Sunday, August 18, 2019

Another Team Collectors Box

Friday I also received a box from Team Collectors member Dodgers Dennis. 

There was a nice amount of Jays in there

There are some nice ones here.. I didn't have the Alex Sanchez card. Or the Fernandez. The McGriff and Gruber were the no copyright versions. 

I loved the early Studio sets. I have the 1993 set and am working on the first two. 

Some Bowman Jays. 

Score and Leaf cards I didn't have. 

The Stroman is the Sepia Refractor version, I believe. A nice addition to my Jays cards for sure.. 

Thank you!!

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  1. 1993 Select has never popped up on my radar (with the exception of the Jeter rookie), but I've gotta say... there's some pretty solid photography in that set.