Sunday, May 30, 2021

Blog Bat Around: Alphabetical Favourites

 I'm still in the hospital, but this is something I can take care of from my room. I've read the latest blog bat around and figured I'd take part. For the most part it's limited to guys I saw play. There are a couple that were before my time as a fan, but I'll explain why they're there 

Without further ado... 

A: Roberto Alomar

1992 Donruss McDonalds MVP

Given the recent troubles he's had this is a controversial choice. I'm basing this solely on his playing days. Otherwise, he would not be here. 

B: Craig Biggio

1993 Upper Deck

Biggio was one of those scrappy players who could play multiple positions. He made himself into a Hall of Famer and besides, I love those Astros uniforms

C: Joe Carter

1996 Collector's Choice

This photo was taken after he hit the homerun to end the 1993 Series. In interviews I've watched with him he's down to earth and likes giving back to the community. 

D: Carlos Delgado

1993 Upper Deck

Yes, there will be many Jays on this list. I do not apologize for that. Delgado slugged his way into our hearts and minds. Started as a Catcher, tried in Left Field, and stuck at First Base. 

E: Mark Eichhorn

1987 Donruss

I admit, this one is solely on his delivery. Love the sidearm sweep of his pitches. 

F: Cecil Fielder

1991 Score

He started as a Jay, but really hit his stride as a Tiger. Hated seeing him come up against the Jays, but his homers were something to watch. 

G: Vladimir Guerrero


Vlad Sr takes the spot here. He was fun to watch and really looked good in those Expos unis. 

H: Roy Halladay

Upper Deck

Well, another Hall of Famer here in Doc. One of the best pitchers in Jays history. 

I: Jeff Innis
1992 Upper Deck

I have a thing for sidearm pitchers. I didn't get to see Innis pitch often, but I love this picture and really, his name is fun to say..

J: Fergie Jenkins
Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

Fergie was before my time as a fan. I did see a documentary put out by the National Film Board of Canada called King of the Hill.. It's on Youtube
The first Canadian born HOFer has to have a spot here.. 

K: Darryl Kile
1992 Pinnacle

Darryl Kile, if I'm not mistaken, had one hell of a curveball. Plus, those Astros unis again!

L: Adam Lind
2007 Topps

Lind is one of those weird choices. Kind of a favourite by default. 

M: Greg Maddux
1990 Score

I may not have been a fan of some of the teams he played for *cough* Atlanta *cough cough* but he was one of the best pitchers of the last 30 years.

N: Chris Nabholz
1991 Score

Nabholz is another favourite by default I think. 

O: John Olerud
1990 Score

1993 was a fun year to be a Jays fan. Making a run at consecutive World Series appearances, John Olerud flirting with .400 
Plus, look at this card from 1990.. Has him listed as an OF/P but playing 1B

P: James Paxton
2018 Big League

Big Maple. Threw a no-hitter against the Jays. First Canadian to throw a no-hitter on Canadian soil. 

Q: Paul Quantrill
1996 Fleer

Another Canadian. Did pretty well for the Jays

R: Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan was always fun to watch. I modeled my pitching windup after his. And of course, those Astros uniforms..

S: Ozzie Smith
1992 Donruss McDonalds MVP

The Wizard was a joy to watch. 

T: Frank Tanana
1991 Ultra

I just like saying his name, or changing it to Tanana Banana...

U: Ugueth Urbina

He's here by default. Expo. Not a fan of the off field stuff. 

V: Joey Votto
2005 Opening Day

Another guy who's fun to watch. Would like to see him in a Jays uni before he's done, but I don't think that will happen.

W: Larry Walker
1991 Score

The Second Canadian into the HOF. Great hitter, great fielder.. and just think.. He could have been a goalie had things worked out differently for him...

Y: Rich Yett
1990 Topps

He's here for his name.. Plain and simple.. 

Z: Gregg Zaun

2007 Topps

The baseball Don Cherry for a while. Outlandish suits on Jays pre and post game shows until his behaviour caught up with him..
In Toronto he was fairly popular when he was playing. He had a section of fans called the Zaunbies. 

So what say you? Who are your favourites?