Saturday, September 3, 2022

Signature Saturday

 Welcome to another Signature Saturday.. 

Gorman Thomas is on its way to a new home. Thank you Elliptical Man for getting in touch with me and working something out. I sent the card out today. 

Today's card is from a short-lived career.

Peter Hoy played 5 games for the Red Sox in 1992. (Can you imagine a guy getting a card for that number of games now?) 
He is the head baseball coach at St Lawrence University in Canton, NY. 


  1. I know St. Lawrence University well. We've interviewed Peter Hoy for newspaper stories several times.

  2. Card sets would be much more interesting if guys like him still had cards in them.

    1. I agree.. I'd much rather see guys like Hoy in a set than a third or fourth Tatis Jr card..