Thursday, September 1, 2022

Almost Completed Set

 So as mentioned in my last post, I have a final batch of cards I received from Bruno to show. However, since they're all part of the set I want to talk about, this works out perfectly. 

I'm trying to finish 1990 Bowman. I am now ten cards from completion. 

Aren't they lovely? 

Anyway. The ten I need to finish the set, plus one error that got corrected to finish the "Master" set...

251 David Segui where bio line is missing
432 Dave Winfield
439 Bernie Williams
441 Mike Blowers
457 Rickey Henderson
475 Pete O'Brien
478 Harold Reynolds
480 Darnell Coles
481 Ken Griffey Jr
484 Tino Martinez
486 Nolan Ryan

Some of these I get.. I still admit even 30 years later, to never hearing Darnell Coles' name until he became a Jay in 1993 and I barely remember him then.. 
Anyway.. If you have any of these, maybe we can work something out.. I'd love to finish this set..


  1. I just found a pile of this set that I need to sort through. Ill hopefully do that today, and If I have any of your needs, they are yours!

  2. Hopefully some generous soul out there will be able to help you finish your set.