Saturday, August 3, 2019

Catching Up

I've been around. I've been so singularly focused on getting my sorting project done (starting 2016!!) 
that I've neglected quite a few things.. This Blog.. Any screen on Trading Card Database that isn't directly related to getting my sorting done.. Groceries... 

I just wanted to put out there that I'm still here. I have a couple trade packages that came in that I want to go over.. And I have a couple other ideas that I want to cover sometime soonish on this blog, though really one of them will be a sore spot.. (I'll miss you, Joe Biagini.. Enjoy Space) 

Yes.. I mentioned trades.. I received a couple this last week or so that I actually remembered to scan. The others I thought about scanning AFTER I separated and already started cataloguing them into the proper places... (D'oh!)

We have some cards that filled some needs.. A few Expos as well.. 
I really like the look of that Heath Hanes card.. 

Danny Bravo... I wonder if he has a brother named Johnny... 

More set needs here, though the Ward is a binder need. 

So I'm sure you're wondering where I am with the Million Expos project... 


I'm over 8000 Expos cards already. I have a couple trades in the works with a few other people as well. Who knows? By the end of this year I may hit 10K? 
As for my ideas for future posts.. 

I'm thinking about doing a "Jays and...." For Houston. (I wonder if Biagini awkwardly introduced himself to Roberto Osuna?) 

I'm also thinking about covering the Jays uniforms through cards... 

Anyway, enjoy the weekend! It's Civic Holiday weekend here. So that means it's a long weekend but not really.. 

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