Monday, August 29, 2022

The Third Batch

 Today is the third batch of 24 from Bruno. 

As was common with OPC, we have some transaction footnotes on the front of the cards. 
Wayne Twitchell signed with the Mets as a Free Agent, and Sam Mejias was traded to the Cubs. Both still decked out in the glorious bleu, blanc, et rouge. 

Is it just me, or are Garman's and Rogers' photos from the Vet?

This time we have another transaction footnote, this time incoming.. 
In fact, it's an Incoming Spaceman! From Boston! 

Any time you get a Gary Carter in an Expos uni is a good day

The Super Vet cards are an interesting concept that aren't explored often enough. I guess it's due to the fact there aren't guys sticking around for 20 seasons anymore like before. 
I'm not a fan of the multi-player then and now style cards Topps put out in the last couple decades. 

Here we have some cards for my 83 OPC build. I'm almost enjoying putting together the 80s OPC sets more than I did any of the Topps sets I've gotten completed from this time frame. 

Anyway, next time is more 83s both OPC and an oddball. Plus some Bowman


  1. The Sam Mejias card has officially been thrown in my online cart!

  2. Being Canadian, one would think that building the OPC sets would be more enjoyable for you. They're like your cardboard kin :)

    1. OPC was hard to find aside from hockey when I got into collecting..