battery with Joe Siddall. 
After his playing days he's been coaching at the National level, for team Canada both in international competition and in the WBC. 

He was originally drafted by the Mariners in 1999, but decided not to sign. He signed with the Athletics after they drafted him in 2000. 
He made his debut in 2003 and pitched until 2011 with the A's, Cubs, and Rangers. 

Joe Wiwchar

Joe made his mark in Manitoba as a player, coach, and administrator. He lead teams to provincial championships and medals at Canada Summer Games. 
He was part of a committee that founded the Manitoba Baseball Association in 1968. He was also a Baseball Canada executive in 1974-1975 and lead a group of five children to the World Childrens Baseball Fair in Japan. 

Most of the information here is from the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame website. 
Check it out.. I put a link up top.