Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Part Four

 Today is a little weird in timing. I haven't been feeling the best because I've barely eaten in the last 5 days. Tomorrow I get my pittance from ODSP to not make it through September. 

Anyway.. CARDS

83 Stuart Bakery and a Don Sutton 83 OPC. 
It's funny... I was flipping back and forth on whether or not I wanted to collect the 83 Topps.. I have the Gwynn... But I feel the OPC build would be better..

Some more 83 Stuarts. And we also make it into the Bowman. 1990.. 

Aren't they.. So wonderfully meh?
I just like the set I guess... Bowman before you needed a PhD to figure out where what card goes..

The last batch is just Bowman.


  1. Does everyone get the same amount each month, or is it based on age, ailments, etc.?

    1. It's based on need and income. The max in my case is $1169. I have no dependents and no income, so I'm at the ceiling. $497 is given for shelter. When I was renting my room at my old place, it was $400, so that's what I got.. Where I currently live is $795. So the $497 goes to my landlord, and I have a supplement pay the rest. If not, the remainder would come from the $672 I have left over for the month.
      You are able to work, and they give you an income cushion of $200/month. After that, they claw back using a formula, eventually getting to dollar-to-dollar.