Friday, August 9, 2019

Big Box of Stuff!

Well, this is actually going to be a cardless entry.. Just an update.. 

I'm out of card sleeves.. Waiting for the chariots to bring more from the Amazon Gods.. 

I received a bunch of cards from Team Collectors member promodeltodd.. 

Lot of Jays and Expos. Some interesting stuff I've come across include a 1977 Cloth Sticker of Dave Cash, the full Tiffany Expos set from 1986 Topps.. The 1984 Topps Tiffany Expos, and more. Once I clear off my scanner, I plan on showing some of this stuff off.. 

Until then, I'm cataloguing it into my collections. I also have a small TCDB trade to show off when I have my scanner clean.. Right now it's got stacks of cards on it.. 

By the end of this box, I might just be at 10K Expos. 

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