Monday, December 31, 2018

New Years Eve.. Time to Show More Cards

Well, it's the last day of 2018. Generally this day bothers me. I'm oddly in good spirits today though. 
I think it's because I'm starting to get back to something close to "Normal" 
(Those that know me know why I put quotes around normal)

So what better way to end the year than by posting my second post in two days?
This one is from Nick, who goes by @vossbrink on Twitter

There was a nice chunk of them here.. I think it takes a nice number off the want list for this set. 

I didn't realize Jamie Quirk was around in 1978. I know he was in the majors in 1991/1992.. I may need to look at his career more.. 

A couple Expos here as well. 

Some 86s to get a nice chunk out of that set. 

Finally, some random Jays and Expos

Some stickers and Cracker Jack Minis. There was a stack of the micros as well, but I'm not scanning them.. 

Finally, the giant Donruss cards from 1983. Gary Carter and Dave Stieb. Plus an Expos hologram. 

Thank you for the cards, Nick!! 

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Secret Santa and an Update

First, the update...

I apologize for not writing anything for over a month here. I've been dealing with both mental and physical health issues, plus my computer died in there for good measure.. Things are improving though so.. 

I spent a week in the hospital at the start of the month with cellulitis in my leg. Basically it's a staph infection in the leg that causes swelling, fluid pockets to form, and is generally painful. I'm still getting my leg wrapped at the end of the month, and may be for a couple weeks more. 

Also, I've been dealing with depression. My friends on here know it's a constant struggle for me, but in general the last two months haven't been very fun. 

Anyway... Onto more fun Card based stuff!

So my Secret Santa was The Lost Collector. There were a couple stacks of cards, but a post-it note told me this was the "real" present. 

Autograph cards of Tim Raines and Richard Urena!
That Raines is beautiful. 

A Jose Reyes Graded 10. Very nice. 

I've never seen these Online cards before. Rather interesting, I think.. 

The Tony Batista is a serial numbered card 41/50

All in all some very nice Jays cards... But.. That's not all... 

Milton Bradley... Is that an autographed card?? It looks like it might be.. 

More Online cards. 

Gary Carter is always nice to get. As is the Jim Fanning.. Of course, in the OPC version, it mentions his move to the front office. 

All in all a wonderful parcel from AJ. 

Thank you for the wonderful gift!