Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Part Four

 Today is a little weird in timing. I haven't been feeling the best because I've barely eaten in the last 5 days. Tomorrow I get my pittance from ODSP to not make it through September. 

Anyway.. CARDS

83 Stuart Bakery and a Don Sutton 83 OPC. 
It's funny... I was flipping back and forth on whether or not I wanted to collect the 83 Topps.. I have the Gwynn... But I feel the OPC build would be better..

Some more 83 Stuarts. And we also make it into the Bowman. 1990.. 

Aren't they.. So wonderfully meh?
I just like the set I guess... Bowman before you needed a PhD to figure out where what card goes..

The last batch is just Bowman.

Monday, August 29, 2022

The Third Batch

 Today is the third batch of 24 from Bruno. 

As was common with OPC, we have some transaction footnotes on the front of the cards. 
Wayne Twitchell signed with the Mets as a Free Agent, and Sam Mejias was traded to the Cubs. Both still decked out in the glorious bleu, blanc, et rouge. 

Is it just me, or are Garman's and Rogers' photos from the Vet?

This time we have another transaction footnote, this time incoming.. 
In fact, it's an Incoming Spaceman! From Boston! 

Any time you get a Gary Carter in an Expos uni is a good day

The Super Vet cards are an interesting concept that aren't explored often enough. I guess it's due to the fact there aren't guys sticking around for 20 seasons anymore like before. 
I'm not a fan of the multi-player then and now style cards Topps put out in the last couple decades. 

Here we have some cards for my 83 OPC build. I'm almost enjoying putting together the 80s OPC sets more than I did any of the Topps sets I've gotten completed from this time frame. 

Anyway, next time is more 83s both OPC and an oddball. Plus some Bowman

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Signature Saturday

 Another Saturday is upon us. This one is a little different 

Pulled out of a pack, not really interested in keeping it. 

If someone wants it, let me know.. 

Monday, August 22, 2022

The Second Batch

Another day, another 24 cards. 

A nice series of Expos here. 
Still trying to get the hang of the scanner app on my phone. I hope to get a monitor for my other computer that I want to set up in the card room.. Hook my printer up to it and hope it works.. 


Sunday, August 21, 2022

The String of Bruno

Today I start a string of posts about cards I got from TCDB member sandyrusty, AKA Bruno. I will admit there is going to be a lot of "sameness" in the posts, if only because I'm going to show 24 cards at a time.. 

So we start with some 1976 OPC cards.. A couple Expos in Barry Foote and Jim Dwyer, and John Balaz. Balaz is Canadian, so he fits my collection.. 
The rest of this post shows 1977 OPC.. 

I can't recall if the 1977 Topps Carter has his position at C-OF or not. I do remember the different photo. 

I apologize for some of the cropping. Scanner app on my phone.. 
I like the coach card in the last batch of cards here. 

Tomorrow will show another 24 cards from the stack


Saturday, August 20, 2022

Signature Saturdays

 I decided to start something new on the blog. 

As the name suggests, Saturdays I'll show a card I have that's autographed. It could be a pulled card by one of the companies, or a card that was TTM'd Any TTM'd cards I have either came in trades or purchased from firstrow.ca

So the inagural Signature Saturday is a guy who's now getting Rowdy with the Milwaukee Brewers..

I still think his walkup music should be the old Road Dogg/KKwik theme.. 

Anyway. That's it for today.. I have a large envelope received in a TCDB trade, so I might show a few a day from it for the next little bit

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Checking Out Some Cards Part 2

 Here are the rest of the cards I got from my COMC order. 

I've wanted a Stieb auto for a while. I now have one. 
Nickie Fox was a member of the AAGPBL and is Canadian. There were a number of Canadian women who played in the league. Almost a sub-collection in my collection.. 

A couple Steve Rogers cards, a Tip O'Neill Obak card the Walker which is a special offer claim card. 
Send 5 of the claim cards and $20 to get a 25 card jumbo factory set. 

Three more of those Super 70s cards, with Raines, Dawson, and McGriff. Also, a Paul Spoljaric auto.

The Leaf autograph sets were really ahead of their time. 
Matt Stairs and Paul Quantrill add to my Canadians 

The signature looks better in hand than it does in this scan. But Justin Morneau is another addition.

Finally a two-fer. 
SP Dual Signatures of Michael Saunders and Brett Lawrie. I would have liked actual pictures of the players to go along with the sigs, but whatever..
Also, I had to add another Charlie Simmer autograph to the collection. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Checking Out some Cards

 So a while back I got a shipment request put in at COMC. It will be broken into two posts. 

A couple cards of Bo Naylor. 

I covered Pearson's contributions to Canadian sport previously. Here we have an Upper Deck Masterpieces card and a 1953 Topps Look N See card of Pearson. Something different for the Canadians binder.

The other Naylor. Josh, now playing for Cleveland as well.. 

Autos of both of them as well. This fits nicely into my want to get an autograph of as many Canadian born players as possible. 

I fell down the Gary Carter Expos rabbit hole after finding the Super 70s card 

A couple Fergie cards.. Can never have enough Fergie in the collection

Reggie Cleveland. Is it me, or does the Keebler card look like he either is practicing his Jack Nicholson impression, or just pooped in someone's shoe? 

Two of the four cards from the Ted Williams set in 1994. I have a small stack of one of the cards.. I haven't come across the fourth, which has him as a member of the Albany Polecats. 

A couple Minor League Duceys

Part of why I need to reorganize and recatalogue my collection.. I may or may not have duplicates of a couple of these..

Believe it or not, this card has been eluding me for a while. I have it now!!

Next post will be more from my COMC order, including more Canadian autographs..