Sunday, August 21, 2022

The String of Bruno

Today I start a string of posts about cards I got from TCDB member sandyrusty, AKA Bruno. I will admit there is going to be a lot of "sameness" in the posts, if only because I'm going to show 24 cards at a time.. 

So we start with some 1976 OPC cards.. A couple Expos in Barry Foote and Jim Dwyer, and John Balaz. Balaz is Canadian, so he fits my collection.. 
The rest of this post shows 1977 OPC.. 

I can't recall if the 1977 Topps Carter has his position at C-OF or not. I do remember the different photo. 

I apologize for some of the cropping. Scanner app on my phone.. 
I like the coach card in the last batch of cards here. 

Tomorrow will show another 24 cards from the stack



  1. Are these for sets, or are they part of your one million Expos goal?

    1. They're for team sets, which I could towards the Million Expos.. I'm also thinking of completing the 78 OPC set since I did 78T.. I also count any Expos in sets and in my Canadians collection as part of my Million Expos project. I did have a spreadsheet going for a while but I need to remake it and get completely reorganized..

    2. Is your list on tcdb for 78 opc? I have a local store with a few for sale...

    3. Yeah I updated my list on TCDB to include 78 OPC