Thursday, August 11, 2022

Checking Out Some Cards Part 2

 Here are the rest of the cards I got from my COMC order. 

I've wanted a Stieb auto for a while. I now have one. 
Nickie Fox was a member of the AAGPBL and is Canadian. There were a number of Canadian women who played in the league. Almost a sub-collection in my collection.. 

A couple Steve Rogers cards, a Tip O'Neill Obak card the Walker which is a special offer claim card. 
Send 5 of the claim cards and $20 to get a 25 card jumbo factory set. 

Three more of those Super 70s cards, with Raines, Dawson, and McGriff. Also, a Paul Spoljaric auto.

The Leaf autograph sets were really ahead of their time. 
Matt Stairs and Paul Quantrill add to my Canadians 

The signature looks better in hand than it does in this scan. But Justin Morneau is another addition.

Finally a two-fer. 
SP Dual Signatures of Michael Saunders and Brett Lawrie. I would have liked actual pictures of the players to go along with the sigs, but whatever..
Also, I had to add another Charlie Simmer autograph to the collection. 


  1. If you're gonna get a Dave Stieb auto, that's the one to get!

  2. I realize that 2012 SP Signatures was a way to quickly dump a bunch of their stickers, but they really dropped the ball by not including photos. Truly one of the worst executed card products of all-time. On the other hand... the 1996 Leaf Signature and yearly Archives Fan Favorites autographs are fantastic.

    1. I knew I needed the Stieb as soon as I saw it..
      Just thinking about it, the 2012 SP Signatures cards look like something that someone could have made in their basement. Actually, maybe a little worse than that... Something *I* would make.. I'm not very good at card design lol

  3. Hey Mike! Feels like I've seen these cards before. Hope you're doing well. Mayne we can work out a trade and give me an excuse to come to Pdot