Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Talkin' Trades

I received a trade in the mail with TCDB member nozzelmaster

But it does cover a lot of my wants.. 

Some Canadians here with Jason Bay, Joey Votto, and Larry Walker. Some Expos with Vlad.. And some Jays. 

More Canadians with Cormier and Paxton. (The only way a Yankee will enter my collection) 
On one hand, I miss Kevin Pillar's catches in Centre.. On the other, I know why the Jays traded him. 
It's kind of odd seeing Pat Hentgen with a fu manchu. 

Jason Dickson. I don't get many of his cards. Nice to get one. 

The 1994 Score team checklists were nice because they showed the stadiums. So because of that, I must collect them.. 

Not shown: The 1996 Score Expos checklist. 

Thank you for the trade!!

Monday, August 19, 2019

A Check Out My Cards Order

I did a thing.. I bought some cards.. 

I was going through some of my want lists and found there were a couple I was close to finishing, so I thought why not see if I can get them on COMC when they had their last sale?

A lot of Expos here. The 1981 needs are done now, with these Expos and Dave McKay safely in my collection. 

The nicest one though is that 1949 Bowman Phil Marchildon. He was born in Penetanguishene, Ontario. He played the majority of his career for the Philadelphia A's. 

1995 Stadium Club Members Only.. I have the set, but I wanted seconds for the binder. I actually got two of the Walker. 
I really like the All Time Fan Favorites sets.. I wish this was more of what Archives/Heritage is. Guys who don't normally get cards after their retirement. Though Fergie does show up fairly often in sets now.. 

The final is a Goodwin Champions Tip O'Neill. 
He was born in 1860 in Springfield, ON. 
He had a number of records that are honestly overlooked now because of the era he played. He had a .492 average in 1887 (adjusted to .435, since that year walks counted as hits) 

He was one of the first inductees into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. They also present an award with O'Neill's name to the best Canadian baseball player. 

Interestingly.. One time US Speaker of the House Thomas O'Neill was given the nickname Tip as a kid for the baseball player. 

Anyway, that's enough of me rambling. That was my purchase. 

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Another Team Collectors Box

Friday I also received a box from Team Collectors member Dodgers Dennis. 

There was a nice amount of Jays in there

There are some nice ones here.. I didn't have the Alex Sanchez card. Or the Fernandez. The McGriff and Gruber were the no copyright versions. 

I loved the early Studio sets. I have the 1993 set and am working on the first two. 

Some Bowman Jays. 

Score and Leaf cards I didn't have. 

The Stroman is the Sepia Refractor version, I believe. A nice addition to my Jays cards for sure.. 

Thank you!!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

TCDB Trade

I received a trade offer from MasterofPuppets recently, and decided to accept. 

I got the cards in the mail yesterday. I want to show what I received. 

Another Donruss 1993 Expos Anniversary card. I needed a second copy for my Canadians binder. 
Vladimir Guerrero is another addition to my Expos. 
We have a bunch of Big League Needs here too.. 

I kind of like the cards like Bernie's Dugout and the Kauffman fountains. 

Thank you MasterofPuppets! I hope we can trade again!

Friday, August 16, 2019

And Now The Jays

Now I'm going to show the Jays from the PromodelTodd box. 

Starting all the way back in 1979. It's a buyback Topps put out in the 2014 set. 
I love minor league cards and we have a few here with Glenallen Hill, Steve Karsay, Shawn Green, and Alex Gonzalez. 
The Gonzalez is kind of interesting. For the longest time, aside from the Syracuse Chiefs, Jays minor league teams just used the Blue Jays name. 
When they had a team in Myrtle Beach, they went by both Blue Jays and Hurricanes. 

Some 1993 Leaf I didn't have.. The Carpenter Classic card I knew was a Four Sport after finding out the Schwab card I had was the same thing.. 

The Metal Universe cards were interesting, but at the same time, I never got the point of. That said, these slide into the collection nicely. 

More Metal cards here. 
Orlando Merced pictured as a Pirate, but catalogued as a Jay.. This was after the trade over. 

I still love Diamond Kings cards, even though I decided not to collect them aside from what fits. 
It's odd seeing Greg Myers in the late 90s uniforms. 

Here we're into modern cards. Francisco Rios auto. Angel Perdomo Silver card. 
I love that Olerud Archives card.. 
Russell Martin from the Living Set. I was wondering if I'd ever see one of these. 
Granderson in Topps Now. Again, cards I was never sure I'd see.. I'm not really interested in paying what amounts to $20 USD for a card.. 

Some 2019 On Demand stuff here. The Fred McGriff is a Throwback Thursday card. 
The Tellez and Jansen with the funky backgrounds are the Rookie Progression cards. 
Bichette is showing a 55 Bowman inspired design. 
Finally, a couple Topps Total cards. Javy Guerrera and Rowdy Tellez. The Tellez card hasn't been added to the Trading Card Database yet, so I can't add either of them to the collection. 
I wonder if the auto card will be shown as a part of the base, or if they'll show it as an insert set later.. I don't know.. 

Anyway, thank you promodeltodd!

I promise to have things in the mail for everyone on the Team Collectors forum once I'm back to driving regularly again.. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


So I want to cover a trade I made with TCDB member althib. 
This was the second trade we made, but I put the cards from the first one away before I scanned them.. 

Dennis Martinez!
Justin Morneau!
1989 Topps Traded!
2014 Topps

Some nice cards here, though I think there's too much dead space on that Morneau.. 

Some more set cards. 
I'm feeling I'm close on finishing the 1992 Ultra and 1991 Fleer sets, though I'll have to look to verify those thoughts. 

I originally marked this down as a purchase, but I remembered it was in actuality a trade.
My friend Curtis at First Row Collectibles took all my football and basketball cards off my hands in exchange for a little bit of credit to use on his site. 

This is what I got with that credit.. 

Some 1981 Donruss Expos! 
A Fleer Record Setters Tim Raines. 
Vladimir Guerrero in one of those 2001 Donruss "1999 Retro" cards. 
That Alomar is one of those pop-up cards. 
They did them up here in 1992. I hadn't seen the 1993 set. 
That Borders is a Canada Card World Magazine insert. 

Now these.. These were the big haul from the trade. 
I always look for certain things when looking at his site: 
Canadian Born players 
Charlie Simmer

Well.. Looking at the Expos cards, I came across these beauties. I scratched my list and threw these on there. 

Provigo is a grocery store chain in Quebec. 
I think my favourite of the four I have is Youppi!
I'll have to keep my eye out to see if I can find more of these.. 

Thank you for the trades!

And as always, check out Curtis' site https://www.firstrow.ca/
If you order, don't forget to use the code MATSON and get a nice discount. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Some Expos From the Big Box

So in order to catalogue the Expos, I separated the Expos from the box 

I want to show off some of the cards I got 

That 1977 Dave Cash is a cloth sticker. It's about the same size as a regular card. It's kind of cool. 
I hadn't seen the Gold Leaf Rookies from 1991.. They're kind of interesting.. 

Those Phenoms cards, for whatever reason, scream to me to be a battery tie-in.. I just can't decide if it's Energizer or Duracell.. But I know they're from the Rookies set.. 
The 1992s here are all the Traded cards. 

Bob Natal, while listed on the TCDB as a Marlin, since it says that name on the side... Is shown in Expos gear, so into the Expos list he goes.. 

I love those Home Field Advantage cards. While they're not technically a "stadium" card, I still collect them since they show the dimensions of the fields.. 
Like getting Larry Walker cards as well. 

Much Gary Carter here. Topps Stars cards and a Upper Deck 70's card of The Kid. 
I like that Dawson as well. 
The Diamond Kings are nice as well. The Colon is the same kind of case as the Natal above. Wording says White Sox, but he's shown as an Expo. 

Is it me, or are Juan Rivera and Nick Johnson pretty much standing in the same spot? 

Thank you to the Team Collectors member Promodeltodd!!!

I will be covering some of the Jays on a later date. 

Incidentally, with this Expos infusion, I have 9210 cards towards the project. 

Friday, August 9, 2019

Big Box of Stuff!

Well, this is actually going to be a cardless entry.. Just an update.. 

I'm out of card sleeves.. Waiting for the chariots to bring more from the Amazon Gods.. 

I received a bunch of cards from Team Collectors member promodeltodd.. 

Lot of Jays and Expos. Some interesting stuff I've come across include a 1977 Cloth Sticker of Dave Cash, the full Tiffany Expos set from 1986 Topps.. The 1984 Topps Tiffany Expos, and more. Once I clear off my scanner, I plan on showing some of this stuff off.. 

Until then, I'm cataloguing it into my collections. I also have a small TCDB trade to show off when I have my scanner clean.. Right now it's got stacks of cards on it.. 

By the end of this box, I might just be at 10K Expos. 

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Catching Up

I've been around. I've been so singularly focused on getting my sorting project done (starting 2016!!) 
that I've neglected quite a few things.. This Blog.. Any screen on Trading Card Database that isn't directly related to getting my sorting done.. Groceries... 

I just wanted to put out there that I'm still here. I have a couple trade packages that came in that I want to go over.. And I have a couple other ideas that I want to cover sometime soonish on this blog, though really one of them will be a sore spot.. (I'll miss you, Joe Biagini.. Enjoy Space) 

Yes.. I mentioned trades.. I received a couple this last week or so that I actually remembered to scan. The others I thought about scanning AFTER I separated and already started cataloguing them into the proper places... (D'oh!)

We have some cards that filled some needs.. A few Expos as well.. 
I really like the look of that Heath Hanes card.. 

Danny Bravo... I wonder if he has a brother named Johnny... 

More set needs here, though the Ward is a binder need. 

So I'm sure you're wondering where I am with the Million Expos project... 


I'm over 8000 Expos cards already. I have a couple trades in the works with a few other people as well. Who knows? By the end of this year I may hit 10K? 
As for my ideas for future posts.. 

I'm thinking about doing a "Jays and...." For Houston. (I wonder if Biagini awkwardly introduced himself to Roberto Osuna?) 

I'm also thinking about covering the Jays uniforms through cards... 

Anyway, enjoy the weekend! It's Civic Holiday weekend here. So that means it's a long weekend but not really..